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Description of Cloud Academy

Looking to get certified on the major cloud computing companies' services? Want to become more knowledgeable about DevOps, containerization, or serverless? At Cloud Academy, we help you master the most important cloud computing technologies to acquire the skills you need to boost your career in your salary.

The Cloud Academy app offers a complete learning experience available anytime, anywhere.

Our training courses cover the major cloud platforms, as well as emerging best practices in DevOps, containerization, serverless, and more. We guide your learning with direct access to all of the tools you need to build your knowledge base, test your skills, and prepare for cloud certification using our expert-led video courses, interactive quizzes, and dedicated learning paths, available online, 24/7.

Why Cloud Academy?

* Certification prep: Prepare for your upcoming AWS, Azure, or GCP certification with over 150 expert-crafted questions designed to test your knowledge on the go.

* Extensive training library: Get full access to the Cloud Academy library, including courses, quizzes, and learning paths.

* Available offline: You'll never lose your progress. Our courses and quizzes are accessible offline for your convenience.

* Professional development: Track your progress and identify the next skills that you need to learn.

Ready to Get Started? Upgrade Your Career with Cloud Academy Today!

At Cloud Academy, we want to help you accomplish your career goals. Whether you want to pass a certification exam or prepare for a job interview, we're here to help! Download the Cloud Academy app today to get started on your personal learning journey.

Price may vary by location.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:6.3.10 Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:Cloud Academy, Inc.

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-04-23

Keeps crashing on startup. Unusable
Juned Shaikh 2020-03-10

Very informative and expertly delivered tutorials. This is the only CBT that you need. Superb job..
A Google user 2016-12-21

Crashes quite frequently. Sleeps while playing offline videos. Such a shame
Bikash Panigrahy 2020-10-08

After 3Months of continuous use: Now I feel it a waste of money to pay tor this subscription. The costliest platform but no offline viewing. Initial review:Course Content is superior to any other platform, but the android app is the worst one. You need to refresh the progress everytime. Cant play downloaded content, so no offline viewing. Even if downloaded,it will stream with your wifi or mobile data. It seems this app Developers should undertake a cloudacademy course for themselves todo better
Wuan Head 2019-10-30

This app is buggy and its user interface is very poorly designed. It\'s also very slow. And I don\'t understand why it will not allow me to switch off my display and just listen to a lecture? Moreover, downloading and deleting downloaded items is a problem and hassle to do. I contacted tech support but I got attitude and excuses. The courses are mostly top notch but this app needs work. The developers of this app should look and learn by examining the Udemy app!
A Google user 2019-03-23

Very basic training. Read the vendor documentation instead and save your money.
Alisha Reyes 2020-01-17

This app has improved a lot over time. I love that I can download courses and study on a plane or without internet access. The courses are great and the hands-on labs let me to train in a real Azure console with step-by-step instructions. The platform gives me the training and the experience I need.
Joe Murphy 2017-01-24

Great app but progress does not sync with Web content.
Carson Ford 2020-11-29

Good mobile application and the only issue I encountered was that it could load a lab.
Khalid Shaikh 2020-05-24

Room for improvement 1: Quiz - Explanation not visible in Mobile App version 2: Quiz answered from App is not showing the revised learning path score or any increment or decrement in the profile score. 3: When accessing Web version, App gets notification for every task that is being viewed on Web and the message says continue the course on the app. (What is the use case here, why are we notifying about every section what is being viewed in the course) ??? 4: Doesn\'t have Leadership board.