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Description of Cloud Raiders

Update 7.8.0 codenamed Belt'n'Raid has landed!

· Battle Belt for your top 4 items used in raids. We felt that taking a ton of consumables into battle wasn't right – but we didn't touch your barrels, we swear!

· Belt Sets to quickly switch between PvP and PvE loadouts. Adjusting your loadout by hand every time you switch a target is sooo 7.7.0!

· New Clan Tasks which will help you stand out from the crowd with beautiful Clan Emblem customization. 11/10 Seagulls liked it!

· Loading Times were reduced – less time waiting, more time raiding!

· Bombastic, Marauder, and Gauntlet rebalanced – come see what's new!

· All dragon warriors rebalanced too – thanks for your suggestions! Check out in-game what changed.

· Gold Drills are now more effective, increasing their Gold output. Hurrah!

· Traps are waaay cheaper to rearm!

· Clan Wars: we're nearly there... visit our community to learn how they'll work!

What's left? Let us know! Discuss this update on our official Facebook page with the rest of the Cloud Raiders community! Just visit https://www.facebook.com/cloudraidersgame

Cloud Raiders catapults action strategy to dizzying new heights! In a sky filled with floating islands, you must dominate them all. The best part? You have a five-million-ton floating island stronghold to help you do it! Assemble your army of ruthless raiders and transform your island into an impregnable fortress of doom! Form clans with your friends and blast your enemies out of the skies!


Official Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloudraidersgame


Fortify your base with thundering cannons, cunning traps and spellbound artifacts, then lead your troops on sorties to fend off intruders and withstand hordes of skyborne enemies. Vicious pirates are only the first threat on the horizon, so quickly scatter their dastardly fleet to the four winds. Train an army of axe-brandishing marauders, grenade-lobbing bombardiers, fire-breathing dragons, and many more fearsome warriors to take the fight to your foes!


Key features:

★ Millions of strategies, but just one goal: Grab the other guy's loot!

★ Form clans and fight for global dominance! Battle your way to ranked-PvP glory!

★ Charge through an epic campaign across Floating Fortresses, Pirate Rafts, and other exciting airborne battles!

★ Pit your army against legendary bosses and pirate overlords! Rumor has it giant golems roam the cloud forests, but those are just tall-tales... right?

★ Summon powerful new units every week to fight by your side!

★ Protect your base with powerful cannons, cunning traps and other fortifications! Rally your troops from their bunkers to meet your attackers head on!

★ Unlock the full potential of your warriors, spells and heroes by upgrading them in the laboratory!

★ Brew your own buffs to get an edge on the battlefield! Just don’t let your bombardiers near the brewery... that’s an accident just waiting to happen!

★ Call in devastating cannon salvos from your Battle Carrier! Unlock new ammo upgrades to obliterate your opponents!

Official game trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sIhq3D2OYk

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More Information Of Cloud Raiders

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:7.8.2 Publish Date:2021-08-12 Developer:Game Insight Classics

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Edward Adomako 2018-11-11

This game keep loosing it value simply because the developers have decided not to updater the game for close to 4 years...
Priyesh Patel 2020-07-04

An unsupported game for 4 years is now officially a dead game as it appears you can\'t even raid opponents in PVP anymore, genuinely no point to this game now other than a tedious and unrewarding campaign mode. Won\'t be long till they switch off the servers completely...
Alyson botos 2020-11-05

There are some serious bugs with this game everything that I upgrade is messed up (says it will take 30sec instead takes 5min) raiding other players is a waste of time so is the campaign map, and it should be easier to get another builder. Also they need to go through and dismantle all the dead accounts and clans. Over all the game used to be really fun, but it needs some upkeep.
AYUSH SHAW 2020-12-23

I am playing this game since 2010....earkier it used to be one of the best...but downloading it aftet 5 years...it has turned into shittest thing ever encountered....during raid...u have to deploy all the troops or else...raid will stop in the middle and every resources used is lost....worst thing ever!!!
cool,g Floyd 2020-11-03

I used to like the game when I had it downloaded on my Microsoft phone then I got a Motorola then the game was tripping. Somewhere near June the game wouldn\'t let noone raid & now I just tried to raid someone & I only got 30secs to do it The time been messing up on the game & now I\'m just getting pissed I even tried to contact the game designers & I got an email back saying they don\'t speak English & how do u suppose to achieve some missions, ex the grim reaper achievement nothing regrows back.
A Google user 2018-12-11

Now,you guys don\'t update this game very much.Also,Me and my friends are playing this game for more than 3 years and still no sign of clan war or clan island.Supercell always try to update their games quickly. By the way, I like this game and play this game for fun.I hope you guys will bring update of clan island soon.
Puru Krishna Gupta 2019-11-15

Game is good . Lost it\'s fame and fans because of no updates . Many have uninstalled game and switched to another. I don\'t get it why the developers haven\'t deployed clan wars ,sh upgrade etc. Waiting for upgrade . Thanks
Pragadeesh waran 2020-02-13

I have played this game for more than 1 year but now it\'s not available for my region(India), can I know reason why?
J&D Entertainment 2020-09-14

Now the servers is fix nice i can play well now love it more feautes to come plss...add some many features so it wont boring..to wait while building your base like mini games or other and i have a little suggest dev plss in updating the game plss fix because if you close the game you can\'t continue the update can you make it like others game when updating there game i almost downloaded the 50% update but it go back at 0 that\'s all thank you i hope you make it..overall good.
Jelly Khan 2021-02-04

What the f u c k with this game. I\'ve been playing it for years but now many times raid end/stop automatically. Another f u c k i n g bug is that I\'ve winned 100 percent many assaults but instead of increasing valors, the valors were deducted from me.. I\'m leaving this game if this issue remain for next few days. F u c king bye to you.