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CluedUpp design interactive city wide events all over the World, allowing small teams to put their sleuthing skills to the test...

In our award winning Detective Day events, teams hunt all over their chosen city, finding virtual witnesses, eliminating suspects and bringing the culprit to justice. Can you solve the clues in time?

Get your magnifying glass ready and see your favourite city in a unique and exciting new way!

To find your nearest game, please visit www.CluedUpp.com

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:3.0.129 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:CluedUpp Games

User Reviews


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Richard Swartz 2020-11-08

Holycarp! This was REALLY well thought out, and a TON of fun. Loved the app, interface, and storyline. Just remember if you have GPS issues when you\'re in a city, it isn\'t the app. You\'d normally have geolation issues when there\'s tall buildings. Just keep walking around until it locates. And don\'t forget you can home the map using the same button you would in any map app. But the graphics and storyline are both great. The event was tons of fun!
H Pratt 2020-09-27

It was okay. The premise of the game was fun and creative. However the GPS was off. I dont know of it was the buildings in Edmonton downtown thay were causing the problem but at some points I could be standing right where the clue was and the GPS was bouncing all over the place. One minute I was right on the spot the next I was 6 blocks over. We ended up giving up and taking a time penalty for our last 7 clues. And it wasn\'t my phone, Google maps had no problem pinpointing us exactly.
Jojo O\'Brien 2020-08-01

Great fun to meet and solve things together, some of the riddles very easy but that kept it simple so we didn\'t get too stuck at any point! It was a bit overwhelming to begin with though having to look through all the instructions and figure out the app, it would have been good to view all of these/have access to the app previously to get your head round it before you\'re actually standing there in town going errrrr what?! Didn\'t take too long to get the hang of it but I\'m one for preparing!
K Mc 2020-10-25

Great game! The whole family had a great time walking around and figuring out riddles and clues. Fun way to get out and see the city. Nice that you\'re able to pause the game for lunch or a break. Minor issue with the GPS not being accurate in some cases (I guess due to the tall city buildings), so had to take a penalty to unlock a clue.
Daniel Drexler 2021-02-21

Somewhat confusing design and structure. Game is location-based but the relationship between location and game world was unclear. Narrative was pretty trope-centric and didn\'t have many hooks. It was unclear about what to do, where to go next and why we would want to continue the game in a moment to moment kind of way. Being penalized for walking over a question mark feels bad with no clear purpose. No real sense of choice or risk / reward. The bones are here but it\'s disappointing.
Steve Tapley 2020-10-31

Overall, the game is great. GPS in the city doesn\'t work that well so you spend time wandering around the location until the game decides to recognise where you are. You should increase the area where it decides you are in the right spot. Would also be nice to see all your game after you finished. I\'d like to be able to read it all again back at home.
Elizabeth TT 2020-07-26

We had so much fun with this game! Well thought out and we enjoyed the riddles and searching Camden for clues. What a great way to explore this amazing area! Fun seeing other teams playing too. A great outdoor activity - where we could stay safe and have fun! This is our second clued upp game - and we will definitely do another! Our son (7) really enjoyed it!
Emma Jefferies 2020-08-29

My friends and I have been playing the CluedUpp mysteries since they started and this new version of the app is a major improvement. The GPS tracking is more accurate and the additional gameplay features add interesting new elements. The Witchcraft and Wizardry event has been the best one yet! We really appreciated the new character designs and the little surprise notices that popped up added lore and flavour to flesh out the world.
Tammy Kittleson 2020-09-06

Our Team had a great day!. We had loads of fun with lots of other teams. It was a beautiful day to be outside. Everyone practiced Social distancing while tracking down the clues. This was our first time playing, but it did not take us long to figure it out. Love how everyone on the team is involved in the game. Thanks for bringing this Wonderful activity to Wilmington, NC. Can\'t wait for the next one, so we can improve on our time! 1 of Three Broomsticks
Brooke Zalis 2020-08-31

The app worked well and we enjoyed the game. The only problem we experienced is that you need to use Facebook to collect your prize. Our group won fastest time but we never would have known without a Facebook account. You can\'t access CluedUpp\'s Facebook page without signing in to Facebook first. As someone without Facebook, that\'s annoying. We had to rely on someone else to communicate over Facebook messenger.