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Description of CLZ Comics - comic database

Easily catalog your comic collection. Just scan barcodes.

Automatic issue details, key info, cover art and creator lists.

Pricing: $14.99 per year. Free 7-day trial.

** Keep track of your comic collection and your wish list

Automatically organize your comics by series and browse lists of all issues you own.

** Easily add comics to your comic inventory

Three ways to catalog comic books:

1. scan barcodes

2. find a series by title, then checkbox the issues you own

3. search a specific issue by title and issue number

** Automatically download issue details, cover art and more

Our CLZ Core will automatically give you cover art and full comic details, like Series, Issue Nr, Publisher, plot, creator lists, character lists, backdrop art, etc...

** Automatic key comic information

CLZ Comics automatically provides key comic information, like first appearances, deaths, cameo appearances, first team appearances, origins, iconic cover art, etc...

** Edit your comic entries to add personal info

Like storage box, grade, signed by, purchase date / price / store, notes, etc.. Mark your key comics and enter the key reason (e.g. "first appearance of ...").

Edit comics one by one or use Edit Multiple for batch editing many comics in one go!

** Use our CLZ Cloud service to:

1. Share your app subscription to other mobile devices, without paying again.

2. Sync your comic library between devices (e.g. your phones and tablets).

3. View and share your comic collection online, using the CLZ Cloud viewer website.

4. Always have an online cloud-backup of your comic organizer database.

5. Sync data to/from our Comic Connect web-based software (separate subscription).

** View collection totals and charts in the Statistics screen

Total comics and series, most recent additions, charts by series, by publisher, by grade, etc..

** Browse, sort, group and search your comic inventory in many ways

Browse your comic collection as a list or as a "cover wall".

Sort by series/issue, date, value, etc.. Group into folders by series, storage box, grade, by creator, etc... Or just use the search box top right.

** Questions or concerns? Just contact us! *

We love to hear your feedback, we are here to help with any problems or concerns, 7 days a week. In the app, tap the menu icon top left, then choose Contact Support.

** Subscription pricing *

CLZ Comics is a subscription app, costing:

* $1.49 per month, when paying monthly


* $14.99 per year, when paying yearly (~ $1.25 per month)

For this subscription fee, you get:

* usage of the app on multiple phones and tablets

* access to our Core online comic database, for full comic details and cover art

* access to the key comic info from Core (first appearances, deaths, etc...)

* access to to our CLZ Cloud system, for syncing between devices, backups and online sharing

* regular app updates with new features and improvements

* access to our excellent customer support by email, 7 days a week

You can start a 7-day free trial from the app's start-up screen. The free trial automatically continues into the subscription of your choice. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

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lable: Comics - Apps Current Version:7.6.1 Publish Date:2022-05-14 Developer:Collectorz.com

User Reviews


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Nobody Knows 2019-04-14

downloaded this app to do one thing.. catalog my comics then export the list in plain text. such a simple feature and it cant do it. edit. not interested in signing up for your cloud feature just for a simple task that should have been built into the app from the start. uninstalled.
J M 2019-09-14

I was very happy with the app until this new subscription model. If I would have known the newest features were going to be hidden behind a monthly paywall, I never would have purchased the app to begin with. Honestly, I would like a refund since the sole reason I purchased the app was to NOT be forced into a subscription in order to access the newest features. I\'ll change the rating when I get the refund.
Marisa Godwin 2020-09-02

This app is a game changer. I\'ve been keeping a log of everything on Google Sheets for a long time, but this very quickly replaced my long-time trusty database. With backup to the cloud, bar code scanning, and statistics to boot, keeping track of my library has never been easier. After scanning the bar codes, CLZ organizes everything by series which makes it easy to see at a glance if you\'re missing a book in between. Super convenient to pull up while shopping, too!
Martin O\'Connor 2019-10-20

Fantastic app for comic collectors. Easy to use and I had a lot of fun adding my collection. So easy to organise the wish list of the issues I\'m looking for and to share it with my local dealer who sources stuff for me each month. At marts/conventions, I used to use a little black book to remind myself I\'d what I\'m looking for where now I can just whip out my phone and easily check things off. Could not recommend this highly enough to serious collectors. It has been an absolute revalation. 5 *.
Mixtap3 Mast3r 2019-09-09

\"Grandfather\" users should not have to pay for a subscription fee which is the equivalant of the price they paid to unlock the app permanently for new features. Specifically the value feature. Very scummy of them to do. whenever I or someone else makes their dissatisfaction known with this they just say \"yOu dOnT hAvE tO bUy a sUbScRiPtIoN\" I know its \"optional\". But I\'d rather switch to a different service one that doesnt hide basic features behind an additional paywall. Greedy devs.
James Spurgin 2019-07-20

Best App EVER for Comic Collection. The App (for phone) and Cloud (for Web browser) are super easy, well designed and laid out beautifully. The support is always spot-on and quick. I researched high and low for an app to help me inventory my collection. In fact, I tried too many before I bought this one. I use it every time I\'m in a comic shop or online shopping. I convinced my brother to get it too, and he loves it. My wife uses their movies collection, and loves it. Awesome job, guys!
Johnny Ramirez 2020-07-27

Overall, I\'d say it is an amazing app that I am happy to pay for! There are very few comics it doesn\'t find. You can always customize and add titles if they aren\'t in the database. It took a bit to figure out how to look up titles not picked up by barcode. I also love that you can create different collections. So you can keep business and personal collections in different groups. Lost a star for that and for sometimes, not often, not finding items I know are in my collection. Damn gremlins!
Taylor J 2019-09-23

Greedy devs screwing users over by removing app w/ free limited access/features in favor of a \"free\" app trial/subscription-based model that hides all features now until purchase. One-time purchase option no longer available, I feel sorry for grandfathered customers who paid before. Thanks for locking me out of previously free access. Bottom line is that this app is NOT free (unless you put a card down, take a \'free\' 7 day trial, and cancel before you\'re billed).
Michael K 2019-09-23

I downloaded this to use the free features and after looking around it seemed cool and i was ready to pull the trigger on a onetime $15.00 transaction. Then i logged in and realized its a yearly subscription service :/ i have a pretty large collection of comics and im not going to pay 15 bucks a year to make sure i don\'t lose the books I\'ve already categorized/catalogued. Glad i didn\'t actually start using it 🤮👎👎👎 get a lifetime option with a reasonable price.
Silvox Thresher 2019-04-13

Using this app in Aus and am having no difficulties on scanning barcodes. There has been a few that didn\'t scan, but upon searching for them, I found them with ease. Have bought the full app as I have many comics to put in and am finding it so useful to know what issues I\'m missing.