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Description of CO Exposure Notifications

CO Exposure Notifications is the official Exposure Notifications app of Colorado and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Exposure Notifications is a voluntary new service developed in partnership with Google and Apple to help slow the spread of COVID-19. No GPS, location information or personal identifiers will ever be collected, stored or shared by this service.

CO Exposure Notifications can quickly notify you if you've likely been exposed to COVID-19. Knowing about a potential exposure allows you to reduce the risk to your family, friends, neighbors and community.

By enabling Exposure Notifications, whenever you are within 6 feet of someone for at least 10 minutes, both phones will exchange secure, anonymous tokens using Bluetooth. If another user you’ve been near tests positive for COVID-19, they can upload their result to the app which will send a push notification to you and anyone else their phone has exchanged tokens with recently, notifying you to a possible exposure.

If you test positive, you can easily and anonymously notify others to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

To learn more, please visit https://covid19.colorado.gov/Exposure-notifications

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:minted1300004 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

User Reviews


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Robin Levisky 2020-10-24

For those with privacy complaints: **Before you ask, this app doesn\'t have location access.** When you turn on this app, it will generate random numbers every so often and share these numbers with a central server. When you pass by someone in bluetooth range, it will share your current number with them. If they report positive, all numbers they have been around will be notified of the positive test. No names, no locations. Simple, private, secure. I like it.
Laurie DeHaan 2020-11-04

This tool has a serious flaw. In order to notify others of a positive test result, you need a verification code. There is no explanation as to how to get this verification code. I have found media articles saying that a contact tracer may call me and provide this number. I\'m on day five of potentially exposing others. I am not the only one experiencing this issue. Please communicate how we are supposed to verify positive test results.
Roger Beattie 2020-11-07

As others have pointed out, this program has a huge flaw. I tested positive for covid and I am not able to tell the program the app on the phone that I am positive because it needs some verification code that I don\'t have. Pretty much makes the app useless if nobody can report themselves as positive.
John Merlino 2020-10-26

As an independent security analyst I endorse and support the use of this app. There are no *general* high risk concerns for the methods used with the app. Contrary to some comments, the app is not requiring or requesting location access and can be denied any such privileges manually if desired (though it never requested them to begin with). Please, please. Use this app. Control the spread.
Christina Argo 2020-10-24

You are not required to share your location. It asks for zero permissions. You get one pop up explaining it does not use GPS in any fashion. Very happy to help my community open up safer and faster. We all want to same end result.
Damian Gallegos 2020-11-02

This app is completely useless. I have been around three people who are verified positive for covid-19. Also my wife just had a positive covid-19 test and we have not been able to put that information on the application because there\'s nowhere to find a code to enter that is requesting. Might as well just remove this app completely.
Solomon Geigle 2020-11-11

Excellent design with regards to privacy and seems to work seamlessly in the background. If you read the reviews here very few negative reviews actually have anything to do with the app itself or it\'s capabilities. It\'s interesting how people are happy to give you identifiable information for no real reason, but get all concerned when it\'s something that actually benefits the public and doesn\'t give up identifiable information.
Nate Evans 2020-11-20

It does work for sharing a positive result! But don\'t go into the app because you\'ll get stopped at the verification code part. Instead wait for a text message from the health department - click on that link and follow the steps. It does share that way! You\'ll even see evidence that it was shared in the app. Would have given 5 stars but no explanation about the verification code or follow up text was given.
Adam Zmiewsky 2020-12-19

It seems rather useless. It\'s entirely dependent upon people reporting themselves. It\'s never reported a possible exposure until today. There is a zero chance that I don\'t encounter at least one covid positive person within a hundred feet of myself on a daily basis. The possible exposure was seven days prior to the notification. It said to quarantine immediately... Seven days ago. Yikes.
Justin Hicks 2020-10-26

Private and secure. Blind stats accessed to give you notifications if your account token matches a confirmed positive token. No information about you, your phone, your location. Only this token met that token and your account can grab the info about your token. That\'s it. Absolute privacy. Keep each other safe, good health to you all.