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Description of Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords)

Codewords Pro is an app to play Codewords (also known as Codebreaker), a popular word game similar to crosswords. It features several hundred free puzzles as well as 2 daily puzzles.

Codewords puzzles are similar to crosswords, but instead of clues, each letter has been replaced by a number from 1 to 26, and you need to figure out which letter each number represents.


- Several levels of difficulty, from beginner to very hard

- A mix of grid styles : american, french, italian, ... (the difference is in the way the black squares are placed)

- 2 new puzzles every day

- Several languages available

- Many settings to customize the features and the look and feel of the grid

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:3.33 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:LR Studios

User Reviews


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Bob Nelson 2019-01-22

Any game that starts badgering me for a review as soon as I start playing it, before I have any significant experience with it, and keeps badgering me will certainly get the review it deserves. Very annoying!!
Steven Brown 2019-11-10

Great for people who aren\'t so keen of crossword puzzles but still want to give their brain a little workout. Simple to control and different difficulty settings. Ideal for when you have afew minutes to spare. Saves midway through a level to continue when you\'re ready. Doesn\'t take up much storage.
kira levenberg 2019-06-10

pretty good no complaints except for maybe medium is sometimes too easy to be called medium and sometimes too hard to be called medium but overall it\'s rather kind of fun. Its so good, I wish there was a similar app with the actual clues to answer, an actual crossword puzzle which is what i was originally looking for. Other crosswords dont seem to know what medium means, so this app is really a treat to have decent mediums.
Claire Kaye 2020-08-24

Four difficulty levels to choose from with the hardest level being challenging enough to want to keep playing. Nice to be able to look back and see time taken to solve previous puzzles. Can restart a puzzle if you\'ve filled in too many wrong letters. Interesting words and few plurals.
Sallypatricia Bowman 2020-08-18

Enjoyable and keeps my brain from getting rusty. Easy to use compared to other codeword games I have tried. All sections played. Some spelling is odd to me and can annoy but I do understand why this occurs. Adverts do stop my score from showing which has only just started. I am too interested in the game to study or follow the ads. Thank you for allowing me to play without cost.
Paul Johnson 2020-11-19

This app is just the best. Laid out well and easy to use with a good choice of difficulty levels. I really enjoy it so I\'ve given it a 5 star rating. Awesome and congrats to the developers.
Justsomeguy 2020-12-26

Nice concept. I do find it includes a lot of non-words as solutions however, for example righto, or even more objectionable cwm. If they limited it to real words it would be five star.
Gerry Roston 2021-01-09

The core game is fun, no question. However, LR Studios has to get their act together and do a MUCH better job of ‘validating’ the games. Why? Quite simply because a number of the letter combinations are simply not words in the English language! I played yesterday and the answer had the following ‘words’: OE, NOO, EX. By allowing such nonsense, LR Studios artificially makes playing the game much harder. Were LR Studios to clean up their act, I would possibly rate this five stars.
kim martin 2020-12-03

Love this game. Adds are minimal and they make it so friendly! Get addicted.
Christine Moodie 2020-02-11

Misspelt words, non English words, words never used or heard of, very american ie z instead of s!, politically incorrect words, doesn\'t use all the alphabet. I really don\'t know why I play it at all. Once I find a better code word app this one will be deleted.