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Description of Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

Sick of swiping? Us too, so we made Coffee Meets Bagel – a dating app for busy relationship-seekers. Unlike dating apps that ghost you, we suggest your most compatible matches every day. So there’s less swiping, and more matching, chatting, and *actual* dating.

We’ve made over 100 million matches and counting. Ready to meet yours?


👇 How we’re going to help you meet your person, in person 👇


Every day at noon, we suggest a batch of your best potential matches for free. And since we’re always learning more about your type, our suggestions will only get better.


Done with dating games and dead ends? Over 90 percent of CMB Daters surveyed said they’re looking for something serious, so you’re in good company.


Do they smoke? What about kids? What’s their love language? CMB profiles show more of what matters in a match – so you can get a sense of their personality and know if they’re compatible right away.


Some small talk is healthy, but the real connection happens face-to-face. Our 7-day chat limit discourages ghosting and encourages actual dates, whether virtual or in-person.



Sure thing, so glad you asked. Coffee Meets Bagel has three main sections.


Potential matches in Suggested are 100% free to like, match, and chat with. Every day at noon, we’ll send you a new batch based on your compatibility and Preferences for Suggested.


Go Premium to get full access to Likes You, where you can see people who already like you and match instantly.


Explore more people beyond our suggestions, or start a Search to filter by distance, recent activity, and more. Sending a Discover Like in this special section costs beans, our in-app currency.



Coffee Meets Bagel is a free dating app, but you can always upgrade to Premium for special features. Plus, Premium members get up to 2x more dates. Premium features are subject to change, but here are a few things you could enjoy:

✔️ Full access to Likes You: See all your likes at once and match instantly.

✔️ Read Receipts: See whether your messages are read, so you’re never left in the dark.

✔️ Activity Reports: Unlock reports on profiles, like whether they’ve been recently active.

✔️ 6,000 beans per month: Use beans on special features, including Discover Likes and Boost.



1. Permissions to access notifications are strongly suggested. If access is denied, you will not be notified in real time when you have new Matches and messages.

2. Permissions to access location are strongly suggested. If access is denied, we will not be able to Match you with users near you.

3. Permissions to access your Photos are strongly suggested. If access is denied, you will not be able to upload pictures saved in your Photos to your profile.

By downloading or using the CMB app, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, available at https://coffeemeetsbagel.com/privacy-terms/

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User Reviews


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John Pardillo 2019-08-14

They advertise quality over quantity but in actual fact they\'re hoping that people will confuse scarcity with quality. Artificial scarcity has long been a method mechants have used to increase value in the minds of the consumer. Their quality of matches is no better than any other dating app. They claim that their matches are \"curated\" but they\'re hiring developers and marketing people, not hiring curators. An algorithm is not a curator. Update, nothing but one scammer/day matching me now.
Erica S. Conrad 2019-06-08

Your algorithms make no sense. I get a selection of dudes of seemingly random characteristics (such as 20 years my junior), but when I try to filter by age, distance, etc., I get an entirely different selection from the original group, and the new group is ALWAYS the same selection that I have seen for the last month (and already declined). It would help to have a \"hard pass\" option, for those that have fundamental differences, so that they are no longer in the suggestions. Getting bored.
Emma Lander 2020-07-17

The messaging system is buggy. Messaging is important on a dating app. You sometimes get a notification for a message and you see a portion of the message in the notification but it doesn\'t show up when you go in to check messages. Or you send something and they tell you they didn\'t get it or got it twice. There\'s also no system to report profiles that I can find. If you see people violating the rules etc and you\'re not matched with them you can do anything about it.
Florent D. 2020-06-27

The app seemed like a good idea. You know, limited suggestions every day, in my opinion that can help you focus and give more attention to potential matches. But anyway, what bothers me is that, in the end, interactions are poor. You can get a match, you can start a conversation, but it feels like people will just rather let the convo expire, and move on to their next bagel. Look, I don\'t know how the app ends up creating these situations, but this somehow feels even colder than usual.
Caleb m gaming 2019-07-07

This was my first time using a dating app. When i joined this one i joined 2 others as well to compare and to give me more options! Coffee Meets Bagel is definitely one of my favorites! It is more \'calm\' in the sense that you don\'t have 3 dozen messages to go through from random, strange and, most of the time, offensive men. Here, on Coffee Meets Bagel, it\'s more relax, browse through as you wish and converse with decent people. I would highly recommend the app.. now wish me luck. I need a man!
Dharsana Vijay 2020-07-03

Don\'t bother paying for it. I paid for the premium memberships and found not only does the app not work properly. The algorithm is such that you will never be matched with someone you\'ll have success with. This app is built to maximise the money it can take away from users, not to help you succeed in finding someone. Don\'t waste your money. Better to just use the free app.
Elijah Kang 2020-06-24

I DO NOT recommend buying premium. I paid for 3 months of premium, been reading and following the tips the mention, and there\'s absolutely no results. I\'ve put so much effort on my profile and trying to start a conversation with people I might connect with. I live in the city and made sure my preferences were within a good range so technically, there should be no issue finding a match. However, the problem with limited amount of profiles per day is that I have to pass on most of them because 1: They put no effort onto their profile, 2. They use the platform to advertise their social media, or 3. I have nothing in common with them so I have no idea why the algorithm recommended them to me. I even used beans to boost myself and the app mentioned that I got seen over 650% more, but what\'s the point if there are no matches? I submitted a request for a refund and got denied.
philmarc35 2020-03-02

Be prepared for 100s of inactive profiles which will be given to you everyday. The app has low time investment which works for me as I don\'t have time to swipe and swipe on those other apps. That is the only redeeming factor about this app. More purging of old profiles would be the biggest benefit to this app, but they will not do that because they want to show a high user account number even if they are inactive. To dev. I can\'t believe that is true with all my accounts asking for flowers.
Bryan Grant 2020-08-15

Several problems. 1) Overpriced. 2) Several of the same women keep reappearing even after you pay \"beans\" to \"like\" them. 3) It only shows \"matches\" that you can send a message to, but you can also \"find\" others. The matches are not as ideal as the ones you search for and pay to like. 4) Does this sound like a human trafficking marketplace to you yet?
VJ Sri Shanker 2019-10-04

purchased the paid subscription for 3 months, had one of the worst experiences using the paid subscription. You can use up the monthly credits given to you in 2-3 days. The paid subscription is also misleading, I was thinking i was going to be charged on a monthly basis however they charged me a one time fee. DON\'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THE PAID SUBSCRIPTION OR THE APP.