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Description of Coil32

Coil32 is inductance coil calculator, that allows to calculate the single-layer and multi-layer air core inductors, the ferrite toroid inductors or chokes, flat square coils on PCB etc.

The app allows to calculate needed number of turns for desired value of inductance of homebrew inductor or to calculate the inductance value of a fabricated inductor. I hope this app could be useful for HAMs, Audiophiles and other radio enthusiasts who needs to make DIY inductors.

I need for help from native speakers to translate this app in Indonesian etc. If you can give me the help, please email me.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2022.05 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Valery Kustarev

User Reviews


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A Google user 2016-12-13

Nice but... When calculating a single layer coil, winding length is displayed in the wrong units. I set my inputs to be in inches but the calculated result for winding length says 30.62 inches. Should be either 30.62mm or 1.20 inches.
Jorge Echeagaray Arteaga 2019-08-22

The best real coil calculator. I have measured the coils designed with this program and the error is very small. This app is a must
King_Wing 34 2019-07-24

it\'s a really good app. and you don\'t need to pay for it. it also really helps calculate metal detector coils.
Baset 2019-04-20

Definitely a great app, recently made a short ground plane antenna for 40m using this app...it worked on a first attempt
Peter D Morrison 2017-02-02

Great app. Can you please add a calculator for ferrite rod coils and other types from the website? Then I will give you 5 stars.
Erick P 2016-10-19

Very nice calculator Does what it says eloquently. Thanks dev n God Bless!
alex s 2017-05-08

Excellent and wonderful tool that does complex calculations well. Tested!
Sukma Permana 2016-09-26

Very usefull Very usefull application for calculating inductors. Thanks.
Chris Jazaerli 2016-08-22

The best It\'s not often I take time to rate apps and it\'s even less often that I will rate an app I haven\'t even used yet. However I just tried their Cantenna Calculate app and it is so fantastic that the rating I have yet to give it was so great that it messed with space time and retroactively inspired me to post this. Getting serious though, these apps are perfect, very simple specific application. If you need something complex we have Matlab.
KK Wu 2019-04-04

very helpful for coil design. It could b better if the wire condcutor specification could be defined by the user.