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Description of Coin Pusher

The thrill of coin dropping is in the palm of your hand. Enjoy the ultimate coin pusher machine experience found at amusement arcades, carnivals and circus!

When a coin is dropped in, it falls onto the platform. Try to drop the coins carefully so that they can push the other medals and prizes off of the edge. Timing in dropping the coin is the key in Coin Pusher!

Coin Pusher Features:

- Real world colorful and vibrant 3D graphics

- Realistic physics and real casino game coin pusher experience

- Larger-than-life jackpot wins and tons of special prizes

- Quests and daily events for bonus coins and more free coins

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More Information Of Coin Pusher

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:7.2 Publish Date:2021-08-02 Developer:Italic Games

User Reviews


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Lisa Bell 2020-07-26

I upgraded my phone so i had to start over and the game is even better now! So many new features, i love it! I play this every day for over a year and just love it. I was past level 600 and over 100, 000 coins. Best coin pusher game on the market! Very few adds and you choose if you want to view them. Challenges every day makes it fun and exciting. Very real physics used with the board. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to have fun. Only change, Wish the slot machine didnt pop up.
Kellie Fay 2020-07-11

I had roughly 1600 coins built up, as of yesterday. When I logged in today, it was down to 42. I worked pretty hard to build up my coin bank. Yeah, this is just a game, but super annoying to lose all of that. Also, I hate the egg game that we\'re now forced to play every time an egg coin is won. The game takes a lot of time for very little reward (unlike the slots game that is much faster).
Richard Hotaling 2021-02-06

Great fun to play this game. However, how about adding more badges! I\'m at level 619 and if I\'m not mistaken the last level of badges begin at level 90. Get with it. Oh and that egg shell part of the game ...how about making it worth ones while by putting more substantial things in there to win every now and then...a jackpot coin...etc.
Carole McMurray 2020-04-03

My game has partially frozen. I just PAID $2.49 for cash to continue the game. It added it to my cash count but I clicked on the \"wall\" icon and it took the money off but didnt give me the wall. So I tried again and the same thing. This is \"$10\" game money, that I purchased with my \"real\" money and it has gone. The game is not working and I want MY MONEY BACK!!!
Faye 2020-06-25

Having lots of fun in spite of some of the minor glitches. But don\'t like to be limited on how many ads can watch to earn cash and to earn slots spins. When gaurds are up, shouldn\'t be able to lose anything over the top of them. Guards also don\'t come up sometimes although my cash gets deducted. Now the guard option has been taken away completely as well as others! Makes the game more complex but if I want to play that way I can always do it myself by not using the options. May uninstall!!!!!!!
sally koh 2021-03-11

This game is soooo much fun..... Really enjoying it, more guard wall please and longer time will a plus..... Thanks so much developers.... Great work
Patrick V. 2020-03-15

I purchased the \"Welcome pack\" which clearly states \"remove ads forever\" which is why I bought it. To my surprise when using the \"free\" power ups it still requires me to watch an ad to be able to use them. I would not have purchased this pack if I knew ads would still be involved in the game and I feel this is very misleading when it clearly states \"remove ads forever\" in the item description. I would like all ads removed from my game or a refund as I feel this is not what I paid for.
Daniel Crawford 2019-11-06

Fun game.....but...played game for 2 weeks and was on level 103, w/ 650 coins and 175 cash when game shut off on it\'s own...When I started it up again, it started me off at level 1, with all my coins, cash, bonuses, and other assorted do-dads whisked off into never never land.....Granted, I only spent a couple of real bucks, in spite of the sometimes seemingly non-stop barrage of begging ads.....Is taking everything from you a \"Design Feature\"...Or crashing 15 or 20 times...You be the judge.....
Congettea Trischler 2020-11-27

LIES & DECEPTION!! At first I enjoyed playing this game. I didnt mind the ads. I was actually going to rate this \"SCAM\" 5 stars until they decided to rip me off. On this game, you have the option of breaking a piggy bank after your meter bar reaches 100%. Well my piggy won me $100.00 and it went to my coins instead of my winnings in $. TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. MY FRIEND HAS BEEN SITTING AT $99.99 FOR MONTHS. WONT GIVE HIM THE $.01 TO CASH OUT. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. THEYRE LIARS!!!
Christen Dom 2021-01-11

A lotta these games are cool to play aside from the ads but that\'s the whole point. They get a list of client tell that pays them to run so many ads so those companies don\'t care how it gets done so they lie to us promising what everybody needs $ then find some way out n usually either originate in China where the US won\'t do anything or with a minor detail in the privacy contracts that covers their tails. Got 1 won\'t give me last 7$, 1 $1.70 worse last $.04