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CoinKeeper: spending tracker

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Description of CoinKeeper: spending tracker

Popular personal finance management, budget, bills, income and expense tracker.

Now with new stunning Material design created special for Google Play!

What do they say about CoinKeeper?

- “I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a less tedious way to budget". --- AppAdvice.com

- "CoinKeeper is by far the best and easiest to use personal finance app I’ve ever used" --- 148apps.com

- “CoinKeeper is a budgeting app that takes a unique and very prismatic visual route to achieving financial control.” --- Tap! Magazine

Where do I spent money on? How to spend less? Download CoinKeeper​ — the handiest way to plan and manage your finances, created especially for smartphones and tablets.

With CoinKeeper you finally:

* Know where the money goes to

* Spent less

* Plan your income and coming expenses

* Increase your wealth

CoinKeeper allows you to:

– Quickly add income or expense due to wonderful 'coin' interface

– Set monthly budgets and do financially planning in a better way

– Manage a family budget or use your CoinKeeper account on different devices with cloud sync

– See all your account, balance and expenses on the one screen

CoinKeeper better than others because it has:

– Financial goals: for example save up money for a foto camera or a new prisma

– Quick start, tutorial and HelpCenter for new users

– ​Reminders for recurring payments

– Detailed statistics

– Debts management

– Code lock

– Export to .CSV

– Support for all world currencies

CoinKeeper gets updates with new features every month!


If you have any questions regarding CoinKeeper, please reach us:


Follow us at:

Twitter: @CoinKeeperApp

Facebook: facebook.com/CoinKeeper

p.s. Sometimes we'll send you a catty photo :)

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.3.9 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Disrapp LLC

User Reviews


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Vladimir Chertilov 2019-04-30

Overall the app is good, best of all available in the market, but it would be great to split the amount on an auto-added transaction, so some would go into wallet and some into category. It also would be great if I could assign some keywords for categories which made it possible to add transactions automatically.
Amber Shell 2017-10-06

I have been on a very long search to find a money budgeting app. I\'ve downloaded so many that i cant even remember all of their names, but CoinKeeper surpasses all of them. It easy and simple. The free version was very good and i tried that for a while before i decided to actually go for the 1yr subscription. I am 100% satisfied with this budgeting app and I no longer have to search for another budgeting app again. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking for something to help them. *update* I still love it, but one thing I would suggest changing is what happens when you set a future bill or deposit. Instead of reminding me that it\'s there, just automatically make it go through instead of having me go into the app and swipe it to make it go through. Other than that, love it!
Roberto Dugim 2019-03-02

I paid for the premium subscription, but after 2 days I still cannot register my profile or use the features. That\'s a awful bug and I request the premium access or my money back.
Dmytro Kostiuchenko 2017-08-03

Bought platinum. Does not work with my bank, although bank is present in the list - just displays some error. CSV import still works fine though
A Google user 2017-08-23

WAY OVER PRICED! $16 a year, or $23 to buy it?! Better off buying a REAL financial tracking software at that price. There are TONS of apps out there that offer the same or better service/features for free or a small purchase price. NO WAY!
Li Na 2019-08-17

not a bad app, but extremely insistent call for payments drive me to the wall and make the app unusable, even though I already efffin paid for one month. It pops up every time I open it. I already paid you, leave me alone!!
Shawn Crawford 2016-10-26

Help I downloaded the free version, liked it, then paid for the premium version. The problem - I still don\'t have the premium version. I have sent three messages, which included my purchase information, and have only received automated responses. I\'d like to give 5 stars but tempted to give just 1. Awaiting resolution.
Chuy Reynoso 2019-04-22

Can\'t do anything without paying $23 or a monthly subscription. Even if you pay app is highly limited. App will nag you at every chance to try and get you to pay up.
Isaac Smith 2017-09-26

It\'s a good app with a great interface. I wish there was more flexability with the report periods
Brian Currid 2017-06-03

While it seems like a very nice app, the free version is extremely crippled. You can not add debts (bills), no tags, can not add categories, no syncing, no detailed reports. It would be nice if they disclosed all of this in the description. They offer 3 payment options which indicate to me that they aren\'t very good at math.... $1/month = $16 for 1 year or $2/month = $7 for 3 months or $0/month = $26 forever. I\'m sorry but $26 is ridiculous when there are tons of other options in the Play store for free or under $5.