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Description of CoinOut - Cash Back Anywhere

Get paid to shop normally.... at ANY RETAILER! Plus, we've improved the system for online connections as well... link your accounts and get rewarded without having to do ANYTHING.

Upload any receipt in the app and earn cash back. You don't have to find specific deals or take time to see if a certain retailer is on the program. Just snap and earn. Receipts need to be uploaded within 2 weeks of original purchase and include date, retail name, items purchased, bill amount and be readable. Our software cancels non receipts or non readable transactions automatically.

Plus, we've added:

- Email connect for automatic e-receipt rewards

- Amazon connect for automatic rewards


- No financial information needed

- Absolutely 0 customer fees

- Exclusive sweepstakes and promotions

- UNIVERSAL receipt access

- GREAT SWAG for our top customers.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:1.292-production Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:CoinOut

User Reviews


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Gray Fox 2019-06-03

THIS IS JUST ANOTHER SCAM. As most money back scenarios, this is a lose-lose situation. Ive been using the app for a month now and as usual, am disappointed by the outcome. From the start, they advertise you will get anywhere from .05¢ to .25¢ per photo-receipt you send them. Wrong!!! I have never received anything over .03¢ and for the most part, I get an average of .02¢ per receipt. I have scanned 75 receipts in the last month and only received $1.70. THIS IS JUST ANOTHER SCAM!
Tami Bobicz-Bachelder 2020-06-18

I 💚FREAKING💚 LOVE THIS APP!!! Unlike most apps, this CoinOut actually does EVERYTHING that it claims. I have already cashed out about $100 and I\'m actually waiting on a $40 deposit right now! The only complaint that I do have is the time it takes to get your money, which is about a week from the time you request it. I do wish it was more instant like other receipt apps that I regularly use. However, this app is still 1 of my top 3 apps that I use daily. So come & join us too! 😁
Veronica Elias 2019-11-16

So I had this app for about 1 year. Was getting a cash out of $10 every 3 or so months all of a sudden I got locked out and blocked and cant get my $17 I had in my account! Emailed support and nothing! I tried getting a hold of them through Instagram nothing. I tried Facebook they disable comments on my post and then deleted my post. This is so upsetting to me. If you get this app beware of them just blocking you and losing all your money.
Billy BadaBing 2019-06-19

So far, so good. It has been accepting the receipts ive been scanning and has been adding money to my CoinOut Account with each scan. Ibe only had the App for 2 days and my CoinOut Account grows steadily. Ill follow-up when i cashout for the first time and ill adjust the review if needed. 4 Stars so far, but if all goes well........5 Stars will be given shortly.
Christina Pitcher 2020-06-13

Not impressed with coinout. I have been scanning receipts for a while, just went to cash out and my cash out was denied and over $7 was removed from my account and I\'m no longer able to scan reciepts. I have gone through the \"contact us\" and havent been able to get any help. I was also apart of their Facebook insiders group and posted that I was having issues and needed help with my account and was kicked out of the group. Coinout is a big scam.
Brittany Giroux 2021-01-17

Takes too long to make any sort of money with it... especially when getting a penny for a receipt. Too much effort for a penny.
Jessica Sherwood 2020-07-12

I\'ve already gotten more $$$ through this app, then after months of using fetch rewards... Not to mention, there\'s been no receipt CoinOut has denied. The only restriction is it can\'t be older than 2 weeks! I will continue to use this app regularly, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting to earn money back with zero hassle!
Jordan Leigh 2021-01-07

Can\'t take pictures of big receipts I guess. Would be cool if it had the option when cashing out to be able to do a free deposit to your card or your back. Colors seem kind bland too. Does not give as much money, reciprocate for taking the time and taking the pictures. As much as others do. Do like how its the only app that actually shows you the amount already in dollars instead of points. That\'s frieken so neat. I like that and how its main screen is just right to the scan!
Barb S 2020-08-02

Excellent app for getting cash for every receipt not older than 14 days., up to a daily max. For long receipts, fold part of the receipt in the middle, making sure store name and purchase date are visible. I also make sure the part showing a payment was made is also showing. I have always gotten payment awarded for every receipt. They also have bonus opportunities and regular trivia sweeps where a pot is split among everyone that answered all questions correctly. I even won $100 in a sweeps!
Matt Adams 2020-10-05

My experience has been been poor, then great, and is trending poor again. Unlike other apps like this, Coinout could be called \"timeout\" as it times out frequently, requiring you to retake the photo. Also, the payments are significantly less than they used to be. All in all a good app, just not so consistently superior as it was in the past.