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COINS: One App For Crypto by Coinpaprika



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Description of COINS: One App For Crypto by Coinpaprika

With COINS, you can Discover, Store, Invest, Send & Receive over 2000 cryptocurrencies. All in one app. Available for free.

Developed by Coinpaprika, COINS is an ultimate solution for every cryptocurrency user. Our user-friendly app includes essential features like:


With coinpaprika.com on board, we deliver complete data about over 2500 cryptocurrencies. You can read details of every coin available, their Twitter & Reddit, track historical prices, explore incoming events or find similar coins!


Our non-custodial solution lets you store over different 1500 cryptocurrencies inside your phone. By using advanced biometrics, we make sure that your private keys never leave your device. Nobody has access to your funds, but you!


With our app, you can purchase cryptocurrencies with your FIAT currency. With that feature, you are always able to invest with a few clicks. Never miss an opportunity again!


No more complicated infrastructure! Exchanging your cryptocurrency into another never been easier - choose the crypto you want to exchange, and we'll take care of everything else!

Send & Receive:

Use our app to make transactions on the blockchain directly from your phone. Save contacts for future usage, make notes, or preview transactions on the blockchain explorer! Everything you need is here!


Read the most important news of the day check which coin gained the most and which one lost the most in its value. With COINS, you are always well informed about the current situation!

Created by Crypto Enthusiasts for Crypto Enthusiasts. If you have any suggestions for the app reach us out on support@coinpaprika.com

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.15.3 Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:Coinpaprika

User Reviews


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Robb Thomas 2021-02-03

Same complaint as others with wallet creation. Like wide coin selection. Will need to do test deposit and withdrawal to form better opinion.*Update was able to add wallet. Originally received error. Now attempting to trade and coin switch or app cannot confirm trade after entering verification. (I did not receive via text, and my screen lock and PIN setup on account are not working.) UPDATE coinswitch is exchange they work with. Account with Coinswitch had to be validated and works now
Gerardo Luengo 2021-02-08

The app itself is snappy and well organized, but fees are not clear at all. I found out I paid a 6.76% fee for my deposit. Crypto to crypto exchange times are somewhat long, so the exchange rate can vary significantly since the moment you initiate it until you receive the currency, and fees are not well explained nor intuitive at all, but very high (lost 25% of deposit just exchanging ETH to Doge). There are no performance metrics or charts of your wallet, just current balance and transactions.
Hassan Razavi 2020-11-10

From the point of security: The app should not allow to take an screenshot for seeds. There is only 12-word seeds available but more options should be provided for seeds such as 24-word. Also I have added USDT ERC20 and USDT TRC20 but both showing two times (total of 4 USDT showing!)
Al Alderson_SYD 2020-07-31

Nice app. Easy to use and lots of good info. Sometimes takes a while to refresh. A refresh button would help.
Daniel Evankovich 2020-06-25

Not a bad app, could have better looking chart in the app. I would also like to be able to preset what is shown when first launching the app, like have it automatically show watch list instead of all coins. Could have better user engagement, also building in functions of uniswap and tornado.cash would be very interesting
Keith Huysman 2020-07-09

I\'ve been waiting so long for this to come out! I was so mad at first when you had to iOS version come out first but I knew it\'d just be a matter of time before you got the Android version out thank-you coin paprika you guys have a brilliant amazing well-put-together site and this app is above and beyond everything someone could ever want from a crypto exchange/data/news/ technical analysis website!! 11/10*
John Elizondo 2020-08-24

In-depth research, charts and technical analysis, availability to purchase coins easily. This is a seriously good app. I\'ll reconsider a fifth star upon the addition of XRP and Monero. Also, I still need to test the ability to move funds from this wallet.
David shanley 2021-02-20

Issues!!!! Anytime I try to exchange crypto it doesn\'t show me what I can exchange. If I type anything into the search bar, the list will stay blank. Think it\'s a glitch.
Rodney McFadden 2020-11-30

Very easy to use. Computer friendly. A really nice cryptocurrencies app. Thanks.
craig Smith 2020-06-16

Long overdue, one stop shop for all thing\'s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.