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Description of Colibri - Telegram unofficial

Colibri – простое, быстрое и безопасное приложение для обмена сообщениями, на основе Telegram API.

Обладает беспрецедентно широким функционалом. Вы можете отправлять любые медиа и файлы, без ограничений по типу или размеру.

Встроен мощный фото- и видеоредактор, а также открытая платформа GIF и стикеров. В Вашем распоряжении безграничные возможности для самостоятельного творчества — или десятки тысяч анимированных стикеров, созданных профессиональными художниками.

Colibri дополняет официальное приложение Telegram расширенными функциями:

• Мультиаккаунт (до 10)

• Увеличен лимит закрепленных чатов

• Увеличен лимит любимых стикеров

• Более 10 различных пузырей и стилей галочки.

• Скрыть номер телефона из бокового меню и настроек.

• Показывать юзернейм вместо номера телефона в боковом меню.

• Различные методы сортировки чатов.

А также множество других опций и настроек. Colibri is a simple, fast and secure messaging application based on the Telegram API.

Has an unprecedentedly wide functionality. You can send any media and files, no restrictions on type or size.

A powerful photo and video editor is built in, as well as an open GIF and sticker platform. You have endless creative possibilities at your disposal - or tens of thousands of animated stickers created by professional artists.

Colibri complements the official Telegram app with advanced features:

• Multi-account (up to 10)

• The limit of pinned chats has been increased

• The limit of favorite stickers has been increased

• Over 10 different bubbles and checkmark styles.

• Hide phone number from side menu and settings.

• Show username instead of phone number in the side menu.

• Various methods of sorting chats.

And also many other options and settings.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-05 Developer:Viento

User Reviews


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Wolney Conde 2019-11-18

One of 2 or 3 best unofficial versions. It has some relevant functions lacking in official Telegram as tab sepparated messages, mark all as read. So far with no ads!
Maurice Phoenix 2019-10-31

Wish I can support this app for it\'s great work. Ads free maybe...but I dont think it contain any app

It automatically made me joined suspicious groups and channel!!! Don\'t trust this client.
Alexander Kuzmin 2019-01-25

Awesome app. Is the project discontinued? No more updates?
Sulleyman Awudu 2020-06-22

I don\'t receive background notification for messages no matter how I do the settings.
Muzaffar Khusnidinov 2019-11-23

The worst app. Never synchronizes and doesn\'t give you a notification.
Mekdelawit Mebaleul 2020-12-01

It\'s a good app. I gave 4 stars because the app can\'t show deleted and edited message from sender
Jayden Joseph 2021-01-02

The icon could possibly change to something that resembles telegram, it is difficult to locate the app at times
Sergio Esaú Arambula Durán 2020-11-27

What I love about it, Specially as a theme maker is the possibility to use an opaque status bar, makes a world of difference for me and I wish it was implemented in the official Telegram
Sem Frezewd 2020-07-30

This is one of the best unofficial telegram app but can you add ghost mode on the next update.please make it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and tell me when you do it