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Description of College Love Game

Adorable college girls are waiting for their hero who will come to help them. Are you ready to become that hero and immerse yourself into the world of romantic flirting? Each girl is unique and each needs her own approach that you will need to figure out to make her fall in love with you. It depends solely on you, what your conversation will lead to. Be witty, persistent, boost your love skills, so no girl would be able to resist you!

Game features:

★ A simulator of encounters with romantic storylines

★ Gorgeous girls with unique stories

★ New gifts every day

★ Exciting mini-games

★ Unusual locations, perfect to the last details

★ Generous bonuses which help you in your pursuit of girls

Install College Love Game simulator and dive into a virtual world where you can win the hearts of college girls and discover their secrets!

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More Information Of College Love Game

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.24.0 Publish Date:2022-05-24 Developer:Fun Monkey Ltd

User Reviews


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Jake White 2021-01-25

For a \"M\" rates game its more of a \"PG 13\" the ad to get you to play initially is very deceiving. It gets you to think the game is heading towards something that is not in the game because it goes against the policy. Then why the false advertisement. Disappointed.
Daniel Young 2021-01-31

The ad was misleading, if it\'s against the store policy don\'t advertise the game does it. Also when you finish dating one of them it feels anticlimactic, you should get a reward or something.
Beadle Kentot 2021-01-25

It is almost exactly the same as the campus game app but with a difference of the puzzle and game&board part. So far i\'m getting some bucks and spins from ads but it is just one spin an hour. You need more than that to compete with the original.
Saaby 86 2020-12-28

Don\'t have the patience for this game. The ads that showed how the game is, none existence, you generally gamble to win money with a slot machine and a free spin for IGC every 4 hours and the \"date\" is a 3 dice board game. Little to no reward from game currency. Uninstalled.
Vivek Singh 2021-01-24

Everything was good until unless I did the actual monetory transection. The amount was debited but wasn\'t reflected back in the game. I have been writing down mails after mail but no response... Sim night report to play store for fraud .😠
Christopher P. Taylor 2021-01-12

Just downloaded the app. When I go to open it, it keeps crashing. Trying to reboot my device to see if that works. If it doesn\'t, ill be deleting the app before getting the chance to play it. Only giving 1 star at this point because I have no in-app experience.
Rhys Rivers 2021-03-09

First of all, you can only play for 20 minutes until all the slot machine energy runs out, rendering the game useless until it fills up again. Also, the ads are nothing like the game. I understand there\'s rules on the play store which prevent the app from showing M rated content, but don\'t advertise it if you are not going to show it. I\'d say there needs to be a way to make money apart from the slot machine, because it\'s luck whether you get a good amount of money or not. Slots done = game over.
Braxton 2021-02-27

Game is great so far, yet I\'ve only played it for about 40 minutes. The reason I give it a 4 star is because I feel like it is missing something, but I\'m not quite sure what it is yet.
chris orgill 2021-02-24

This game is a cheat you roll 100,000 the game crashes you comple a level the game crashes. I finished and was on the 5th level and my game never loads it just cashes after halfway loading to the game. Don\'t wasn\'t your time with this game. This all started when the new update.
Yoshikage Kira 2021-01-14

I love the game, but the one thing that made me hate it was the fact that I bought the Double Lucky Pack 1 and it didn\'t register in-game. So I wasted $4 on something I can\'t even use.