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Color Bump 3D

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Description of Color Bump 3D

Your newest addiction comes in 3D!

Very easy to play, too hard to master

Do not touch other Colors, that is it!

100+ Levels of limitless fun!

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:3.9.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Good Job Games

User Reviews


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Bodamian Cox 2019-04-14

I quickly beat the 1st level then an ad pops up instantly that I was forced to watch the entire ad. then after denying the ad I was forced to watch, the game froze. so I closed it out and reopened beat 2 more levels then it froze again. nice idea for an app but this is not worth my time. I have an s10+ and would expect this app to work. gameplay would have been better without freezing or forced ads. controls and graphics would be better if I could play the game.
A Google user 2019-03-12

I love this game so much. it is amazing. I play it whenever I am bored at school. I had to take off 1 star because I\'m not quite sure when the levels get difficult. my friends have said that the can\'t get past level 10 but I am on level 605 and still waiting for it to get challenging. sometimes I come across a level that is very similar to previous easier levels. Don\'t get me wrong I love this game i just find it a bit easy. It is perfect when I am stressed because the levels aren\'t too difficult
Katie LaRock 2019-05-18

the only reason why I give it 4 stars is cause it wasn\'t that awesome but I DO recommend it cause the whole app is basically free. it is also very quiet except that when you hit a color that you can\'t hit in the game, it makes a little noise. also when you win a game it makes a noise too. but for people who don\'t have much money, I recommend this game to you because it is free. oh, and when you leave off at a spot, when you come back, it will be in that spot.so I recommend it to most people.
Nathaniel Shrock 2020-02-13

I am not much for mobile games, but I love this game! I am on level 506 by now and have had it downloaded longer than any other mobile game I can remember. I enjoy the updates that has added more colors and sounds and the bonus coin stages are brilliant. It is simple and challenging the further I get along. Can\'t wait to see what comes next. Keep up the great work! Update: Now on level 1007 and still my go to time killer
christopher thompson 2019-01-05

It\'s fun and I enjoy playing it a lot. One thing I\'d add which is literally a couple clicks and a download away. Just add some music. Something catchy that keeps people playing. The only sound I get is from the ads and its bad enough I have to watch them. Add a catchy tune that keeps attention and you got yourself a 5 star from me.
Steven Elliott 2019-04-19

Good game but it\'s riddled with ads. You lose and it\'ll pop up saying \"Continue?\" with a 10 second counter and no way to just restart. After a couple of seconds a \"no thanks\" button does appear but its grey and belnds into the background but it\'s easy to miss. So anyway I wait the 10 seconds to restart another game and... Advert. They give me an advert anyway. I would have been as well just accepting their advert to continue.
Dan Bolivar 2019-02-20

Give me a break, advertisement after advertisement. Every single effing level... you gotta be kidding me! I was gonna buy it until I started seeing advertisement after every single level! Jesus Christ aside from the fact that after a few levels all the rest of the levels look the same. After level 25 everything looks the same. Not really worth a download.
Sonya Willis 2019-04-02

Pros: Good temporary game. Can be addictive at first. On-going (many many levels.) Not too many ads. This game has potential to be better. Cons: Levels become repetitive. It gets boring after a while. Simple changes can increase the level difficulties. Suggestions: After the first 100 levels or so add some more colors to increase difficulty. After 200 add more color changes to increase difficulty.
Lila M 2019-03-26

This game is very satisfying to play. Its relaxing to push things around objects on a stressful day. I like how the game transitions from easy and hard levels instead of getting harder by each level. The colors are fun, the game relaxing, and the transitions are fun. This game is amazing and i recommend for every age. The only thing that holds this game back is the amount of advertisements, luckily its easy and fas to get out of them.
Patrick 2019-01-14

I\'m sure it\'s probably a decent game but having to click \"No thanks\" to ad popups every 20 seconds prevented me from ever getting into the game, and sometimes the ads would just pop up anyway. Developers should take note this is a poor new user experience. Costing you more than you gain. Uninstalling