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Description of Color Grab (color detection)

Color Grab is the ultimate on-the-go color tool. Pick, capture and recognize colors simply by pointing the camera.

Leading and worldwide used by designers, artists, professionals, developers, scientists and color-blinds.



● Real-time color measurement (color metering)

● Color Palette Generator.

● Extract colors and maps from your photos.

● Color recognition (color-2-name).

● Real-time calibration mode - use reference white object.

● Custom white balance.

● Color palettes and harmonies themes generation tool.

● Colors blending tool - mix colors.

● Tune tool - refine your colors.

● Find the perfect color combinations.

● Discover and reveal matching colors.

● Color locking indication.

● "Instant Picking" - tap-2-capture.

● Viewfinder smart processing.

● Supports most-common color models (RGB, HEX, HSV, LAB, see below).

● After-shot color analysis.

● Export to popular applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, CSV, PaintShop, Gimp, Inkscape, AutoCAD, Datasheets, etc.

● Color conversions.

● Accessibility; hear the color by pressing the volume buttons.

● Copy color to clipboard.

● Share and post color cards as image or text.

● Paint your wallpaper background with a solid color.


● Turn flash light in low-light conditions.

● Smart color stabilizer.

● Smart color locking mechanism.

● Motion-sensed auto-focus.

● Zoom control.

● White-balance control.

● Camera switching (use rear or front).


● Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Triad Pro, Complementary, Compound, Pentagram, Tetrad, Tetrad Pro, Shades, Hues, Inca, Gaudi, Butterfly, Europa.


● RAL Classic

● RAL Design

● RAL Effect

● NCS® 1950

● Federal Std. 595C

● Australian AS2700


● RGB & Hex



● Lab

● Greyscale, Lightness & Darkness

● Web-Safe



● CIE xyY

● Hunter-Lab


● LCH(uv)

● LCH(ab)



● YCbCr SD & HD

● YPbPr SD & HD

Just grab it,

- Loomatix Team.

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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:3.9.2 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Loomatix

User Reviews


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MD P 2018-10-25

I attempted to measure color chips in a PMS book which has RGB and CMYK values displayed beneath each color chip. The color readings in the app were way off by comparison, therefore, I cannot make any use of this app.
David McAllister 2017-12-11

I really wanted to love this app as I have red-green colour vision deficiency. Needed custom white balance to be dependable but the implementation is weird. Have to always include white target in the frame for it to work. This is awkward. Should just be a way of setting and locking the WB for subsequent colour sampling.
Lauren V. 2020-06-18

This app is almost perfect. The layout is really easy to use and works like a charm. Only issue is that once you grab all the colours from an image and go to the screen with your colour selection that you can\'t seem to just press a \'back\' button and go back to the same photo. Instead you have to retrieve it from your phone\'s storage again. Fix this and I will give it full stars.
rachael landau 2017-12-30

Used for creating a palette of colors based on one picked either from an existing image in one\'\'s gallery, or a new pic from a snapshot. A manual for the app would help; it\'s not the most intuitive. Not clear how its themes are picked from the color wheel.
Jak Fitz 2020-06-04

Im colour blind and i just wanted an app to help me identify colours. It does that and much more. So simple to use. Just get the colour in the view finder and it identifies it on the fly. Not the same as a cure for colour blindness but the next best thing. Thank you. Now all i need is for someone toinvent a pair of glasses that helps me see things as everyone else can : )
Sherbear C 2020-02-07

“The Best Color Grabber & Color Mixing Tool App that I\'ve found in the Google Play Store!!!” I recently used this app to redecorate my living room & bedroom, so I could see what color combinations would look good together. Personally, I think this App would be perfect for men & for people who are color blind. In my opinion; “this is a must have App!” Plus, this app doesn\'t have any annoying and/or intrusive Ads! Download this app today, I guarantee you that you won\'t be disappointed!!!
Vladislav Dulschi 2020-10-21

It is an amazing app. Thank you very much. Thank you indeed! This app helps me a lot to do my job. I am color blind. And sometimes when I work in a poor illuminated area I struggle to see the color of optical fibers. This app gives a quite precise result even when I use the torch. Which obviously increases brightness considerable. I recommend this app to everyone who has the same issue. Very Useful. Thank you. Great job!
Shaun Taiste 2019-04-21

It\'s not vivid enough the camera is so bright where it never gets the right color and the calibration system never gets to right color right anyway after multiple temps I don\'t know when I\'m doing wrong but the calibration won\'t work and for some reason the picture is too bright extremely disappointed
KmStar 2020-07-05

The app is really cool. But, the UI is pretty confusing. If icons had labels it would be better. Is there a specific reason the app cannot be updated after 2017? While I could not find any noticable deficiences. It\'s a good idea to take advantage of newer android api. This app may also stop working properly in newer versions of android like 10.
Darius Eversol 2019-02-11

color grab works very well... but it seems to grab the wrong colors... what it grabs is often a bit darker and a slightly different hue tham the subject..(this is under low light lvels and led lighting...it would be nice if you could make it worl well and be more accurate under all lighting conditions thank you for this great program!