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Description of Color Portfolio

Harness the power of Benjamin Moore color, wherever you are—for free. Save colors, share images and more!

Find the right paint colors (and have fun doing it) with these features:

VIRTUAL FAN DECK Easily scroll through Benjamin Moore’s library of trusted colors including Color Preview®, Benjamin Moore Classics®, Affinity®, Historical Collection, Off-Whites and the Designer Classics.

PHOTO VISUALIZER Take a photo of a room and “try on” colors by tapping a surface for instant masking, or use photos from our inspiration gallery.

VIDEO VISUALIZER Step into augmented reality and apply Benjamin Moore paint color to surfaces in real-time.

PRECISION COLOR MATCHING With purchase of the Benjamin Moore ColorReader or ColorReader Pro device by Datacolor, you can match any color IRL to colors in our library. To order a device, visit datacolor.com/bmorders.

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:1.3.9 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Benjamin Moore & Co.

User Reviews


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Luis Rodriguez 2020-05-03

As an employee at a Benjamin Moore retailer, I decided to get the app to become familiarized with itto better help customers. The app is currently glitched. On my Samsung note 9, it will crash at any point of me trying to open any of the fan decks besides the color preview (which is open by default when opening the app). The app is unusable when trying to play with colors outside the color preview fan deck. I\'ve already tried uninstalling the app multiple times, and it is yet to be fixed.
Robert Sprouse 2020-02-02

So primarily this program is a photoshop editor to apply Benjamin Moore paints to pictures (or live video) you have of rooms or objects. It\'s awesome when it works. The app crashed on me so many times I lost count. When I didnt add \"surfaces\", it crashed less. If I tried to create different layers to get an idea of what I wanted to do to an entire room, the app would consistently crash. Also, your progress isn\'t saved which also is a big let down. Resolution issues as well. Samsung Note 9
Heather McFarlane 2020-05-08

Crashes too much. It opens long enough to get to the colour deck, but if I try to click on anything, it will close. I\'ve uninstalled it many times, restarted my phone, it still does it. It would be a good app if it actually worked.
Kenny Wonderley 2020-03-28

Very disappointing. The Color Capture app was great and you scaled it down a LOT. That app showed what colors went well with another color. You no longer offer this great feature. You deleted the Color Capture App too that makes no sense too. When you save favorites, it\'s not a list of your favorite colors. You see your favorite colors for the collection you are in. We now have to remember if the favorite we are looking for is in the preview collection, classic collection, historical.... And when you see your favorite it\'s just tiny bar I also have a very nice phone (Galaxy Note 10+) and the app keeps crashing. I\'m trying the photo visualizer and as soon as you try to save your creation, it crashes and the photo is not saved. I have plenty of space and have rebooted the phone.
Nicole Andrews 2020-09-18

Has so much potential, but falls flat on basic interface items. There is no way to start a search for a color by color family....only Collections. When you add colors to your favorites, they\'re added to a fixed list,the swatches can\'t be moved to see if this color matches that one... Does not sync with website or store system. Disappointing to see that the color reader function requires a really expensive device.
Kathy Piotte 2020-04-11

I just want to scan the color on my wall to get some touch up paint. The old app let me do that for free. Now I have to buy some kind of scanning device?? Thanks for making things difficult. Been a loyal Ben Moore user for years. Feel like you\'re squeezing me...
Jackie Chong 2020-06-23

The photo visualizer feature is very finicky and has a bug where it overlays the colour over the entire picture. Even using the adjuster does nothing in this situation forcing you to delete layers in a futile attempt to correct it. A great idea of an app terribly implemented.
Stephanie Bicker 2020-04-09

I love the idea of this app, but it has a LOT of bugs. It crashes a lot and if one thing goes wrong with the app, I have to quit the app and start it up again for it to work again. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9. Also, it could benefit from an \"undo\" button.
Mike Arndt 2020-09-18

Just stopped working correctly. I had a photo and the wand was working correctly and filling in the areas correctly from my photo. Suddenly now when I use the wand the entire photo is filled with one solid color. I uninstalled the app and tried again with same result. Navigation in the app is not intutive. Pressing the back button closes the app, using the apps internal back function is wonky. Nothing really works like it should.
mickey jindra 2020-08-12

Color capture from Benjamin Moore was much better they showed you complimentary colors and it was easier to use And they took away the camera part you could use for your phone to see what color is on the wall or something close so you have to pay the $100 for their color reader I\'m not doing it sorry Benjamin Moore that should be given to me I\'m a pro painter