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Description of Color World 3D - Paint By Number

Color World 3D-Paint By Number is an puzzle painting 3D game with coloring by numbers. This game has a wide range of categories of puzzles that you can color, Cars🚙, Buildings🎪, Landscapes🌈, Weapons🔫, Scenes🌸 and so much more are waiting for you to reveal!

All puzzles and models are marked with numbers, all you have to do is choose one puzzle that you are interested to paint and begin to tap the corresponding numbered-color cells by the hints. It's never been easier to finish an artwork and bring models to life in such easy way and short period of time. Try it pick an artwork follow your heart and fill them!

After coloring, you can collect the whole set of models to create a bigger scene! Fun way to enjoy coloring and assembling in one game!

Game Features

- ✨Convenient and simple: paint numbers and puzzles with no crayon or color pen needed.

-👒Various unique and models and puzzles!

-👀 Many different time-limited activities are coming.

-🤝 Easy share: enjoy the simplicity and share your artworks with your friends and families and you can also share them on social media.

-🚀Easy and straight forward, some cells are difficult to fill, you can use hints and bombs to find them or color them easily.

Important Information

To ensure that all artworks can be save and share successfully, we need your permission to allow Color World 3D-Paint By Number to access photos, media and files on your device, and this permission includes reading and writing the contents of your storage. Only with these app permissions can the function of saving and sharing work well.

We only request minimum permissions that it is essential to run the game and support core functionality. You can see more details of app permissions in App info of Google Play. Thanks for your understanding and hope you will enjoy this incredible coloring puzzle game with vivid 3D vision and have the most amazing model building experience!

Download and enjoy Color World 3D-Paint By Number today!👏👏👏

Get latest information on our official facebook page:

👉 https://tinyurl.com/y2g2su7j

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More Information Of Color World 3D - Paint By Number

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.2.37 Publish Date:2021-08-26 Developer:Mint Games

User Reviews


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Scintae 2021-01-26

Very cute and a great way to pass time, and now that the bug was fixed I\'m back to enjoying it! For consideration for the developers though I would suggest an easier way to make diamonds without paying, even optional ads for a reasonable amount of diamonds would be fine. I understand you this is your work and you deserve to be paid but a lack of diamonds mean inability to pass to the next set, so no way to make more.
JaKeOnMeTrO Is Me 2021-02-12

This game is too good. The only ads you get are for unlocking areas and stuff, but I don\'t care. The game has a really cool 3D atmosphere, which is so cool. The only problem I have is that some blocks are pretty hard to find, but that makes this game challenging, which is awesome. My favorite part of the game is that you can combine several pieces of art into one. Whoever made this game deserve the most. Thank you so very much devs!
fnaf king 2021-01-27

The individual rooms, or sets, just stopped loading. Of course this happened about 5 minutes after paying $21.00 for the monthly subscription, and I can\'t get a refund through Google. Liked it when it worked. After posting this review the app developer replied to me and my problem is fixed! Thank you so much, as I spent the last day trying to find a replacement app and NONE are close to as good as this one!
LittlePiggyGoesMoo 2021-03-02

it seems like the crashes have been fixed and I appreciate that! I can finally get back into the game again and give it the rating it deserves. this is a good time waster and if you like color by numbers then you\'ll more than likely enjoy this game. you pretty much need to watch ads to increase your gem earnings after finishing a level, otherwise you will find yourself at a roadblock because you need gems to do a room. this doesn\'t bother me but it might to some people!
GɾҽҽɳTҽαBσႦα ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 2021-02-10

This game is amazing I love it. The only thing is when I 1st downloaded it well it took a very long time to open up the app. And I notice as I got to a higher level there was more adds which isn\'t very FAIR in my opinion but thar may just be my phone glitching or its just me. But other than that the game is absolutely great. Those are the only reasons why I put 4/5 instead of 5/5
Parthon 2021-01-03

A very relaxing game. I love the graphics. I have only played for 2 or so days. The only thing I feel is a bit of an issue: the amount of diamonds needed to unlock new pieces/buildings. I do understand that this is a free game, and I am grateful, but I would prefer not to watch copious amounts of ads just for 6 diamonds or 40 once a day. And the amount you get for completing a piece, in my opinion, is too little. But I really am enjoying the music and peacefulness of the game otherwise.
Thomas Larkin 2021-02-05

Could be an amazing game but fact you have to have gems to unlock some puzzles and you can\'t progress without doing them is a bit of a let down. If the cost of the puzzles were lower it be great as of now with out spending money or waiting a day you don\'t make much progress. Also the constant pop up to subscribe is a bit annoying.
Sarah butler 2020-12-19

The game is easy and simple to play, but its entertaining and the details are good. At the end of each level it gives a small quote which I find interesting, also you can earn double gems for completing a level by watching a short video, the other ads in between levels are skippable. I hope to continue enjoying this game
Nikki Stepanek 2021-02-21

I really want to love this game, but it keeps randomly crashing. I\'ll choose to watch a video for a reward, and it shows me the video then crashes without giving the reward. If the incessant crashing was fixed, this would easily be five stars because of how adorable the art is and how relaxing it is to play.
Talia Morris 2020-12-25

Colouring meets Minecraft. Combines simple 3d models with colour by number. There\'s a bit of a learning curve for the controls, but once you learn how it all works, it\'s easy and intuitive. Devs seem to come from a non-English-speaking background, so the style of the on-screen text may seem a bit odd, but generally speaking, good game.