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Description of ColorMeter Free - color picker

ColorMeter: take live color around you with your camera and use it for your design projects or for your Android customization as a wallpaper.

ColorMeter is a free useful camera color picker tool that allows you to pick live colors around you. It displays RGB color on the screen and the hexadecimal (HTML) color code used in graphics, web design, or photo editors. Point cross-hair at different objects and see a real-time result on the screen. You can use currently selected color for your Android phone or tablet personalization and customization.

Long touch on the color bar sets your current screen WALLPAPER to the chosen color.


- live color analyzer

- make snapshots

- white balance (PRO*)

- load pictures from the gallery(PRO)

- average window size option (PRO)

- RGB color on the screen

- CMY color model (PRO)

- flashlight (PRO)

- hexadecimal HTML color code

- preview color (full-screen mode) (PRO)

- use color as WALLPAPER

- AutoFocus button

- Zoom View option

- select colors from any point on the uploaded picture (PRO)

- color palette(PRO)

- save, delete and preview colors in color palette(PRO)

- save/export and share palette using HTML file (PRO)

- find the closest color sample in the color palette to the currently selected with color finder(PRO)

- Help

- ad-free

*PRO - available only in the paid version

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.0.3 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:vistech.projects

User Reviews


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Issam Abaza 2016-08-29

It is ok, but.. Good job have been done here however, few missing main details and features makes it lacking perfection. Those that I can list are: 1) lack of saving data for later use. 2) the tool MUST include the color temperature and luminance values during which the photo was taken. 3) an error margin is there always and therefore a series of photos should be taken from different directions, then analyzed and a best guess should be given. 4) A good feature will be to allow the scanning of a photo as a souce.....
A Google user 2018-12-29

Far better than the other, similarly named application, which could only work with photographs not directly with the camera. With this you just point at the object you\'re interested in, click the button and read off the RGB values. What could be simpler? Thank you for not making something so simple into a horse\'s arse like those other people [nicksdroid] have!
Fenton Bevan 2015-02-06

Great. What a handy little tool this is. Perfect for colour matching on the fly. Come back with the right paint and not a bag of colour charts and tester paints. I imagine it would be handy for girls for colour matching clothes or make up etc too. Thanks for this interesting and useful app. F.Bevan.
Ven 2018-01-01

Useless without the ability to set (calibrate) for white balance. For example, a white object measures as orange when the room lighting is \"warm white\".
Mostafa Hemaly 2015-02-28

cool app coool app very helpful but i wish it gives the colour name as well not only the colour code to be more helpful
Anthony C 2020-06-24

\"UPDATE\" It has support, great! I do get a popup message when I open the app, and why an update is needed. \"ColorMeter Free: this app was built for an older version of Android and may not work properly. Try checking for updates, or contact the developer.\"
Muhammad Shahid 2020-09-18

Good app. But there must be an option to save a specific color and then compare other colors to it to check whether they match the saved one or not.
Gary Couch 2015-08-20

Not To Shabby! It\'s a solid 4 stars for sure! Actually truer than my current equipment costing over $1,000.00
Nota Bene 2015-02-09

More relative than absolute colors? If I measure my monitor (perfectly calibrated Ithink), the wide range of gray - between #FFFFF and #404040 hexRGB - gives the same results about #9A9A9A. Only very dark gray and black seems to be more reliable. Changing camera parameters doesn\'t matter. A similar effect occurs with other colors and not only on monitors. (e.g. very light red and dark red results about #F08070)
jeffrey sainio 2020-10-21

Well, it does work. MANY others crash, give 0, or other flagrant errors. Does not average over time or space. Does not compute any color space besides RGB. Does not give lux , fc, etc. Since the framework is done, could be a nice app with some more work.