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Compass - Accurate & Digital Compass for Android



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Description of Compass - Accurate & Digital Compass for Android

A simply designed Compass - Accurate & Digital Compass for Android app to retrieve information about North, South, East, West Direction with latitude and longitude. Smart Compass free is an accurate compass app for android devices. Use the latest and greatest tool for your outdoor activities. Including a hiking compass for camping, traveling picnics, or boating. The direction app allows you to set your direction by rotating the bezel or azimuth magnet. Compass 360 shows real-time orientation to magnetic fields and true north.

⌛Level Meter

A spirit level meter is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Hold the phone's four sides against an object to test it for level or plumb. Lay it down on a flat surface for a 360° level.

♾️ Calibration Smart Compass Navigation Mode

The accuracy of the digital compass free will interfere when the device is near any other magnetic interference. Stay away from magnetic things/objects such as electronic devices, batteries while using the smart compass app for directions. Make sure your device has a magnetometer sensor. If the accuracy becomes unreliable then encounter a direction error. Calibrate your phone simultaneously flipping and moving back and front in patterns two or three times.

🧭 How to use

Once the Direction compass is installed keep your phone parallel to the ground. Directions app will show North, South, East, West, latitude, and longitude Direction.

🏷️ Useful features of Digital Compass App 2021

◾ It is a free compass app.

◾ Digital format.

◾ Camera view.

◾ Directions Compass is easy to use.

◾ Altitude app displays highly accurate direction.

◾ Display magnetic field strength.

◾ Shows magnetic north and true north.

◾ My compass offline shows sensor status on the android device.

◾ Add a direction pointer marker and error correction.

◾ Display Latitude, longitude.

◾ Bubble level to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).

◾ Magnetic compass shows the field strength.

◾ Easy compass has Incredibly smooth movements.

◾ No internet connection is required.

◾ Customize the compass clock according to your taste.

For Travel & locals, this is the best, most precise, accurate compass free. 3d compass in your smart devices, where and when you need it. My compass also shows the digital direction of north, south, east, and west for user convenience. Best Smart Compass for android is an accurate navigation instrument that shows four cardinal directions.

✅ App Permissions

Once installed few permissions are required for compass navigation. Requires access to photos and record videos, is used for camera permission, location information coordinates to find your direction.

👉 Caution

Your device must have a MAGNETIC SENSOR inside to read the earth's magnetic field. If your device does not have a magnetic sensor then the compass will not work. Suggested for you to give us feedback about the Compass - Accurate & Digital Compass for Android directions app for android. We welcome your ideas and suggestions email us at

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User Reviews


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Allen McCready 2020-12-02

It was superior to my gps until i had to continuously touch the phone screen to keep the phone on while i was driving. Now it is unusable. There seems to be no google maps\' setting now to keep the app continuously displayed. My only alternative is to use my phone\'s setting to do that AND remember to turn it off on my phone when done. Not sure i have the right app.
Muhammad Umar 2020-11-14

Street view earth map live application is a great and helpful application. It has perfect features. It is very easy to use and install. I like it.
Sarah Night 2020-10-31

This just took me to Google maps. Im trying to find an app I can use for shortest distance. For some reason Google maps switches back to relevance and there isn\'t always an option to change it back and really you shouldn\'t have to.
Sheldon Bodryn 2021-01-03

I have used street view to actually travel around this world and see things much as though I were there in person. But I\'d give it 6 stars if it were on Oculus, with the ambient sounds in stereo. Maybe in 20 years? It has helped me find city locations to drop my wife off for examinations. Great idea.
Aman Sinha 2020-10-01

This app is a scam. The review section is full of fake reviews. This app doesn\'t do anything except redirecting me to Google maps. I\'ll most likely report this app just because of the fake reviews and its design. The developers of this app need to work hard on the design and show more originality.
steve fleet 2020-11-27

Fake reviews and not \"live\" This app is ad infested right at start up and uses Google Maps and Street View and no resources of its own. There is no live view with a false name/title to get you to download it. The reviews are fake as you read through them they all tend to have the same wording, just slightly different. The sole purpose of this app is to slam you with ads. Join into flagging as inappropriate with misleading name.
John Davis 2020-01-11

It\'s not that this is a bad app, because it\'s not. It really has some good stuff to offer someone who is taking a trip. the problem is that there is so many ads that it overshadows the program and makes the program seem worthless. I got a commercial when I started this app up. Another commercial when I typed an address in the destination bar. Another commercial after that. And another before the app started going. And I haven\'t even started to drive yet. It just never stops!
BA MA 2020-01-30

Great app. I like it better than Waze, however there are way too many ads. I don\'t mind an ad here and there but everytime I tap anything within the app an ad pops up. It\'s just a little too excessive, so I plan to uninstall this app and look for something else. It\'s rather disappointing as I really did prefer this one over all the many others I have tried.
Abdul W295 2020-12-26

Street View earth map GPS is a very amazing and wonderful application. It\'s a very easily install and open. This application is a very useful and helpful. Many people are using to this app.
Fellowvillager gary 2021-03-04

I was hoping to find a bit more interaction with this app - such as being able to have a favorites list of best views of different categories such as nature and cityscapes \"storable\" \"findable\" and \"shareable\" utilizing this app. Maybe even a monthly competition where people vote on others favorites views viewable on Google Earth and this app.