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Compass Level & GPS APK

Compass Level & GPS

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Description of Compass Level & GPS

Take advantage of accurate and integrated compass, level and gps tools in one screen.

For lovers of D.I.Y. and fans of self-assembling: this makes you an expert in placing furniture, hanging up a shelf or frame.

For tracking, hiking and camping fanatics: now you will never be off course, always having the right position and direction.

This tool is handy and very accurate - try it yourself!

You can also use Compass Level app on Wear OS.

Advice: for a better accuracy, first calibrate once.

✓ Compass Usage

• Find and keep track of the right heading

• Get information of your current position or a target position

• Find your parked car through the target position feature.

✓ Level Usage

• Proper positioning of furniture

• Straight installation of a shelf or a frame

• Quickly level out your motor home or caravan

✓ Features

• Automatic horizontal and vertical level display

• Choose Sound and/or Vibration when level

• Manual compass and level calibration available

• 'Hold / Release' button, for easy readout

• Screen Capture: no notes, just copy

• Sensor sensitivity and update-cycle adaptable

• Powerful GPS feature: set target position, and find the direction and distance.

✓ Remarks (Compass)

• Sensor accuracy may differ depending on the device used

• For better accuracy, keep away from magnetic fields and electronic devices.

** User manual: http://lemonclip.blogspot.kr/2014/02/compass-level-user-manual.html

• If you encounter any problem with this App or incorrect wording, please contact us via:

- https://www.facebook.com/CompassLevel

- jeedoridori@gmail.com

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.4.12 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:LemonClip

User Reviews


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Daniel Razo 2016-03-28

I think that, It is not well calibrated programmatically, I mean, I have other compass app and that one points correctly to the north and this one doesn\'t.
Rick Mullen 2020-05-26

I cook many different types of food out in a cast iron pan on my gas grill. I use this app all the time to insure that my grill pan is completely level by placing it in the bottom of the pan before hitting the burner. That way my garlic and oil, and otherwise, level out across the bottom of the pan catching each piece uniformly. As an engineer I I obviously downloaded the app for a reason, but different application. Works extremely well.
jackie boney 2016-05-17

Compass/level Level works great, compass don\'t work.
Fernweh Ric 2019-10-15

Great app! Use it for checking level of the motorhome. Shows exactly what the real level shows.
J. B. HART 2016-03-09

J. Hart Use to level my motorhome when camping. SO easy! Great tool.
Daryne Jones 2016-02-28

Cool tool Great
john costa 2019-01-28

is ok. to calibrate they want you to point north... if i knew exactly where north is i wouldn\'t need guys stupid compass! uninstall now
Engellenkatu 2020-07-17

surpasses previous compass apps I\'ve used. easier to calibrate than others. just be sure to remove any cases with metal or magnets in them. my case had both! I keep finding new uses for the level every day-including cooking. And the usual picture hanging. Other compasses got directions reversed. This app hit it right off the bat . I live in Colorado Springs so one direction-West-is obvious. 14 000+ foot markers/mtns! But once I get IN the mountains at night I\'m lost. This will be a great helper!
Gene Capeder 2016-06-17

Top Tier App Well written and well behaved.
ps23geer 2020-07-12

Surprized me as i used it to level my Super Gutter. found the normal 3 foot bubble level too cumbersome while using a wall jack. Holding it on the bottom of the gutter looking up at it in the bright sun was perfect. The haptic feedback when on plumb was strangely rewarding. The audio was not useful. Perfect for what I accidentally used it for. Sure I will find more uses. Thank you!