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Description of Compendium of Divinations

Compendium of Divination, Couple Affinity and Compendium of Diviners!

1. Compendium of Divination:

It contains different techniques of divination:

- Geomancy

- I Ching

- Runes

- Tarot

- Belomancy

- Ouija board

- Colors and Shapes

- Biorhythms

- Tasseomancy (coffee grounds reading)

- Arithmomancy

- Lifepath

- Hailona (Hawaiian shamanic technique of divination)

and other variations.

The estimate of the response, its reliability, the environment and states of mind, are derived by comparing the outcomes of various techniques that contribute to the final response.

2. Compendium of Diviners:

You can assess your skills as a Diviner!

Post your question to the community, collect the overall response, and send your response to others' questions.

Join the community and try to be the best Diviner!

3. Couple Affinity:

Now you can use and combine different methods to test couple compatibility:

- Biorhythms

- Lifepath

- Hailona

- Feng Shui (find the best areas of your apartment and compare them with those of your partner to improve the couple's compatibility estimate),

- Eyes Compatibility

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:12.0.0 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Rifo

User Reviews


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Fudean Hassan 2020-11-16

This is the most realistic app i\'ve used.Since the 1st day i install this app it has gave 80%true answer.this app has afew tools that u can choose and used just for FREE.no need to buy or be a premium member like the other apps.the tool is very updated and effective.u just need to know how to use it wisely for a good and perfect result.try it guys coz u have nothing to loose and no regret i will guaranteed.thats all i want to declare for now i\'ll updated more soon ok guys...
Nadia Contreras 2021-02-12

I\'ve used it once. My opinion is only from one time. I\'m intrigued by what I have seen so far. And positive yes aswell. Thanks
Kristina M 2019-05-27

Amazing!! I LOVE this app.. it offers absolutely everything from an awesome variety of divinations to a user friendly interface... I honestly don\'t have any complaints that I can think of. Thanks for such a great app, keep up the great work!!!
Alexandria Silcox 2020-09-09

Could be a bit more \"up to date\". Wish that there wasn\'t a limit on compendium choices and turns. Other than that I love the outline and purpose off the application!
Britnei Tweedy 2019-12-18

a little diffcult to understand at first....but seems to be good after you use it for a little while....wish I didn\'t have to pay to use the wishing well...but that\'s ok they have lots of free stuff so I\'ll pay to do that later....
Jodie Willoughby 2014-03-04

Informative However if you\'re as poor as I am good apps like this one usually calls for money.
ziv auri 2021-01-11

This is really a kick. Many ways of divining, the chance to test your psi skills with others. Geomancy rocks!!
delaina romee 2014-06-05

Pretty decent Its accurate, works well obly thing is its usage is limited unless you become a member... so I uninstall it and reinstall it to use it again lol
A Google user 2012-07-04

Lots of fun divination Kinda fun! Gives you a bunch of stuff to play around with. Only beware the wishing well! When it asks you to drop a coin in it, it redirects you to a page where it tells you in Italian to pay them US dollars!! Also, the Ouija board could be better.
Michelle Fletcher 2021-02-11

This is a weird app. Instead of taking you directly to the form of divination, it wants you to draw a \"relax drawing\". This seems to be what the actual divination is derived from. The results that you get are too vague.