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Description of Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

Concepts is a flexible space to think, plan and create. Sketch your ideas on the infinite canvas, write notes and doodles with tilt + pressure, draw storyboards, product sketches and design plans, then share with friends, clients and other apps. Optimized for the latest pen-enabled devices and Chrome OS™.

Concepts’ vector nature means every stroke is editable. Pens, pencils, markers… if you mess up, just fix it with the Nudge, Slice and Select tools.

Concepts is used by amazing people at Disney, Playstation, Philips, HP, Apple, Google, Unity and Illumination Entertainment to take ideas from concept to reality. Join us!

Concepts has:

• realistic pencils, pens and brushes that respond to pressure, tilt and velocity with adjustable live smoothing

• an infinite canvas with many paper types and custom grids

• a tool wheel or bar you can customize with your favorite tools and presets

• an infinite layering system with automatic sorting & adjustable opacity

• the COPIC color wheel helps you choose colors that look great together

• flexible vector-based sketching - move and adjust what you’ve drawn by tool, color, size, smoothing and scale

• draw with live snap & align tools for clean and accurate sketches

• personalize everything - your canvas, tools, gestures, everything

• duplicate your work for easy iterations in the gallery and on canvas

• drag+drop images straight onto the canvas as references or for tracing

• export images, PDFs, and vectors for printing or fast feedback between friends and clients

• more precision tools coming soon!

Sketch FREE. Enjoy awesome tools, COPIC colors, five layers, our infinite canvas and JPG exports.

Pay-As-You-Go. Boost your creativity with the Essentials and edit your strokes, unlock infinite layers, and export to PNG, PSD, SVG, DXF and Concepts native file formats. Professional brush packs and PDF import / export sold separately.

Or subscribe to Concepts Everything and gain access to every library, service and feature going forward.

If you opt to subscribe monthly or yearly, payment will be charged to your Google Play Account at time of purchase. Your plan will renew automatically at the price shown above within 24 hours of the end of the billing period, unless turned off beforehand. You can cancel or make changes anytime in your Google Play Account settings.

We're dedicated to quality and update often. If you get stuck, chat with us in-app, email us at concepts@tophatch.com or find us anywhere with @ConceptsApp.

Android and Chrome OS are trademarks of Google. COPIC is the trademark of Too Corporation. Many thanks to Lasse Pekkala and Osama Elfar for cover art!

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lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:2021.10.5 Publish Date:2021-11-15 Developer:TopHatch, Inc.

User Reviews


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Monster Masher 2021-01-02

Concepts is a great app in the making. So far I have bought all the adds ons. There are a few issues that plague this app. One of them is that while drawing, menus keep popping up causing me to accidentally select and change settings. While trying to change pen settings, such as the opacity, the size of the pen will be changed, this of course is very frustrating. The Fill tool is not a good replacement for a bucket tool. Update 1/1/21: for the love of God allow us to turn off Tap & Hold!
Mia Gale 2019-07-10

Almost perfect! I\'ve been using this app for my digital art for a couple days now. The only thing that I feel is necessary that was completely left out is a HARD eraser as a tool. I don\'t like the way the soft eraser looks. If a hard eraser was implemented I feel this app would be absolutely perfect. Also, really amazing color swatches!
stíobhart matulevicz 2021-03-17

I love the feel of drawing with the pen in this app. It\'s one of the nicest \'out of the box\' setups I\'ve found in any android drawing app. That would be a 5-star rating. Unfortunately all that good stuff is completely undone by one of the worst interfaces I\'ve ever had the misfortune to use. No way to hide palettes. No way to save oft-used colours. If you change from the circular tool palette to the vertical one to try and save screen space, you can\'t change brush size. Terrible GUI.
Tijana Bojic 2021-01-08

It\'s a decent app. Very good for what it was made for, concept art, which it\'s literally called after. I personally really like the color wheel, it makes choosing colors very easy, you have a decent collection of colors to choose but not limitless to make you freeze up. It\'s annoyng so many things need to be payed for, but i understand, at least they are one time purchases which i can get behind for this type of app. But 5 picture imports max? It\'s ridiculous. At least make it 5 per project.
Kool Bluez 2020-07-31

Great concept. I even paid for the full version. Sad to know that Android version misses many features in iOS. Waiting eagerly for an update to include them all, like text, snapping etc. I thought these Corona times will give developers ample time to improve the app at home. Awaiting some positivity in these bleak times. Take care all. Be safe.
Angus Brown 2020-11-07

This is a terrific drawing app, which makes drawing with vectors simple and intuitive. I draw on a Surface Pro 3 and my new Samsung S6 Lite. The app has a few minor glitches, particularly with the knife tool and the nudge tool, but there are workarounds and the team are dedicated to continuous improvement, so I give this app a well deserved 5 stars. I tried the subscription for a while, but I find the Essentials package gives me everything I need for creating comic pages. Thank you, Concepts
Heng Lim 2020-09-23

Bought this app because I enjoyed using it at first, but soon realised that it doesn\'t even have basic shapes. I can\'t even draw a perfect circle to create a visual pie chart for my illustration without it looking cartoony. The fill function also works weird as you must trace the shape you want to fill rather than actually filling using defined lines. It takes considerably more effort to achieve something as simple as fill. It has potential, but in its current state, it is collecting dust.
Ian Webb 2020-06-27

My favorite drawing app so far. However, there are some issues that I have. As I got further into my drawing, my phone crashed frequently. It was almost impossible to move the screen at the end. Additionally, the default pencil and all of the pencils other than the mechanical pencil had this issue where they would randomly smudge. Finally, the app ran in the background for several days after I closed it and drained over 1/4 of my battery until I force stopped it. That said, I love it.
Ghassem Yousefi 2021-01-23

This is a great app because of many reasons. First, it is a user friendly app. Second, it has Unlimited canvas which is very helpful in design process and note taking. Third, it has many option and tools like layers, color palet, brushes and pens which is editable. Fourth, it\'s setting, save and export options are well designed. In my view, the designer of this app totally understand designer\'s need. Great job.
Kent William 2019-08-17

well.... this app can\'t even export my drawing on tab s4, the vertical toolbar is also buggy so i have to use circular one, and cannot even save my drawing on phone or cloud automatically , so when you uninstall this app all your files gone!!!!