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Description of Connect Drive

Quick Overview

Access and manage your SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick, the next generation of mobile storage for your Android™ based phones, tablets and PCs with the SanDisk Connect Drive app. Easily save videos and photos, stream videos and music directly from the drive—even when it’s tucked away in your bag or in the overhead bin.

Note – SanDisk Connect App requires a SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick to work (sold separately). This app is not compatible with prior generation of SanDisk Connect products like Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive.

To learn more about Connect wireless drives, go to www.sandiskconnect.com

Key Features:

• User-friendly interface to access your contents on SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

• Wirelessly store and stream content directly from the drive, without the hassle of wires or cables – no Internet connection required

• Transfer photos, videos and large files from your phone or tablet to the drive and free up space

• Easily access files from the drive, copy them to your phone or tablet for local access

• Enjoy your photos in slideshow mode

• Enable Auto-Backup to copy photos and videos from your Gallery automatically

• Backup and restore contacts

• Auto-play all music files with the built-in player

• Preview documents in-app or in other apps

• Swipe to the left or right easily navigate through content

• Optional view modes: list, tile


1. App requires a SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick (sold separately)

2. This app is not backwards compatible and will not work with the previous version of SanDisk Connect (Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive)

About SanDisk Connect wireless drives (Specs)

1. Works wirelessly via Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)

2. Storage capacities up to 128GB

3. Simultaneously connect up to 8 devices, and stream video to up to 3*

4. Battery operated

5. Accessible up to 150 feet away

6. Wi-Fi password protection (WPA2)

*SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick

Note: The Drive serves all file types. However, streaming content such as movies and music is dependent on files supported by your device.

SanDisk is a trademark of Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates, registered in the United States and other countries.

© 2016 Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.1.1 Publish Date:2021-08-21 Developer:© Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates.

User Reviews


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Peter Franzke 2019-04-07

Works. The connection time is just above average. I carry my SanDisk stick with me everywhere. You can encrypt your device to protect your data. The app is straight forward. You can create or delete folders, files, movies etc. from within the app. Streaming music and movies works well and buffering times depend more on your Wi-Fi connection then the app or device. Your phones/tablets processing speed obviously makes a difference as well.
Steve Peradotti 2018-12-16

Pretty handy to have around. Some logic confusion when connecting with other solid state memory cards are on board though still usable in a pinch with android OTG connector. Good product.
Nakul Hirpara 2018-08-04

The pictures once uploaded retain their original quality. But the application\'s image viewer is unable to replicate the quality. You will have to download the pictures to your mobile device again to view the pictures in their original quality. This can easily be fixed by updating the application\'s image viewer. So please fix it sandisk.

Spyware. It Will not function without access to location!!? Why not? Why on earth does it need to know my location. So I can not use it. Luckily you do not need this spyware to use the devices facilities. The device could be better. It can not walk and chew gum at the same time, IE it can be accessed wirelessly fully or USB fully but not both.
Alphious McLean 2018-09-03

Ordinarily i would give 5 stars but lately my sandisk 64gb wireless stick is not playing audio files on my S9+ or Blackberry keyone, keep getting media player error, resetting. Also when I stream videos that previously worked fine now I get no sound on the same android devices. Strangely enough the audio and video files play satisfactory on my wife\'s iphone which now points to the problem possibly being android based.....sigh.
Gillette 0345 2020-06-13

You can\'t connect wirelessly to your computer. When I first connected to the phone it worked fine... But ever since I tried to connect to the WiFi I can only connect with the \"connect with internet\" option but can\'t manage the internet settings because it says I need to be connected directly to the USB. (Never got the internet to work) It technically works, but not being able to connect my phone and laptop to it is annoying.
RANJIT KUMAR Balan 2018-01-10

Always difficult to connect it right away. First connection request fails and SanDisk manages to then go off from the wifi list. Have to keep trying after that. Similarly another issue has been trying to play songs continuously from the list has not been possible. Have to manually select the next song and then play. Sending feedback from the app was not possible.
Jackie Cham 2020-01-02

Works on Android 8, but runs into all sorts of problems on Android 9. On Android 9, you get multiple drive issues (even though I only have 1 drive and I can\'t even select it), freezing issues (had to disconnect and suddenly it works, only to freeze again when it reconnects automatically), heck I can\'t even access the drive via browser on Android 9. Fix this app, this hardware has potential, don\'t screw it up.
Sandy 303 2018-05-23

Terrible implementation of a good idea. Buy a dual usb stick instead, far quicker transfer, and no hassle. This just tries to connect and fails, gets caught in a drive discovered /connecting /disconnecting cycle. Could be a five star app if it actually worked. A waste of money to buy the stick when the app does not work
shane davis 2018-11-28

You know it\'s not very intuitive to not be able to copy over a folder with photos . Every time I do it copies over the photos but not the folder they are in . That\'s just not right. And since all of my photos which were separated in different folders are now all mixed up I\'m really dissatisfied with your product app . Get a new development crew whoever is doing this isn\'t thinking .