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Description of Conservative News Pro

A Conservative News Feed App for Android!

Get News Feeds from:

• Drudge Report

• Fox News

• The Blaze

• Newsmax

• The Daily Wire

• Breitbart

• Townhall

• American Thinker

• and MORE

Features Include:

• Add Custom Feeds to the app

• Dark Theme

• Material design

• Pull down to refresh

• Get notifications about breaking news

• No ads in the app

Note: This app is not affiliated with any of the sites it provides links to, nor does it control their content.

• This should go without saying (but you'd be surprised) buying this app DOES NOT remove ads from the content providers websites, only the banner ad at the bottom of my app.

• Visit our site on your PC or Mac for a desktop version of the app http://www.conservative-news.org

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More Information Of Conservative News Pro

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:TheRight-Dev

User Reviews


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Ronnie O 2021-01-15

Very smooth and fast. Non glitchy. I have the paid version which I found at a great one time price. My compliments to the developers for keeping it simple. I love how clicking on source gives fast easy to read headlines in simple black and white. Just what I wanted. I am updating this review to talk about new features. You can delete sources you do not want. You can add new sources. Again: THIS IS THE BEST APP OF IT\'S KIND OUT THERE! A GOD SEND!!! GREAT JOB SHOUT OUT TO THE DEVELOPER!
Mark MacMullen 2021-01-15

I like having the choices of the different news feeds and that I can add my own as well. I got the paid version and I like it very much. Also, I like having a single source to get all my news in one place. 1/15/21 - Update:. I sincerely appreciate the courage and determination of Conservative News to eliminate false media from the listing especially when we are faced with being censored by social media and businesses that believe in a facist interpretation of our freedoms.
C. J. 2020-11-07

I 100% LOVE & recommend this app. I wanted to add Revolver, so I was more than happy to pay a measly $1.49 or the Pro version. I quite prefer to access the website version though, but when I tried to log in, it asked for an activation code, which I didn\'t receive. I clicked on the \"Click Here To Look Up Code\" & entered my email for my Google Play acct. & got: \'Error: Code not found, please use your paypal email address.\' but I didn\'t use Paypal. Am I doing something wrong? Help, pls. Thank you!
Joyce Marion 2020-06-12

Love the Pro version. Dark mode seems better for reading. No banner ads...great! Can\'t thank you enough for having trustworthy news all in an easy-to-use format. Wonderful job.
Tom Slaughter 2021-01-02

Update Jan 2, 2021 The update allows you to customize the news feeds. I love it! Kudos to the developers! i love getting my favorite conservative news sources in one convenient app! I just wish I could customize the list of news outlets. Replacing drudge with Bongino was a good move.
Christopher Jason Logan 2020-11-15

Good app, all it really does is catalog articles from conservative website. Pro has a dark mode and is well worth the minimal cost.
T Moss 2020-07-28

It\'s nice to have all the links to Conservative new articles in one place. Bought the pro-version, I\'m not sure what I gained there. I keep getting notices to unblock my add blocker. Despite the instructions I have not been able to accomplish that. I would like to support the advertisers of conservative news when I can. Occasionally, I run into an article I really want to read, but, the publisher will not let me read without a subscription. That is however not anything to domwith this app.
shooky 613 2020-03-31

Advertisements are so buggy that you can\'t find the headline you\'d like to read. Also when you leave the read you get booted out of the app inside of going back to the homepage. Very very buggy and a waste of time. Easier to go to the News networks own apps. Very armature setup.
J Tucker 2021-01-07

It was great until the recent update on my phone. First of all it always switches me to light mode when I have it set to dark. Next, a lot of times when I click on a feed nothing shows up it\'s just blank. Then today got a strange message, can\'t remember it word for word, saying something like bear with us while they fix an issue with someone hacking the app. I\'m not sure what the problem is but it just isn\'t working correctly anymore.
A Google user 2019-08-12

My problem with Conservative News Pro is that I still have videos interrupting what I\'m reading. Why would I purchased the Pro version if I\'m still having to deal with ads/videos?