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Description of Construction Calculator - Materials Evaluation

Building calculator - help you build a house, calculate building materials or make repairs in an apartment.

Gives You opportunity to check your contractor for overspend and momently provide you necessary information.

You can change the application language in application settings.

Constructive calculator is unexpendable assistant at materials calculations and budgeting by the targeted housebuilding task.

Also You may send me Your requests and offers about improvements and new calculations. I'll try to consider them in regular updatings.

The app has some useful tools:

1. Built-in calculator

2. Flashlight is a universal tool with quick access from the main screen of the application.

3. Compass - quick access from the main screen of the application.

4. Ruler - a universal ruler on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. This tool can be accurately calibrated for your smartphone and supports two modes of operation: measuring the length in one plane or in two at once. The ruler also supports measurement in millimeters and inches.

Small list of features:

1. Concrete value for foundation plate calculation.

Calculate concrete volume and load area by foundation. And also its cost.

2. Concrete value for strip foundation calculation.

Calculate concrete volume and load area for foundation. And also concretes cost.

Reinforcement steel calculator

3. Armatures weight by its quantity calculation.

4. Armatures quantity by its weight calculation.

5. Brick calculator.

Brick calculation - will calculate brick quantity for walls.

Calculate amount of bricks for building different size walls, number of brick lanes upright and load for foundation. Estimate rough cost of materials!

6. Block calculator

Calculate amount of gas-concrete, foam-concrete or another block for building different size walls. Estimate rough cost of materials!

7. Wall blocks parameters.

General information about building blocks

8. Insulant calculation for walls and foundation

9. Lumber calculator

Timber calculation for quick calculate value of different size lumber.

10. Fast earthwork calculator

11. Pavement calculation

12. Dalle (tile) calculation

13. Flooring calculation

14. Deal boards for surface calculation

15. Cylinder container (cask) volume

16. Rectangular container volume

17. Paint coverage rate for surface calculation

If You interested in paint amount required for fill walls, and also it raw cost, This calc would help Your!

18. Metal calculator - much calculations of metal weight for different standards

Metal calculator weight and price

Square tube weight

Square bar weight

Round bar weight

Metal pipe weight calculator

Tube metal

Angle metal

Channel calculator

19. Converters – list of Converters for variety of value

20. Volume of concrete

Use the rolled metal products calculations to enquire weight, volume and cost for targeted product

Use the feedback form to send me Your comment and offers about improvements and new calculations – It's your opportunity to promote the app :)

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-12 Developer:Will Maze

User Reviews


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AJ 2020-04-22

Very useful for someone who just got into building houses and needed something to help shortcut parts of the building process. It gives great general ideas and measurements to basic things done on a building site. Heck I even imagine using this for just a small project like a shed or maybe a driveway remodel.
Christopher Crobbe 2020-05-12

Fantastic product. I wish I had trusted what your app was saying vs a paid app. {2}2x6s later I blindly followed your dimensions and voila, perfect rafter. Thanks
Dwayne Johnson 2017-09-26

It doesn\'t have an imperial measurement its strictly metric,needs to include imperial units as an option
jesuraj stephen 2019-06-11

Poor app. Whenever request to calculate, it comes to home page.
Paul Pelton 2020-09-21

I use this app. all the time when I\'m on a jobsite or any time I\'m without my laptop and don\'t have the cal. and auto cad. Simple to use and gets the job done. What it does not have is a bunch of scin. cal. I don\'t use or need. True functions for construction type calculater.
deke rivers 2017-12-24

Menu doesn\'t work. Can\'t find relevant calculators
Adam German 2020-01-19

Getting to know!!! Impressive well thought into!!! Ideas for improvement will try thinking usefulness and I need to find projects to use it with!!! Thank you.
Sarah K 2019-07-26

My husband is a contractor and I usually help out. This app blew my husband and myself away. Wonderful work and Thank You for keeping this free! I recommend this to everyone I know and those on the fence about installing and using it. Awesome!!! 10 STARS!
PK No 1 2019-11-13

Good App.. But Please also add calculation in feet, inches option.
Stephen Storms 2020-05-27

Look like a great app but I could not find anywhere where you can convert to feet tons square feet etc this may be good for Europe but not for the US