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Description of Contacts

Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices

• Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud

• Access the contacts in your Google Account from any device

Keep your contacts organized and up to date

• View your contacts by account (e.g., work vs. personal)

• Easily add contacts and edit information like phone numbers, emails, and photos

• Get suggestions for adding new contacts, merging duplicates, and more

Contacts is currently only supported on devices running Android Marshmallow and above

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More Information Of Contacts

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-11-27 Developer:Google LLC

User Reviews


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Trump Won! 2020-12-10

When are you going to realize many people have more than one account on their phone and update and fix the \"contacts\" integration inside the phone dialer app? At least here in the \"contacts\" app you can switch between your multiple Google accounts. Yet in the phone app \"contacts\", it lumps all your multiple Google account contacts A-Z, including contacts with just email addresses (not very useful in a phone!). I DON\'T WANT MY WORK CONTACTS and EMAIL ADDRESSES IN MY PHONE DIALER CONTACTS!
Hamza Kazmi 2021-02-16

I saved a contact. After some time when I opened the contact list, there were four more contacts below it with the same name and phone number. When I tried to delete the other four copies of that contact, it says \"error while saving contact\", however I\'m not saving, I\'m deleting, and it didn\'t delete. This thing is happening to one more contact as well. So only two contacts have this problem right now and others are fine but this may happen to others also. So fix this.
Damien Austin 2020-12-15

Overall the app is good. I don\'t like how easy it is to mix up two different Google accounts contacts due to syncing being on by default. It managed to make a nice mess of my contacts. I also dislike how the contacts app and the phone / dialer app don\'t talk to each other properly. The phone dialer has its own set of contacts while the contacts app has another one. If you\'re going to combine features in an app, at least make it so that each part gives you all of the options.
Christopher G 2020-10-09

I love using this app for contact back up only thing is I just got a new phone and added a new contact to device. The app didn\'t back it up automatically so I had to add it manually. When I assigned a number to speed dial my phone shows multiple numbers for the same person. Most of which were the samw number. I\'d love for the app to tell me if there are miultiple numbers for contacts on my phone and have the app merge the contacts on my phone.
Alex Vinyar 2020-12-21

Quit breaking fundamental apps. This is getting absurd. \"Contacts\" app doesn\'t load and crashes in a Google pixel 3. There should never be a situation where I can\'t get my contacts\' info. A fundamental app hangs and crashes. Made by google, and on a google phone. What is going on? How is this acceptable in any way shape or form? ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
Tuula Rebhahn 2020-10-29

Syncing works fine for me. However I\'m annoyed that I can\'t view a contact\'s details beyond name and photo without using the \"edit\" function. I can\'t be the only person out there who occasionally needs to look at a contact\'s mailing address. To do this from the contact detail screen you must use the \"edit\" button. So weird.
Wesley Shanks 2020-10-10

I\'ve been using Google Contacts on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Contacts just disappear! Where are they going? This problem Google, has been ongoing now for awhile. The same with Google Mesaages. Problems with messages not sending unless you go into Messages to turn Chat off. What the heck?? Who is ruining these Google Apps?? My Pixelbook with Google Contacts as defult, the same contact as on my Samsung, just disappears...
Sankar Choudhury 2020-11-25

All the features of this app are really helpful. I have a suggestion. It would be great if all the numbers of a contact having multiple contact numbers can been in the dialing screen while searching for a name and number through dial pad.. Also, the contact cards are sent through MMS for which most of the times it can\'t be sent at all. I hope if the contact cards could be sent as SMS.
Benjamin Allred 2021-02-11

Works great if the only account you want to sync is your Google account. Trying to link your contacts across multiple accounts (e.g. Google, Duo, and Outlook) is an absolute nightmare, and will almost certainly result in duplicate contacts that cannot be merged. Also, what is the purpose of the \"File as\" field, since it has no effect whatsoever within the app?
Mor Mir 2021-01-26

Working with this app is so difficult. Default number, Merging contact and ... is not working properly. When someone is calling I can\'t eliminate it from the screen and when using a power button or other, it\'s coming to screen again. Please make interface and facilities like as Samsung which is so easy to work.