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Description of CONTOUR DIABETES app (US)

The new CONTOUR™DIABETES app syncs with a CONTOUR connected meter for seamless blood glucose (BG) monitoring. This easy-to-use app can give you a better understanding of how your daily activities affect your BG results to help you manage your diabetes.

In addition to using the Contour®Diabetes App, always consult with your Health Care Professional before making any changes to your diet, exercise or treatment regimen.

Most people with diabetes know that logging blood glucose (BG) results after taking blood samples can be inconvenient and time-consuming. But now, with the new CONTOUR DIABETES app, you can easily and conveniently capture all your BG readings to help you manage your diabetes, smarter.

The CONTOUR®DIABETES app presents your BG results in a simple and easy-to-review way that’s personalized to you.

Download the CONTOUR®DIABETES app today, so you can receive meaningful information on how you are progressing, with some of the latest easy-to-use features…

• My Patterns – helps you identify trends in your blood glucose results and notifies you of potential causes to help you understand your diabetes in a new light

• Test Reminder Plans – let you optimize your testing regime to give you results that are more insightful

• Record – events such as diet, activities and medication, and also add photos, notes or voice memos to help put your results in context

• View – if you use insulin and/or log your carbs, you can now see your insulin doses, carb intakes and blood glucose results in one simple view

• Share – give your healthcare professional greater insight with the easy-to-read diary report – send this report in advance or take it with you on the day of your appointment

Learn more about the new CONTOUR DIABETES app and CONTOUR connected meters at:



Note: Screenshots are for illustration purposes. Availability of blood glucose meter model based on country of purchase. Units of measurement in the app will match that of your synced meter. For more information, please refer to the user guide for your CONTOUR connected meter.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.13.40 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Ascensia Diabetes Care

User Reviews


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Ronald Joseph 2019-10-17

I personally didn\'t have any trouble with this app. Works great! Installing and setting up an account was fast and easy. The reader synced up with my cell and all my readings went straight to the app. App has some handy features and it\'s straight forward. I like it. No complaints. . I like it.
Ken Harrigan 2020-03-15

Update 2: I now use the Samsung Note 9. For the past 8 months or so the app has been doing all right. BG readings were all saved and reports provided excellent information for my doctor. Since I would have to surrender my phone for doctor\'s office to download readings I produce and print the reports. Everything has worked well. That said, just recently the app doesn\'t seem to save info I enter and I am forced to repeat all inputs a second time. It works the second time and data is saved.
Steven tucker 2020-12-08

This is so much easier than writing down my test results. I can even set it to remind me to test. I used to forget but now I have the app set to gently remind me at different times of the day. It graphs my results, averages them for me, and puts them in a format I can just hand my phone to my doctor and he can instantly get my info without me trying to remember anything. I would definitely recommend this app and the Contour glucometer for anyone needing a new machine.
Andrew Fort 2019-08-25

App: clunky, but \"works\". Every thing else is terrible! GPS *required* to pair the meter and you must \"create an account\" and send all data to the developer, and if you disable GPS, the app stops working with your meter after 30 days! Awful business practices - I will never use your products and strips again. Nice hardware, awful company. It\'s our illness and our data, please understand this. Ask nicely - dont demand. The developer\'s response conveniently ignored all of their responsibility. smh
Lisa Cook 2019-06-20

I can no longer sync my meter to the app. When are you going to fix the in compatibility of your app to my phone\'s operating system? Redoing my whole phone to work with your app is not an option. 3/5/19 You have had months and months to fix this problem. I am still unable to connect my phone to your meter. What\'s the point of having a Bluetooth meter if it can\'t work. 6/19 I still cant connect my device to my phone via bluetooth.
Capt Trips 2019-07-26

Much better after last update. Still an occasional freeze up, but it has been much more reliable. I rely on this app for tracking purposes, so I\'m glad to see it\'s being fixed.
Matt Maux 2019-11-06

Works okay but has some significant bugs they need to fix. No way to even report bugs in the app. The dashboard will refresh to a previous date seconds after loading it and not show all the latest entries. Also Daylight Saving Times changed and it Miss recorded a bunch of data when it synced with the device. Now a few seconds after it loads it refreshes and doesn\'t show anything after November 1st. Please fix your bugs people depend on your app for their health.
Cheryl Warren 2020-10-17

After updating this morning, the Contour app refuses to open. Come on!! This is not like a gaming app. This app helps me stay healthy. Do you plan on fixing the glitch??? Edit: I called the number provided. Nothing was resolved. The app was working beautifully for several years. It stopped working October 14 at 8am when the app updated on its own. Glitch!!!! Come on programmers. Time to fix your mistakes!!!!
Nick Evans 2020-07-08

Good, but needs more improvement. I wish there was a way to delete medications from the list that I no longer take. I would like to be able to edit my A1C, I entered the wrong number, now its permanent. Syncing is impossible....I use it on 2 devices and it seems to never sync. Would like a web login to see and print reports. Lastly, reports are a bit blurry. So, yeah, needs improvement
Bill Wilson 2019-04-17

The app is basically OK. It records and displays the data from the meter but not much beyond that. One of the biggest issues with health data management today is open interoperability. This app has NONE. I should be able to export or share my data with other apps such as Google Fit or my my Dr\'s EHR system. The API\'s are available for doing this. I really like the device, the app, not so much.