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Description of Conversation Translator

A language translator for conversations with foreign people.

An interpreter for dialogues with local people.

• Easy communicate with foreigners.

• Ask questions in other languages.

• For travel , vacations or business trips.

• 100+ languages

• Translate words or phrases

• Translate your voice

• Hear the translation (Text to speech)

• Send Voice as MP3 (Long click on bubbles)

• Fast and easy

• Voice recognition (Speech to text)

• Nice graphics

*** It needs an internet connection

*** Some languages do not have speech

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More Information Of Conversation Translator

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.41 Publish Date:2021-12-19 Developer:NyxCore

User Reviews


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P.P. H 2019-06-27

I have been using Conversation Translator for a while now, it is very useful with different languages, I wish they have offline, it would be much better, i would definitely recommended to everyone. Thank you to the developer xxx.
Russell Sky 2018-09-25

Was a great app, now won\'t let me use it unless I a free to allow them to Taylor marketing adds to me and allow use of my google data. Uninstalled, never to return.
Pam Maki 2017-04-06

The best translation app I have found so far. Great for communicating with my friends (and is the most accurate as far as conversation) and I like how I can type the phrase(es) in correctly in English and the program will automatically convert it to the correct format in the language I\'m trying to translate into. Then I can see and listen to the correct way it is supposed to look and sound like. It makes it easy for my friends to understand me..
Fayt N 2019-11-25

Really needs to have an option to remove ads, it\'s annoying and time wasting when we\'re backed up and I\'m trying to explain a special order to the kitchen and full screen ads keep popping up while we\'re trying to understand each other. And OF COURSE you HAVE to be connected to the internet to use it so airplane mode is ineffective. As for its main function it works pretty well, but I would gladly pay to have an ad free version to save time in a fast paced kitchen.
Tim McCormick 2019-11-28

It\'s very good at translation - in multiple languages. I did find that the voice translation is a bit finicky, so sometimes you have to speak what you need translated more than once. Both I, and my new international acquaintance had this happen. But, overall, it worked quite well and we were both able to speak in our own language at speed and have it translate fairly well.
A Google user 2019-01-29

Disappointed . The Portuguese translation is in Portuguese from Brazil , yet the flag is the Portuguese flag. Waste of time.
Dee Burgess 2020-05-24

Best translator app I\'ve tried - simple, fast & accurate. Type or talk is great for any situation & no big pop-up ads (just small inobtrusive banner ads @ bottom). Only 1 suggestion - it would be better if you could extend pause time just a bit during voice recording so it doesn\'t stop automatically too soon? Thanks for a great app!
Jennifer Lorea 2019-05-13

very helpful and easy to use. my daughters father passed away in September, his family is from Puerto Rico and communication was a challenge prior to finding this app. Its been a God send.
T. S. 2020-06-30

Visually appealing. Intuitive to use. multiple choice of languages to translate. Generally unobtrusive adverts. Type or speak translations. Not crashed once since I began using it. No permissions sought according to when I checked. Can\'t praise it enough. If I could add 1 thing it would be to touch 1 word of a translated text and then get more info on that word.
Tep Sothy 2019-01-02

Since I have used this App, I see its translation is proper. One problem is that it doesn\'t have any Pinyin because just the sound is not sufficient.