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Description of ConvertPad - Unit Converter

ConvertPad is the most powerful and fully featured Unit converter, Currency converter and Calculator. It's a simple but the most powerful unit converter. ConvertPad is intuitive and easy to use. Features fast, real time currency and unit conversion in a clean interface.


* Universal Unit converter and Calculator

. Real-time Conversion and Calculator

. Unit Comparison Table

. Direct Arithmetic Calculation

. Country-Specific Units

. Wikipedia Search for additional Unit information

* Currency conversions

. Option for selecting favorite exchange rate

. Support 160+ Currencies

* Multiple languages support

. Supports 25 languages.

. Supports 2 preferences as primary & secondary languages.

* Customizing feature for Favorite Units

. Favorite Categories and Units

. Various Sorting option

* User-defined Categories and Units

. User-defined units in built-in categories

. User's own categories and units

. Formula(functional form) support for user-defined units.

* Various Setting option

. Various Color Themes

. Backup/Restore User-defined Units on SD Card

* Steam tables

. Thermodynamic Steam tables


** Permission for "Internet access" and "R/W access on external storage" are for Update Currency and Backup user-defined units on SD Card respectively.

** Please leave your comments on market. it will ENCOURAGE the developer to continue his effort.

Older version:

v 2.7

Voice Searching

Text(Keyword) Searching

Reported translation errors fixed.

v 2.6

New languages(Hindi, Romanian) added.

Various translation errors fixed.

App Loading speed improved.

Minor bug fixed.

v 2.5

* New features

  New language(Hebrew) added.

  Searching Icon(Wikipedia) changed.

  Separate Input for Stone/Pound added.

v 2.4

Separate Input for Feet/Inches & Pounds/Ounces.

Tablet size support.

UI for Calculator improved.

v 2.3

Wiki Searching for Unit information

Circle/Sphere unit

User interface on Setting & Favorites options

v. 2.2

Currency rate update (after the format changed from one of the providers).

Number/period input issue on User-defined units

User interface on Calculator

Memorizing cursor location on each category

(Conversion Table)


Shoe/Clothing/Ring Size


v. 2.1

* Option for various Color themes

* Formula type(functional-form) input for user-defined units.(ex: 2*x+5)

* Reference unit option for user-defined units.

* Text size optimization for various devices.

* Memorizing feature on Calculator (Click on input field)

* ASME Steam tables (Thermodynamics)

* New language(Turkish)

* Minor bugs fixed.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.2.17 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:MathPad

User Reviews


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T Smith 2015-07-12

Converter Pad Decimals do not work on imperial measurements. It should not show 1.5 feet - it should read 1 feet 6 inches. Similarly 2.25 lb should be displayed as 2lb 4oz. This should be implemented then the app would be practically perfect
A Google user 2015-09-12

new update have slowed it down, tons of ads Amount of ads have increased which has slowed down app. Even cheetah mobile cleaner confirms this. I lost my respect for Dev. I dun have seen such a Best conveter!! I dun feel any hesitation in giving dis app 5 star because dis apps & makers well deserve it in past but now giving 3 stars to it .. 😀
MitchMoe 2015-10-17

Convert anything Working with PLC\'s converting decimal to binary to octal to hexadecimal is never been easier.... Thinking of traveling abroad? Currency converter is indispensable. If you are in engineering you\'ll love this app.... Great job guys!
A Google user 2015-07-01

Currency Exchange? What happened? This is a huge utility app that can convert practically any unit into any other obscure unit you can think of. Amazing. But since the last update the currency exchange function has completely sunk. No selectable units, and crashes every time you try. PLEASE FIX THIS! It\'s one of the best features on the app!
d norm 2019-06-22

p Previously .. What happened to the force measurements? Tried to find Newtons it\'s not there! ..... after an informative update .. thanks guys .. been using this app for ages Now .. the keypad to enter your quantity is massive to the point of being unusable. for those that still want to use the app, rotate your screen then try. it\'s a glitch I hope they sort out, but rotating your screen seems to work.
Ruquay Calloway 2020-04-27

UPDATE: because the developer has responded here, I have added a couple stars. I can understand that difficulties with Google could have contributed to the problem. Still, there was no way to convert the previously paid app to the newer version. The developers removed the paid version, \"ConvertPad Plus\", and added another app, \"CvPad+\", which is the exact same thing. This app, with ads, was not removed from the Play Store. Although the cost is modest, why would the developers remove a version that customers had paid for, only to put it back up in new clothing, thus requiring another purchase? I contacted the developers about this fact, providing order numbers, date of purchase, etc. They have not responded. Before installing this app, ask yourself if you want to support a company that removes its app (without any refunds), and then asks you to pay again for what you\'ve already paid for. Ask yourself if you\'d like to do business with someone who also ignores their paying customers.
Devon Rohlf 2015-07-08

Great, except when it isnt This app now has a lot of browser hijacking ads. When you use this app, you\'re treated to banner ads, which are fine and understandable, but also ads that open your browser randomly and force you into the Play store. It is as annoying as hell. Uninstalling!
A Google user 2014-10-21

. Good update, nice new features
Ben Bennink 2017-08-07

I have had this app on my phones for many years and I have found it to be one of my most used apps to the point were I have placed the icon for it on my home screen for quick access, as I seem to use it if not always on a daily basis, I pretty much use it on a weekly basis. It does have adds but for the most part they are fairly inatrusive in a small window at the bottom. This is one of the 1st apps I load everytime I replace my cell phone.
A Google user 2015-06-07

All smartphones should include basic tools like this. Does what it says... (update) and still awesome! Speaks volumes when a developer doesn\'t have to release an update every week and needlessly change the U.I. just to make it seem like they\'re doing something to improve their unfinished, untested beta release. Nice work, Sunny Moon. Every other developer should take a page from your book.