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Description of Cookie Jam™ Match 3 Games

Join over 100 million people who are playing Cookie Jam: Match 3 games! ​​Cookie Jam is filled with thousands of fun puzzles and challenging matching games! Match three cookies & candy in order to clear the board and solve puzzles! Cookie Jam match 3 games are free to play - download and play exciting puzzle games today!

Cookie matching is reimagined in these sugary puzzle games!

Welcome to Cookie Jam: Match 3 Games - matching games filled with tasty cookie and candy match games. Blast through dessert-themed islands in puzzle matching games and help Chef Panda crush cookies before they crumble in Cookie Jam. Play thousands of match 3 games for free, with new puzzles every week so you never run out of challenging matching games to play!

Match, connect, swap, and crush lines in colorful match games - challenge yourself to beat all of the puzzle games! We have thousands of puzzles to enjoy! All match games come jam-packed with cookie matching fun and candy puzzle thrills! Swap, match, and crush cookies to progress to the next level. Challenge yourself as you play match games to think quickly and strategically to clear rows, columns, and entire boards of rainbow-colored sweet treats in match 3 games!

It’s time to put your match three puzzle skills to the test! Chef Panda has an order to fill and you can help. Match three or more treats to fill orders and progress through levels in these relaxing puzzles. Match 5 treats to wipe the board clean with a powerful cake crush booster. Discover countless new levels and collect awesome boosters in this match three puzzle online.

Cookie Jam Match 3 Games:

🍪 Free to play cookie matching games for everyone - fun puzzle games to keep you entertained for hours!

🍪 Progress through 6,000+ unique and challenging levels, with new ones added weekly

🍪 Solve fun matching games and challenge yourself to put your puzzle skills to the test!

🍪 Achieve high scores by creating explosive cookie matches with powerful boosters and power-ups!

🍪 Climb the match 3 games leaderboard as you swap, crush, and jam your way through fantastical bakery themed islands

🍪 Collect cute pets as you progress through match 3 puzzle games. Activate their special powers to break layers of chocolate, collect tasty waffles, and more as you play through challenging levels in match games.

🍪 Earn rewards and sweet prizes with limited-time events in match games. Spin the wheel to claim your free daily reward and progress through puzzle games quicker.

🍪 Connect to Facebook to seamlessly sync across multiple devices and challenge friends to fun matching games!

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/PlayCookieJam

FOLLOW: @playcookiejam

DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match 3 games and puzzle games! You'll love to swap, match, and crunch through ever-expanding levels and events. Check back often to see all the new sweet treats that we've added! You'll love to crush through each sweet puzzle. Begin your bakery adventure on free match games today!

COOKIE JAM, the COOKIE JAM logo, the Rainbow Cake Design, the COOKIE JAM characters, and related indicia are registered and/or unregistered trademarks and copyrights of Jam City, Inc. and may not be used without permission. © 2020, Jam City Inc. All rights reserved.

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More Information Of Cookie Jam™ Match 3 Games

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:12.02.104 Publish Date:2021-11-05 Developer:Jam City, Inc.

User Reviews


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cindy scott 2021-01-13

Jan 12, 2021 DO NOT UPDATE you will loose all your progress, lives, boosters etc.There are always updates and when you do them there are issues. I have lost all my progress etc. so upset. I will no longer be playing as I am not starting back at level 1. Why are there so many updates?
Ruth Turano 2020-10-04

What\'s up with the \"EndStreak\". Nothing ha been done with anyone\'s comments, so why should I fill out a form with more information. My complaints are similar. Not happy with the new upgrade. Everything is like in delayed reaction. In the past version as long as you played one game a day your streak continued. Now it appears if you don\'t play by a certain time you get charged point to continue the streak of lose it. You only get points very few and far between, so it always kicks you back!!!!!
Erik Parker 2021-01-01

Since my last review, I have to be honest I feel like if I don\'t have plenty of google play cash and buy the add ons to gain extra boosters and coins and Xtra spins and and unlimited lives that they offer in order to be able to dress up my pets or be able to buy airships etc.and The rest of the fun stuff/Kool stuff. It becomes super hard to try and earn the rewards. So I refuse to pay for stuff like that which I feel should be earned not bought and not as hard or almost impossible to earn.
Soroor Zahroh 2020-10-24

Unbelievable. I had 5 DAYS of unlimited turns and it suddenly deleted all my unlimited time and I\'m now on the normal 5 lives. You guys also gave me 24 hours of unlimited turns to apologize for technical difficulties and those were deleted too... So I guess you guys didn\'t actually fix your technical problems. Incentives are less rewarding too. Please just stop messing with the game. It doesn\'t need you guys to keep adjusting it. Just fix the glitches and stop trying to \"improve\" the activities
Laura Orimo 2020-12-29

I am changing my rating for Cookie Jam from 3 stars to 1 star. This was my favorite game until recently. It has become cost prohibitive, at least with the newer, more difficult games. I\'m finding that the newer games are designed to REQUIRE more than the allotted turns so to win, you HAVE TO buy more turns/boosters. Playing this game used to be a fun mix of skill and luck to win the difficult games. Now it simply requires more money. That\'s not fun. 👎
Sherry Kamradt 2020-11-18

This game is fun and addictive. Thats okay. What I really resent is having to pay for everything in order to keep moving. The game is manipulated so that you get frustrated enough to buy more coins. That is just wrong. Also, the ads on facebook never work. Never In addition,I play every day and the daily reward always says I missed a day and wants me to pay or start over at 1. Very annnoying, the greed
Scarlet Faust 2020-10-04

Started out loving this game. I know at higher levels the puzzles should be harder, however, they should not be impossible. Inventors of game are trying to force people to spend money on game. Most play for the free part as they cannot afford to spend money. At this point I may have to stop playing. Been stuck too long.
Mia Maiello 2020-11-14

Love the game, but I may stop very soon. I became disabled 4 years ago. This game helps me with severe depression since I am not able to work anymore. I spend a lot of money on this game and when I pay for hours of playing, many times it is taken away from me. So I am going to find a new game soon.
Jennifer Metz 2021-03-05

Cookie walk keeps disappearing even after it says there\'s 17 hours left to play. I cleared my cache so that\'s not the problem. Please fix the issue because it happens almost every time cookie walk is available
Paula Sikora 2020-12-01

There are no words to describe how much fun this game is. I am totally addicted. Just when I tell myself to call it quits I can\'t resist \"please try again\" in that French accent so I play more....and I just keep on playing until my inner self says \"fini\"...then I quit.