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🏆Winner of the 2020 GOOGLE INDIE GAMES FESTIVAL! 🏆

Play a new game from the creators of Dragon Hills and Daddy Was A Thief!

Jack is a super-secret agent with special powers implanted in his body by government scientists! He has to stop a group of evil, mutated cookies and their powerful bosses before they reduce his city to rubble!

Hurry! Grab the best weapon and sling onto the battlefield! Start an intense and exciting war. Crush your enemies, survive the attacks, defeat huge bosses with your smart movements and skills.

Deadly jellies, angry cookies, threatening chocolates and many more sweet but dangerous characters are waiting here!


● A fast-paced, platform-based shooter game of epic action

● Easy-to-play but hard-to-master gameplay (just swipe to jump or run)

● The slow-motion effect to shoot with extreme precision and feel like you’re in the Matrix.

● Epic boss battles

● Upgradeable weapons, characters and explosive power-ups available for unlocking

● Achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends

● An incredibly addictive game with tons of surprising moments.

Remember! Cookies must die … even the sweetest ones.


Rebel Twins, is the developer behind great games like: Daddy Was A Thief, Dragon Hills, Dragon Hills 2, Aliens Drive Me Crazy, Crumble Zone.


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More Information Of Cookies Must Die

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.0.3 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Rebel Twins

User Reviews


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carlbrent liedeman 2020-03-10

Best game ever!!!, i like the concept and the action play, i love everything about it but i ask the developers to not stop at this point, develop the game more, more chapters, challenges, areas, freeplay, different worlds, characters etc, because this game can become bigger than it is just keep on coming up with new ideas and developing the game. Great work guys keep it up.
Ashutosh Patidar 2021-01-08

Overall the game is engaging. I like the graphics and music as well. There are a few bugs I suppose that I\'m experiencing. First of all, for claiming anything, it takes a very long time for the claim button(direct or video based) to appear. It just keeps on buffering/loading. Secondly, for the reward with an ETA, I\'ve noticed that sometimes when you close and open the app after a long period(few hours), the clock still rolls either with the same time or increased ETA! Please look into it.
Chris Jones 2020-12-21

Great fun. Amazing and funny graphics and characters. It\'s hilarious that the things that happen in the game kind of make no sense, but at the same time it all TOTALLY makes sense. And I love my little guy\'s baddass car that he dramatically enters and exits every scene in. Keep up the great work, looking forward to some cool updates.
Isaac Connor 2020-04-01

Brilliant idea. Decent execution. The pauses between levels are just a couple of seconds too long. It sounds nitpicky, but it really gets on my nerves now. I should be able to see the range of a weapon before I buy it, if nothing else. A single bullet takes 250 damage off my health, which is now at 750 after upgrading it. That means I can only survive 3 hits before dying. If I get hit on average once every 2 levels, I\'ll go into the boss fight with 250 health, which is basically an instant loss.
last seen 2020-12-19

Nice game, had fun playing it... But the reason why I gave it 4 star only is because when you get skills like freeze, rocket kick and ammo for the guns, your character would just use all of it up for those small cookies while you could instead use it for the Boss and stronger enemies... Please change it so that when we get the skills, the skills would be placed at some inventory on the top then when we really need it then we could choose the skills we want... Anyway its a nice game! Love it! 👍
Seb Denajeba 2020-10-19

As a new user, I like how we can just unleash chaos in the game. Graphics is great, Gameplay is good. It\'s just that the cursor sensitivity is high. Guys could you make it adjustable in your next update? I think that it will be more flexible to every player. Great offline game though!! 👍 👍
Kevin Cronk 2020-06-17

I will still rate 5 out of 5 because this game is still so fun, but upgrades just feel totally out of place here. Unlocks, I could understand but upgrades just feel weird with a game like this. Also, I somewhat dislike the guns at all but I definitely think you should at least be able to manually use them instead of automatically. Also, the main reason I am still rating 5 is just because the music that plays when you are actually playing is just so good.
NoName 2020-04-14

The game was fun and challenging. The graphics and characters are great. Somehow, the controls are hard to manage in targeting the enemies. Also, the chapter restarts once you leave the gameplay without beating the boss so basically, it doesn\'t save your gameplay progress in what stage you are. Overall, one of the best game app in my phone. Waiting for the next update.
Jeremy Edwards 2020-02-20

Great game. Good gameplay and original concept. Can keep you busy for hours. Only complaints are that there should be a tutorial or explanation on using the different abilities(power ups) when each is unlocked. Lastly, we should be able to replay previous chapters once they are passed so we can try to beat our scores with upgraded guns and abilities and/or maybe have 3 difficulty levels for each chapter to unlock. Would definitely add depth to the game and would keep players interested longer
Erick Wachira 2020-03-26

Man I just love to play this game, I appreciate your hardwork on this game. The controls are amazing, also I do not grind in the game in order to move to the next level. Although there is a set level path, just giving me the option of killing who I want. It also gives me the sense of progress in my tricks and more. Great game, thanks you guys