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Description of Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game

PREPARE 🔪, COOK 🕑and SERVE 🍕 delicious meals from all over the world 🌎 in Cooking Madness!

Become the master chef 👨‍🍳 you have always wanted to be! This year it’s this highly addictive time-management game that’ll bring you a better cooking experience!

Get yourself in a real cooking craze. Cook like you’re a MAD CHEF in Cooking Madness! Did the cooking fever caught on and you can’t get enough of 🍨 cooking games? Then this is THE cooking game for you! You’ll be serving delicious dishes 🍩 to hungry customers in amazing restaurants in a ⏩ FAST pace. No challenge that can’t be beaten by you.

Dash from restaurant to restaurant on this magical map. You will discover and unlock many places as you progress on your journey. 🌄 Get the restaurants back to business and attract more and more customers. Let the Cooking Madness begin!

Practice your cooking techniques and management skills 🍽. Tap as fast as you can while keeping your eye on the time. Making dishes have never been so much fun and exciting! Try all the possible kitchen appliances 🍳 to improve your cooking abilities. Upgrade dishes and kitchenware for a better gaming experience!

Love a little bit of a thrill in your cooking game? Keep up with the rush hours, become better at time management 🛎. This cooking game offers endless fun levels with challenging missions set up in each level to give you that special experience.

What more FUN things brings this game?

- Cook & Travel discover many different new restaurants 🍴

- Get Combos and Earn Huge Tips while showing off your cooking skills 💰

- Unlock New Restaurants by collecting enough key cards 🌮

- Upgrade your Kitchen and Level Up to become the famous Mad Chef! 💵

- Tap away in many fun levels 🍖

- Complete special missions and achievements to earn more🎁

- And keep an eye on many more updates to come! 🔥

Put that Chef Hat on and get cooking! Download for free today and join the Cooking Madness! ♥️

Follow us on the official fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/cookingmadness.chef

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.1.5 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:ZenLife Games Ltd

User Reviews


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Lucy S 2020-12-15

Every level is a variation of the same thing. Sometimes the topping is hard to see so you waste time if you miss it and it stalls the game. Some items are hard to reach messing up the rhythm of the game. But what I hate most is that like a previous post states. Some levels take forever to beat and if you don\'t have gems or other items, good luck beating it. I try to conserve my boosters and gems but even like that, I can\'t keep a good stock. I\'ve had issues with game freezing during play.
Joe B 2021-02-14

This would be 5 stars but I only give 1 star to games that use \"stamina\", I want to play now, not after a 25 minute cool down and I\'d rather not spend money to get extra stamina. Also, it\'s way too easy to accidentally double tap on a food item which causes it to be thrown away, which isn\'t the end of the world unless the level you\'re playing has the requirement of not throwing away food, then you have to use stamina to start the level over.. Besides all that, addictive game play.
Sharon Johnson 2021-01-24

This is the most money hungry game I\'ve played. Why even ask to upgrade when you\'re at max? What the heck good are boosters that dont boost? You still dont have enough customers or likes. Why not offer all the customers required to pass a level, once you \"paid for them\". What the heck is three going to do? (to get money). The helping hands, dont. It would be fun if it wasn\'t a HOT money gettin MESS!!!!!! Zen, lying through your teeth saying most people dont spend any money. Proof that?????
Gabriel Rodríguez 2021-02-14

I am more than 1,500 levels into the game now, so I think I have an idea about how it works. Here it is. The game is *really* fun to play. However, it will pull cheats on you nonstop. In the last update, they have discovered that they can just not spawn enough clients and you will have to pay (or watch adds) for extra ones. My call: just don\'t start playing. Less frustrating that way.
Meaghan Hallock 2020-12-01

A fun game??? Honestly what is a fun game when you could only get four levels without no problem and then spend the next month trying to get passed two levels! I don\'t know it seem lately you have to save your gems for two weeks or more. Watching the daily videos to get gems sometimes seems pointless!!! If every game you encounter that is so challenging to the point where it makes you have to buy or give 67 gems to continue, then becomes so frustrating to play the game!!! Is it worth it????
YeEet me to space 2020-12-19

No. Stop. I downloaded this game again after I uninstalled it years ago. At first it was fine, I like it and all but then it started annoying me. Why would you put a time limit then not give enough costumers (who are so slow that has a patience of a one year old)? I am so mad that I have to use a booster just to finish a game. The developer of this game is called ZENLIFE, but this game is not relaxing. How about you(the developers) make this game more ZEN(peaceful and relaxing).
Janet Zhang 2020-09-30

It\'s annoying to have to watch an ad after every game win or lose. Lately the ads have been freezing the app. Some of the ads don\'t even have exit buttons or the exit buttons are so tiny that you are redirected to the ad\'s install page. I wish it wasn\'t so easy to accidentally click on boosters as they are hard to earn/come by. It would also be nice to have more ways to spend the coins e.g. to buy boosters. I\'ve earned more coins than I can actually spend them.
Robin Bryant 2021-01-09

I like this game a lot. I don\'t like that as you advance, the number of gems that you collect, get smaller, while the need for more gems grows larger. I am frustrated at the rate at which the game locks up, or it takes a lot of presses to get an item to be \"plated\". That slows down progress and throws the whole game off. I could spend $100 a day on this game, and still not have enough gems to complete hard levels. Please fix the bugs, and give more gems, or more oppotunities to collect gems.
Debby Schodorf 2020-11-24

Totally am addicted to this game! Have spent some money but they do give you plenty of opportunities to watch ads to build up your coins to upgrade needed equipment to cook faster! The diamondss are what you need to purchase to get you through tough tough levels. Too bad you can\'t trade sone of your coins for these! I have just found if you buy the package for 14.99 ( Thanksgiving Day special) with lots of extras, will probably pay off in the run instead of 4.99 or 6.99 or 1.99 here and there!
Luis Perez 2020-11-22

Great fun. Got my first minute long unstoppable ad of my life. Didnt even think that was possible. I dont go in airplane mode as I like being able to support the few cents I can but wow I might reconsider. Edit: I must add that half of the minute long ad was a black screen with. Nothing. on. it. The game just feels like a high budget cash grab. A game with a lot of ads is understandable but ads that have the sole purpose of taking a minute of your time rather than the actual runtime, isnt.