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Description of Cool Goal! — Soccer game

Soccer for everyone! Show off your best kicks in Cool Goal, the action-packed football game that always hits the back of the net! Your task? Shoot and score! Dodge countless enemy players, curve your ball like a football superstar, and nail a perfect goal! Explore near-endless free football games in Cool Goal now!

To play, you need to define the angle of your soccer strike and ensure that you time it perfectly so that you don't hit any obstacles or opposing players. Sound simple? Think again! Enemy players are going to pull all kinds of crazy tricks! You're going to need lightning-fast reactions, logic skills, and serious football knowhow to come out on top of each penalty shootout.

You'll be able to hit the ball with ease, as you master the perfect soccer kick and turn the keeper's goal games around. You'll find it so simple you'll never want to play football any other way. Before you know it, you'll be able to score goals under any amount of pressure and even shoot a ball of fire so hard that nothing will be able to stop it! You're the striker, and nobody will get in your way as you kick balls and take names in awesome Cool Goal games.

As you progress through each level, you'll collect gold coins and keys which you'll use to unlock new skins and football heroes. With so much to explore compared to other free soccer games, you won't be running out of fresh soccer content any time soon.

Get new skins for your soccer ball, and dress like the stars so that when you land the ultimate soccer strike, you land it in style. Once you've unlocked three keys, you can choose to use them to open reward caches for even more soccer goodies. The more you put into Cool Goal, the more you'll get out of this jam-packed ball game that will send you across the world as you kick balls from beaches to snowcapped peaks!

If you love soccer and you've been on a football strike, this will bring you back to the beautiful game because this is more than 'just' football, this is more than your average soccer game, this is Cool Goal! Get ready to face a variety of football shootout challenges across thousands of levels that present different styles of penalty shots, ball games, and the occasional free kick.

So, have you got what it takes to land crazy soccer kicks and shoot balls across the world? Put on your soccer kicks because there's only one way to find out, it's Cool Goal time! Use your brain as well as your boot as you dodge obstacles to land the penalty kick of a lifetime.

Say goodbye to boring free soccer games and say hello to a whole world of entirely free ball games. Experience the joy of sport like never before, because this penalty shootout isn't like any other football game. Cool Goal is the soccer shootout of your dreams!

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.8.33 Publish Date:2021-09-23 Developer:Gismart

User Reviews


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yavin 343 2019-08-22

Such a lame game... a lot of people kept complaining about the ads and forgot the fact that there is only 20 levels... once you finish you start repeating the over and over again ! And don\'t get started with these ads ! OMG these ads... they pop out of nowhere evrey 15 seconds . To be clear ! Such a lazy company m they always have the same problems in there games
Christina Kaplan 2019-09-13

❤❤❤💝💟💖I LOVE IT!!!! But the only thig is yiu should add more coins in the game like 70 or 60 coins that would be nice but other wise when I first played it I was n love 5 STARS you will love it I rectmand geting this game
Iestyn Cherrington 2019-12-04

I was enjoying the game, however, there is a level (135 for me, perhaps different order for others) that seems to be broken. The screen is really zoomed in, you cannot see the guideline, I\'ve tried blindly shooting from every angle but I can never see the ball to infront, I just instantly fail. I had the same level before but was able to skip, this time however I\'ve got it as one of the last parts of the level as a whole which you\'re not able to skip.
Lucas Nagel 2019-09-29

This is a very good game. The quality is fine everything is fine. It is also helping me with my football career to be the next van dijk.
Gar Mac 2019-10-11

Riddled with crashes and bugs. Game keeps freezing at intervals playing on galaxy s10... Especially on the intermittent screen that offers a prize to unlock by watching an ad, won\'t let me select either option to progress, I have to force close game and restart. Also at times I just get the opening splash screen and game doesn\'t open,just continues to crash.
Brennan Jewell 2019-09-10

This game is the worst freaking game I\'ve ever played. The graphics are terrible the animation makes this game so hard that you can\'t even shoot the ball in the goal sometimes and this company is so lazy that they should try it themselves and see that the ads AR unbearable which makes the game so unenjoyable I definitely would not recommend this game for anybody unless you love commercials
Kayla Kazzee 2019-11-02

I couldn\'t beat level two I want to the left and aimed at the goal and then I kick it and then School so that was really fun I gave it a four Starry but I turned out I want a 5 star rating I just changed it to 5 Starry Night yeah it\'s fun but really hard Arkham girl heart I can do hard things I can do hard things yeah it\'s fun it\'s
Adam Sanchez 2019-12-25

Very cool game . I really joy killing time , while playing Cool Goal. Super , super game !
Domanick Goddard 2019-09-24

Purchased the game to remove the ads which are annoying as hell. Anytime you beat a level you have to watch an ad just to open your prize even after purchasing you still have to watch ads its ridiculous.
Gabriel Szem 2019-12-01

Its really good. the mechanics are nice and the feel of the game is wonderful. the only problem i have is that the graphics/models of people are overused and in every game now.