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Description of Coronation Street: Words & Design

Welcome to Coronation Street! It’s time for you to step onto the cobbles and help Ken Barlow, Bet Lynch and many of your favorite characters in this new crossword game, based on the popular drama, Coronation Street!

Help Ken give his old house a whole new look. Design it, decorate it and unearth buried treasures from Ken’s past.

Head to the Rovers Return Inn where you can help Bet renovate the world famous pub and restore it to its former glory after it’s consumed by yet another fire. Decide on the legendary pub’s new look, and get it up and running again so Bet can serve the thirsty locals.

In order to progress in the game you will need to solve entertaining and funny crossword puzzles. Beat and complete these crossword levels to unlock new chapters in the story. Discover secrets and the hidden mysteries of Coronation Street with some classic characters.

The game features all sorts of shenanigans:

• A new type of word game: Solve word puzzles to progress in the story!

• Interior design: Create your dream Coronation Street look and make those legendary sets your own.

• Exciting crosswords: This game really needs a true word puzzle master. Could that be you?

• Famous characters: Meet Ken Barlow, Bet Lynch and many more Coronation Street legends as you progress through the game!

• Discover secrets and mysteries: Discover and unlock new rooms and hidden areas in Coronation Street!

• Collect and find famous Coronation Street items as you design and build Ken’s new Memorabilia Room - the Kenorabilia Room!

It’s time to show off your decorating skills as you choose from a wide range of styles and design Ken’s house, the Rovers Return Inn and many more. By being in control of all of the design decisions, you’ll get to pick and choose many of the new items that go into the rooms, ensuring you have the final say on where Ken and Bet call home.

Once you’ve solved your first Coronation Street crossword puzzle, you’re on your way to helping Ken and Bet solve their problems while creating your very own dream Coronation Street look!

So what are you waiting for? Download the Coronation Street Game, it’s flamin’ belting!

Learn more about the game on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Coronation-Street-Words-Design-121988852736512/

Questions? Contact our support team by sending an email to support@qiiwi.com

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.0.16 Publish Date:2021-09-20 Developer:Qiiwi Games AB

User Reviews


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Norma Valentine 2021-01-02

I was enjoying this game, but the amount of stars you need to decorate is RIDICULOUS. Especially for simple decoration like pictures and plants. Come on guys...have a word with yourselves. I\'ve just tried to decorate a room. Its over 100 stars. Considering you get 1star per game, and you have to use 4 stars for something stupid like Samirs gold chain is madness. Also, there is FAR TO MUCH DIALOGUE.
Lia Parker 2020-12-24

This is a light-hearted, repetitive game which doesn\'t have much challenge. I like the shameless name drops of Corrie characters. Ads are annoying but aren\'t after every level. My main problem is the questionable dictionary - sometimes plurals are allowed, sometimes they aren\'t. Apparently \"has\" isn\'t a word. Getting back to the Street seems counter intuitive too, as it feels like you\'re quitting a word level. However it allows seamless play of the word levels.
Kara 2021-01-18

Overall a great game, I\'ve played on it so much that time has just flown by, I love it. However I\'ve gotten to the back room of the rovers and now it says \"More tasks to come soon\" which obviously is very annoying, surely the game would have been completed and published with all tasks there to do. Just hope I don\'t have to wait too long before there is something to do again, on the other hand you can still do the word scrabble part and get lots of stars.
Connie Haynes 2020-12-18

I gave it a two stars because these games need to give more boosters so players don\'t need to spend a lot of coins to buy them. The price to buy a booster is too expensive. Doesn\'t let the player enjoy the game. If your going to give coins for watching an add it should pay more otherwise a player spends most of their time watching ads to earn enough to buy boosters.
Michael Walker 2020-12-31

It\'s a good fun game to play glad you actually play with the proper characters from the show old and new, the only thing that stopped me from giving this game a 5 ⭐ rating is the annoying amount of adverts every time you go to solve a puzzle otherwise it\'s a good game if u could rectify this by having no ads without having to pay for it with real money would be a lot better keep up the good work lads
Se C 2021-01-16

It has a certain charm and I like the puzzles but it really drags on!. You have to play so many games for each tiny thing and when doing up the toilets in the Rovers return it\'s at such a strange angle you can hardly see anything. Some of the things they ask you to add are just ridiculous and it feels like it will never end. Overall its fun and the dialogue is witty. I would say good effort to those involved.
Tracie laing 2021-02-17

Far too long to wait until you can get more tasks. Surely this game should have been more or less in a completed state before it went live. Would have been easier and better for everyone including task team. I agree some items require a ridiculous amount of stars and games are repetitive. I presume this is to let task team have longer to do their work. I\'m beginning to think that the uninstall button will be getting pushed soon...
M T 2021-01-05

Good game but you need a ridiculous amount of stars to complete the tasks, you only get 1 star for completing the word game, should either get more stars for that or cut down on the amount of stars you need to complete the tasks. Also have come to a stop as its saying more tasks coming soon, how long have we got to wait.
Berserkirk 2020-12-26

Meh. You only need to play this if you\'re a fan, and even then you\'ll probably stop after a few minutes. There\'s loads of ads, the gameplay is simple word search, the graphics are completely blown out and pixelated, and animations are janky. The only reason I\'m playing is because I\'m a fan of the show and I want to see the characters\' flats.
Jamie Cockshott 2021-01-02

Good game but needs updating. Loading times needs sorting plus even when I am connected to my own WiFi the game occasionally says \"this game needs an internet connection to continue\" Restart? This keeps happening even though like I said I am connected to my home WiFi,& before you blame my WiFi,it isn\'t that because everything else that needs a connection works. If you want the extra 2 stars then fix these issues please.