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Description of Couples Therapy - Chat with a Licensed Therapist

Are you experiencing problems in your relationship?

Having trouble communicating with your partner as you once did?

Although in love, you can't seem to find the joy and happiness in your connection?

You shouldn't give up on love! Many couples experience these kinds of obstacles throughout their relationship and find themselves in need of guidance from a licensed professional therapist.

That's where the 💖 Couples Therapy app comes into play, making couples counseling accessible for all that feel the need for it. We provide easy and affordable access to an experienced marriage counselor, compassionate couples therapist and other licensed professional counselors.

Simply install the 💖 Couples Therapy app and start making your connection with your partner whole again:

• Over 500 online counseling relationship specialists for you and your spouse to personally chat with at your convenience

• 24/7 availability thanks to a worldwide network of online therapy experts

• Save money on conventional therapy with a much lower rate, starting from a fixed rate for a continuous monthly couples' therapy beginning at only $40 a week with financial aid

• Enjoy therapy at home on your laptop or mobile phone. You too can have counseling near you at all times

• Start your first counseling psychology session now. Make an immediate therapy appointment with an available behavioral therapy specialist

• All the advanced methods of communication with your couples and marriage counseling professional:

💖 Live chat - chat online

💖 Video session via the couples therapy cast - just like an office appointment without the bother of actually having to drive there…

💖 Advanced messaging - in accordance with the best messenger technologies currently available

💖 Voice chat - convenient VOIP sessions for marriage counseling, family counseling, counseling psychology and more

The 💖 Couples Therapy app makes it easy for you to get help for your relationship and make it bloom again. We offer various expertise spanning from couples counseling to psychotherapy as needed. Your love life is the most important thing to us and we vat each and every expert ourselves to make sure you receive the care you deserve.

You can rely on the confidentiality of our platform and the security it provides. We work only with the best secured encryption companies so you get the highest end to end anonymity every step of the way.

Download the 💖 Couples Therapy app so you too can build stronger foundations for your relationship. Make the most of your couple's love with the help of a licensed therapist's help.

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User Reviews


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Noah Logan 2020-12-16

My wife is always too busy for me - im always in second place for her. Talking to her about it used to help for a couple of weeks but she would always go back to making me her lowest priority... Talking to a couples therapist on this app is the only solution we\'ve had so far that\'s sticking. I feel like she cares about me again (just a couple of months since we started therapy) and most importantly i finally get why she does what she does
David Wells 2021-02-19

I never believed in relationship counselling or therapy until this app came a long. I was going through a rough patch with my long distance relationship and a friend casually suggested it to me one day. I did not expect much when I tried it but now I have total and complete faith in therapy and in this app. It saved my relationship and we are about to get married next fall.👰💘😘
Baughan Gabriel 2021-03-15

My marriage was in rocks and I was completely helpless. My wife of 7 years had become a stranger to me and as much as I wanted things changed.I did not know how to do it. This couples therapy app has been great. With its great advice from the best therapists, we have now become closer again. Many thanks to couples therapy for healing my marriage.
Edi loshi 2021-01-04

I never guessed how much could be worked out simply by communicating with one\'s partner
Deepak Kadam 2021-02-24

This app really helps. I thought it would just like other apps, but app really does what it meant to do. Devs can improve on app speed though.
Kar Brickner 2021-02-18

Therapy is not easy or affordable but this app makes it both easy,affordable and fun. I totally recommend using this app and be prepared to be suurprised as it weaves its mgic and tightens the folds and torn fibres of your relationship to make the bond between the two stronger and inseperable. It offers 24/ 7 chat support and daily tips.You have gotta give this app a shot, or regret for a lifetime.
Diane A Hammett 2021-02-21

Do not waste your money on expensive therapists and counselling sessions. Try this couples therapy app. It works well!
Jodie Hammond 2021-01-05

Seriously, get this app ASAP and get a healthier relationship.
Vincenzo Goodwin 2021-03-16

A very user friendly and useful app. If you\'re having relationship troubles, just use this app and be amazed with the speedy results👌