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Join the millions of shoppers who use the Coupons.com app to shop and save easily at the grocery store.

Save $100s with free grocery cash back offers and digital coupons at your favorite stores like Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Walmart, Costco and Dollar General. Access 100s of cash back offers on the brands you love, making saving money on your groceries effortless. Best of all, you can manage all your grocery shopping and savings right from your phone, in one single app, without needing a printer or multiple store apps. This the only grocery saving app you need.

What are cash back offers? They’re like coupons you can use to save on your grocery purchases, but you get your savings in the form of real money after your make your purchase. For example, if you see an offer you’d like to use on Wholly Guacamole, you simply tap the offer in your app, buy the item at any store that offers itemized receipts, then send us a photo of your receipt through the app. You can also link a store loyalty card once, then get automatic cash back without submitting receipts for that particular store. Once your purchase is verified, you get cash back in your PayPal account—it’s that easy!

You can use cash back offers to save on food, baby and toddler items, pet food, medicine and personal care. We have cash back offers from all your favorite brands like Tide, Bounty, Cheerios, Kraft, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Campbell’s, Dole, Betty Crocker, M&M’s, Perdue, Crest, Pantene and more.

Here’s how it works:

1) After you download the free app, sign in to your Coupons.com account (or sign up if you’re new—it’s quick and easy).

2) Next, browse through 100s of free cash back offers and activate them (which will add them to My List in the app) with just a tap.

3) Once you’ve selected the offers you want to use, choose where you want to shop. Our cash back offers are redeemable at ANY store that provides itemized receipts—you can even use them for online purchase for curbside pickup and delivery.

4) After you’ve purchased your items, simply send us photos of your receipts, we’ll verify your purchase, then put cash into your PayPal account as soon as possible. If you bought items at a store where you linked your loyalty card (e.g. Safeway), no need to send us a receipt—we’ll process your offers and put your cash in PayPal automatically. The best part: You won’t have to wait to reach a minimum amount in order to get your money.

What you’ll love:

• Easily earn cash back on purchases for your favorite brands with offers that are added daily. Plus, watch for Coupons.com-exclusive offers that you can redeem for free items like bananas, coffee, or potatoes.

• Add all your store loyalty cards to just one app! No need to juggle several cards or accounts. Once you link them to your Coupons.com app, you can use our cash back offers at any of those stores and get real money back without having to submit receipts.

• Put away your scissors and never worry about forgetting to carry your coupons to the store. All your grocery savings will be in your app, making the shopping and saving process easier and more organized for you. However, don’t fret: If you still prefer to print your coupons, you can do so by visiting our printable coupon gallery at www.coupons.com.

If you’re looking for grocery savings at stores like Target, Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, Winn-Dixie, Meijer, Food Lion and more, the Coupons.com app is the one-stop shop for all your grocery savings.

Having trouble? Contact our friendly support team and we'll get you back to saving in a snap: AppleApp-Support@coupons.com

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User Reviews


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Insert name here 2019-04-18

I pick/clip the coupons of things I think I\'ll buy, some \"maybe\" items just in case, bc u have to clip the coupons before u buy. I like that u get the $ right away & don\'t have to wait until you get to $20 to cash out, like with Ibotta & Checkout 51 apps. I do wish they included HEB on their store list, though. It\'s a very popular grocery store chain in the south.
Teri Baker 2019-09-15

Great app to use for finding coupons to attach to the store accounts I shop at most for the best deals, plus also print coupons for extra savings. It does seem as though it\'s always pretty much the same coupons for the same products over and over again which is fine, but I would really appreciate to find coupons for more food items other than the same ones month after month, mix it up a bit. Overall a great app to use!
deb du fafa 2019-05-13

APPALLINGLY AWFUL. everything about this has been a terrible experience. nonstop notifications. rejects my official digital receipts, then forces me to find a printer, print them out and take a picture, which is somehow impossible to do clearly with my new phone through the app. claims to have coupons, but then they suddenly can\'t be found moments later. made shopping SO much more stressful than it already is. I\'m so upset that I wasted so much time with this trash. life is hard enough already.
Knick Knacks & Things llc 2020-12-06

The app was better before the last update (in my opinion) I loved the fact that I used to be able to click on a certain store and deal with that store only, multi loyalty programs in one, now I have to search and do all these other things to find what I need. It is easier to install that stores app now than to deal with this app. At this point I have to uninstall this and download multiple ones for what this one USED to do. It\'s a shame this was my favorite app for years! 🥺😩😢
Jean Locke 2020-12-14

I\'m still waiting for over $20 in credit from them for last month. I don\'t like the new update. My receipts used to show up right away & now they don\'t show up at all, even though it says they should only take 15 minutes to show up on the app. I tried resubmitting my receipts & it won\'t let me, because I\'ve already done it, but they still won\'t give me my money
Deborah Castelo 2019-10-27

I used to like this app but for the last several weeks I can\'t even open any coupons. It keeps telling me I need to be connected to Wi-Fi even when I am.I used to be able to do it whether Wi-Fi was on or not but anyway I restarted my phone, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times, sent an email to customer service. 1st they didn\'t even answer my question and then the 2nd time they suggested I do all of the same things I already did to no Avail. 10.27.19 nothing done to fix this
Kathy Kuhar 2020-12-23

Frustrated that I can\'t confirm item matches before purchasing. Spent about $30 on items that end up not matching!! They bought Savingstar. With Savingsstar you could scan the barcode and make sure you have a matching rebate item before purchasing it. That\'s not an option anymore. I thoroughly read the item description only to find out that it doesn\'t match when I upload the receipt!! I inquire about this but get no answers.
Unus Supra 2019-05-17

This is an awesome app for all your coupons needs. Before I would steal my parents Sunday Newspaper in order to get all the manufacturer\'s coupons. I no longer need to do that, I can easily print them out using this handy app.
Katie Roberds 2020-12-07

I do not love the most recent update. The process of selecting coupons, checking the boxes and then scanning the receipt is too much. I always forget to check the boxes and have to scan the receipt twice. Most recently I scanned the receipt and then saw that the coupons were not valid from the store i was shopping. I much preferred when the coupons were organized by store. The new upgrade is repetitive.
Lisa Adams 2020-11-15

Awful since update. I was excited to see that there were more coupons for things I actually buy. But the new layout is awful, it is confusing and difficult to find coupons. Also, now can\'t combine this with ANY other discount. So if you shop at target and buy something at full price and get a store gift card back, that shows up as a discount on your receipt, making you unable to submit for cash back on this app. Used to be able to combine those as long as you didn\'t use a manufacturer coupon.