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Description of Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

Download Official Cover Fire, is one of the best shooting games you’ll ever play on a mobile, now for free and offline.

Best action shooter game, easy controls, realistic 3D graphics and fun offline missions. Get your best shooting gun and take to action!

Play offline in a challenging single-player campaign, survive in competitive sniper shooting battle online and don't stop shooting in cool war events, such as Zombies Survival or Black Ops.

Game Features

• Shooting Online and Offline on mobile

12 New Chapters in a thrilling story mode. Battle in army missions, sniper 3d ops, drive vehicles or fun shooting from helicopters with a heavy gun.

• New Shooting Game and best Sniper 3d shooting game

Unlock unique army weapons and shoot cool guns. Customize and upgrade your best guns skills to increase arsenal damage in the war zone. Killing with iconic gun, powerful sniper weapons and modern shotguns. Remember your duty: grenades are your best companion in the war!

• Easy controls. Low mobile requirements

Controls are customisable, so it's no matter if you are a veteran assassin shooter or an army rookie in this free shooting game.

• Online Sniper Tournaments

Compete and fight against other players or friends around the world with your best times ranked in online leaderboards. Call to action and win the war! Your duty is to be best shooter

• New Offline Virus Zombies Event

Play free zombie event! Survive with a gun against zombies and save the survivors. Aim, Shoot and kill hordes of Zombies!!

Updated Shooter Duty: infiltrate in a terrorist base and kill all enemies. Shoot to kill and survive in the best sniper 3d shooting game!

The best shooting games experience in the battlefield. Call your best shooter and combat on the war.

Call your friends and Download now for free the best offline shooting games on mobile ! It's fun and free game!

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More Information Of Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.22.2 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:Viva Games Studios

User Reviews


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Chelobeast 2020-11-05

I was surprised to find that the progession in this game, being as generous as it is, makes it a much more desirable and generally fun experience; usually with a game like this, the game play/progression are directly influenced by in-app purchases for boosters, materials, resources, etc. But that\'s what great about it. While generous, it doesn\'t make the game super easy but makes the player feel like progress has been made in some tangible way, in aspiration for weapons or new characters
J C 2021-01-11

Its a soild game. You dont have to spend to play or win. But the perks make it easy. Limited though. Never had any problems. For an indie game this is awsome. No pay wall or pop up adds. Still be careful how and when you use the limited recorces the game gives as its easy to burn through. With proper strategy i didnt have to spend any money. YMMV
Basiliel Bahru 2020-12-10

This Game is the best I have every played. It has challenges and single player campaign with an Awesome story behind it. It Could be played offline and online, The in app purchase is not an obligation it is simply \" Want it easy and fast? pay a few bucks get a load of upgrades and finish the game in 30 minutes\", not like other games that make a mission so hard that you have to pay for an upgrade to be able to win. Otherwise, you want an ADVENTURE? Just FIGHT! EARN! YOU WILL DOMINATE\" that\'s it. I love this game, I changed 3 phones since I started playing it and it has been always the first app I download. Only issue I have is to be able to save my progress, online or on Google Play Games. If this game wasn\'t amazing I would\'ve been depressed starting over every time I changed my phone. I hope the developers would find a way. Be that as it may I\'m definitely gonna give it the highest rating.
VKN 77 2021-01-09

Updated Review: Chapter 13-7 has a bug! The headshots dont count except for mettalic robots, which means you can only get 2 head shots and no way get the stars. This is not a new bug, its since the cine the chapter was unlocked. I have seen a lot of reviews here asking to fix, but yet the issue remains. Previously rated 5 stars now downgrading to 2 stars. Will post an update if the bug gets fixed or new chapters are made available.
Ryan Whitehouse 2020-12-29

The game overall is fun. However, the timers on their free crates are broken. They start at 4 hours and you can watch a video to reduce this by 50%. The problem is that sometimes when you logout and come back the timer has gone back up to full amount as if you didn\'t watch a video to reduce it. Game breaking? No. Annoying? Definitely. EDIT: changing to 1 star until the developers fix the free crate issue.
William Dawson 2020-12-17

Very addictive game. Not sure encouraging headshots for extra points is morally right but there you go. As a seasoned player, I\'ve enjoyed the game but following the last update, you still continue to accumulate money but you can no longer buy anything with it! So what\'s the point of it? I\'m a 5m+ in money and rapidly heading towards 6m. Is the developer having a laugh?
Jonathan Rodriguez 2020-11-25

The game is fun! Good graphics, many levels and interesting story line. It has a vast selection of firearms and characters. However, the game makes progression time consuming and slow. You have to pay if you want to progress in a timely fashion and the prices are not cheap. Its a great game but the developer should make it a little more accommodating for those without the capability of paying.
Kao Lethabo Matshuba 2021-01-06

The game is amazing even the graphics are good...But maybe you should consider making the characters movable by the player not on their own...and you should make it possible to switch between characters in between missions that might help.....But other than that it\'s a really good game and I like the fact that it is offline and can be accessed with out internet....love the game....well done to the developers👍👍👍
Kenneth Ratkevich 2020-12-14

Interesting. A little different. A little challenging. Fun. Not heavy on the ads but you can choose to watch some if you\'re trying to go as freemium as possible like me. All missions are doable but to complete each one with 3 stars takes some effort. You can do each mission over and over ... until you complete it perfectly (and get the most rewards). I like that. 👍
Freddy Neitzsche 2021-02-15

Great game but marred by the fact that level 13-7 cannot be completed due to in game bugs. It\'s impossible to do the challenge of 6 headshots, and perks don\'t make any difference.... Until this issue is resolved only 1 star... Even the latest update, and that\'s the second since, has not resolved the 13/7 issue. The developers know about but are remaining quiet...