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Description of Covid Watch Arizona

Let your smartphone notify you of potential exposure to COVID-19—using fully anonymous Bluetooth signals—and help stop the spread of coronavirus throughout the state of Arizona.

NEW Vaccine Support: In a single tap, you can easily access the most up-to-date and reliable information on how to get a vaccine within your chosen community.

Get peace of mind and start rebuilding trust in your community with just one small step: Install this free app, released in partnership with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS).

Once you opt-in and enable exposure notifications on your phone, Covid Watch starts working immediately to detect if you come into close proximity with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The app is completely anonymous and works in the background without ever needing to know your location or personal information. It’s simple, safe, and secure.

The more people who download the app, the more effective we can be. We have now extended support statewide, so encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to install Covid Watch today. Together, we can slow the spread of COVID-19.

Provided by Covid Watch, an Arizona non-profit organization dedicated to your health and privacy.WeHealth is a public benefit corporation and the developer of Covid Watch Arizona.

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More Information Of Covid Watch Arizona

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.1.8 Publish Date:2021-07-23 Developer:ADHS-Arizona Department of Health Services

User Reviews


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Chun Ly 2020-08-26

This app can\'t be found using a simple search for \"Covid Watch Arizona\".
Nick 2021-01-14

I don\'t see how this app can be helpful at all for contact tracing. Few people in Arizona I know are aware of this app, and even if they\'re informed about it, it doesn\'t even appear in a general search with keywords. Then it will randomly inform you that you have a notification and, when you click to find out what it is, it will tell you that you have no notifications. You\'ll have an icon that sits in your notifications for 12 hours telling you that it\'s looking for exposures that can\'t be dismissed. Also, you can\'t even choose Phoenix nor Maricopa County as your location despite that being the most populous region of the state; your options are Tucson, Flagstaff, and \"State of Arizona\" which apparently isn\'t even functional.
Mimi Cummins 2020-10-07

Great idea but unclear. IMPOSSIBLE to find by simple searching for it in the app store. I had to follow internet breadcrumbs over the different sites to finally get a link to the exact app. Once here, while setting up, you need to select your location, one of which is \"State of Arizona\". But later it says that statewide implementation means that you can get alerts, but not alert anyone else. So if I\'m in Prescott, and no one in Prescott can actually send an alert, what is the point????
John Stone 2020-08-20

Just what AZ needs to kick the covid! Hopefully everyone will install. I\'m glad it protects privacy.
Chaney Seay 2020-09-25

This app worked perfectly for me to begin with. Upon getting an exposure alert, I was able to view the details and severity with a simple touch. However, within the last two weeks, I noticed when I received an alert, I am unable to see the details. I am shown when it occurred, but the drop down bar showing the Transmission Risk and total time exposed is no longer available. I\'ve tried all I can think to fix the issue, but at this point, I can no longer rely on it for accurate exposure alerts.
Jesus Balbastro 2020-10-09

It\'s a major flaw to have to deliberately dig for this and install. I\'m not saying it should be force installed on any device but it should at /least/ be able to show up in a search 🙃
D D 2021-02-09

Seems to function okay but very few people know it exists and even fewer are using it. It can\'t be all that affective without a large number of people using it.
Zubair Choudhary 2020-10-06

The app is Amazing and I love it. This should be launched across USA and it will help in saving allot of people from exposure of Covid-19. Everyone in Arizona should download and start using it.
Ann Weeks 2020-09-11

The idea is great/it is easy to set up/explains how it works well. I will rate 5 simply for that. It definitely needs to be able to be discovered by searching \'covid arizona\' or \'covid watch arizona\'. I had to look it up on a search engine then go through an app store link on the dev\'s website to find it.
Wolfgang von Maack 2020-10-19

Apparently, it\'s not available in for most of Arizona even if the menu lists Arizona along with two university systems. You need to be upfront about this. What \"region\" am I in and what \"local\" officials are you waiting for permission from? Thank you, ADHS, for replying on 10/09/20, but my point stands. There\'s no State of Arizona region and you need to remove that until ADHS, state and local officials, and your software developer have all made their necessary inputs to this process.