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Cow Evolution: Idle Merge Game



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Description of Cow Evolution: Idle Merge Game

Become the biggest animal farmer in Cow Evolution! Merge cows and discover amazing new mutant creatures. Collect coins and crystals, upgrade your equipment and become an animal farm tycoon. Play Cow Evolution for FREE* now and discover all the mysterious species!

Everything on the farm was just cows when mutations and evolutions started to create amazing creatures! Merge the animals and build a farm with a variety of mutated monsters. You can also customize your animals with various items such as hats, clothes, and accessories, and discover other worlds with mysterious creature species.

Be the biggest mutant cow farm tycoon in the world. Fuse the animals, collect coins, crystals and upgrade your equipment. Discover new species, make new fusions, and create more cow mutations. Use all your creativity to explore new combinations and discover monsters. Download Cow Evolution now and embark on an idle clicker adventure!

🐮 Idle Clicker Game

Tap and collect resources to evolve your cow farm. There are hundreds of items for you to collect, with discoveries that can lead you to discover more mutant cow species and ensure your progress through the game. Level up your farm, customize your cows with hats, clothes, and accessories, and share the creatures you've discovered with your friends.

🐄 Merge Cow Species

There are three main stages in this animal evolution simulator: monster cows, alpaca cows, and alien cows. Test different combinations between these three stages and expand the number of mutant creatures on your farm. The more discoveries you make, the more cows and items you earn to increase your catalog of discovered species and expand the monsters on your farm.

🐮 Animal Mutant Farm

Put on your farmer outfit and start taking care of your mutant cows. Complete the main quests of the idle clicker game and earn items to customize your animals. There are many options of hats, hair, clothes, and accessories to make your farm much more fun. Remember to play every day to collect more coins and crystals, and share your farm with your friends.

🐄 Merging Animals Puzzle

Discovering all the mutant creature species is a real challenge in Cow Evolution. Do you think you can exploit your creativity to the max to create new monsters? Download now the best idle merge clicker game and explore a universe of the mutant animal. Play every day, fulfill the daily missions and become the best fusion farmer in the region.

*Cow Evolution is a free idle merge clicker game. However, it has additional features and extra items that can be purchased in the in-game store.

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.11.14 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Tapps Games

User Reviews


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Josh N 2020-09-14

A LOT of ads, ok, fine... I decided to pay to remove ads... Then after another hour of game play it became obvious to me that you would still have to pay to advance. After a while, only premium currency can be used to upgrade. I feel ripped off having actually paid to remove ads. Also, remove all ads doesn\'t remove all ads, you still have to watch ads if you want to get anywhere.
Carlos Inquimboy 2019-04-21

Too many ads. Everytime you go to the store, an ad will play. Too much. This is the top 1 of my list that has way too much forced ads with no reward.
mine mine 2020-09-07

THIS GAME IS GREAT! It\'s fun and entertaining, eventually it will start to bore you but just he satisfaction of discovering a new cow is awesome! All the things in the game are also decently priced. I would only recommend one thing. If the game could possibly give you more money or the box dropping time would cost less. I just think it would be helpful. As I am an inpatient person I only have to say this would probably only be me asking. Other wise the game runs smooth,has no bugs, no glitches!
Tomas Oltman 2020-09-23

Achievements are not displayed on my Google Play profile. The ads are overwhelming if you don\'t make a purchase. Pretty sure most people would watch ads for the optional benefits it can provide, so storming them with ads for playing is a bad design choice. Turn off the internet while playing, otherwise you are not going to have a good experience. If the ads and the achievements are fixed, I would give 5 stars.
Kristin Treadway 2020-10-12

Fun game despite WAY too many ads. That is, until it completely crashed and will no longer open on my phone. Also the developers excuse for the ads is weak. They say that\'s how they keep the game free, but that is nonsense. There are plenty of free games out there without an ad every time you close out of a menu.
PyxlBeast 2020-10-18

The Best Game Ever!!!!!! The reason how I found this game is by my sister and ever since then we\'ve been having so much fun with this app although my sister was 7/6 Years older than me we still have fun! I love how the cows grow and for those who have ads (Why don\'t you turn off your WiFi?).This game is so funny and made my childhood the best thank you!
Saturn girls fun Channel! 2021-02-07

My phone is 6 years old in this game works amazing! I love how there are almost no ads and it\'s not misleading at all. While I was watching YouTube I saw an ad for it and it is exactly what it said it was it\'s very fun and despite the Simplicity I never get bored with it it is also cute and quirky. I love unlocking new cows! I 100% would get it!!! :D
Edgar Alvarez 2020-10-19

Fun little tapping game with an interesting premise. But you can only play about 5 minutes before they start bombarding with ads. And it\'s not even ads if you want to speed up the game. It\'s ads just for switching screens. It gets two stars because those first 5 minutes were entertaining. I wouldn\'t recommend this game.
Liz McGill 2021-03-01

This game is cute, but my god, the ads are instrusive. I honestly don\'t mind ads when I know they\'re coming, but just having them randomly pop up all the time is too much.
Aevy Laloo 2020-07-11

This games is so fun and funny. BTW to those guys who hate ads. Why don\'t you turn off your mobile data/wifi after install this games. It will keep you always from those ad😀😀😀