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Description of CPAN® / CAPA® Study App II

The new CPAN® / CAPA® Study App II has been upgraded with 100 new CPAN and CAPA study questions to help you prepare for your exam. Review sample test questions anytime.

The CPAN® / CAPA® Study App is a study tool only.  It should be regarded as a tool to assess strengths and weaknesses. It is not intended to serve as a study guide nor should it be used as a substitute for studying.  While content may be representative of the type of knowledge and skills tested on the CPAN® and CAPA® certification examinations, this material is not identical to the content of the examinations.  A passing score on a practice examination does not in any way guarantee a passing score on any ABPANC certification examination. Use of the CPAN® / CAPA® Study App is not a requirement for eligibility or for success in passing any ABPANC certification examination.

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More Information Of CPAN® / CAPA® Study App II

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.0.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:ABPANC

User Reviews


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Samantha Worms 2019-01-12

it worked well for the first few questions and then the screen starting going white. I had to keep going back to the main screen and trying to reload the questions. you also don\'t get the rational for the answers.
Marie Rhoad 2019-01-19

Not worth $10. The app freezes frequently or only shows part of the question. I had to restart it a lot to get through the 50 questions. It would be nice to have the rationale for the answers.
MeL VL 2019-09-29

At question 11 the app freezes. Do not purchase until fixed
Aby Laznik 2018-09-10

The App does not work properly, only parts of the questions are visible, had to log out and log back in in order to continue. Very annoying.
Sonya Castro Diaz 2017-09-22

Only 50 set questions once you answer them that is it for $10 not worth it. No reasoning to the answers
Melissa Schmidt 2017-10-16

Nicely designed app, I liked the simulated test feeling of the app. I recommend the app