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Description of Craps - Casino Style

••• Download the best Craps App for your Android for free today! •••

Lots of fun, excitement and entertainment! Real Craps are here!

Play and practice Craps like never before. The interactive application not only helps you learn Craps but you can also practice your strategy before heading to Las Vegas.

The dice is completely random and the game play is exactly how it will be in a real Casino.

This app has been created by casino experts to match the real craps experience. Bet big, win big!

The app has engaging graphics, sound and smooth game play. This craps game is the closest you can get to a real Las Vegas slots experience.

Features :

► Authentic Craps Table

► Realistic Stickman Calls

► Free coins

► Learn how to play Craps.

► Completely random behaviour of the dice

► Authentic Casino feel with casino music and graphics

► Keeps track of your winnings and losses, with option to reset.

Enjoy the real and the ORIGINAL Craps!

Get set, start playing, win big!!

For Support : contact@phonato.com

From the makers of Roulette - Casino Style!

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:5.17 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Phonato Studios Games & Apps

User Reviews


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Daniel Coleman 2017-07-18

Sorry but this game is far from the real thing. How you going to take my bets down every time they hit? No option to even press!! Smh There is a super old app called \"aww craps\" on iOS that is far superior to this experience.
lance pye 2016-02-10

7 machine! Holy cow you can\'t go 3-4 rolls without a 7 hitting. Kinda funny how if you play with low money ($1 bets) it won\'t hit a 7 for 10 rolls but you start throwing $25 bets out... 7...7...7
Nick Buis 2016-01-22

Really nice overall BUT... Great graphics, lots of fun and I really do enjoy it overall however needs bigger chips for high rollers and my biggest problem with it is that 2 and 12 rolls are completely unrealistic coming out way too often making the game too easy to beat. I\'m a billionaire already in 3 days. Jajaja.
Jim Miller 2017-05-11

Once I started betting big the frequency of 7\'s got crazy. I have been playing craps both at the casino and on computer for many years. It became not fun very fast. I guess they want you to buy chips. Also, table banter is unrealistic and even wrong when calling for a line payout on a come bet. Uninstalling.
Jeff Gill 2019-03-11

Why are the chips removed from the place bets once the roll of the dice wins? For example I did a place bet on 6 and another place bet on 8. The six came up on the dice and even though I won my bet was taken off the table. This is not how it\'s done in the casino. Once a place bet is down on the table, you win every time that dice is rolled over and over again on the same bet. You need to fix this issue within the programming of the app.
Russell Blyth 2017-04-06

I am adicted to gambling apps. Roulette being my first choice. I think your app is great. Easy to follow. Simple uncluttered platform. Knew nothing about craps when down loaded and still know about the same. Only thing I keep loosing. Am first and second in world on phone and tablet with roulette.. Only accalaid I have in craps... guy who has been bankrupt most. Collect bonus for a week 10 or more times a day. Go bust in 5 minuits.
Ian Lackie 2016-10-22

Good game, but too lucky. Not realistic enough. It\'s a great game, but if you\'re looking for a training app to test out strategies, it\'s not ideal. 7s hardly roll, so it gives the impression that you\'ll have more success at a real table. For a stand-alone game to pass a few minutes though, it\'s great fun.
William Cook 2016-02-14

Best format and play but... You can\'t have working bets on the come out roll. If that\'s not part of your strategy then it\'s great. But I need working bets.
Joseph Cayse 2018-09-20

Highly skeptical of this games \"random\" number generator. If you play the pass line, you\'ll rarely hit a point. If you switch to the Don\'t Pass, you\'ll suddenly defy all probability and consistently hit points as if the shooter is some Jedi dice manipulator... Like 10 in a row. House statistical edge aside, this game feels rigged to drain your stack sell you chips. Uninstalled
Nick N 2016-01-15

More \"bull\"craps than craps Very skewed results that are obviously not random. I had more 12\'s pop up on the come out more than any other number. I only hit my number once. The only time i didn\'t crap out was when i was playing the don\'t come. Got beat by a 9, a 5, and a 4 all on the same roll. Then i figured out why the game is skewed. They want $50 for a million fake chips. Lol. Only took me a half hour after installing it to delete it. This game is feces.