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Description of Crazy Diner: Cooking Game

Crazy Diner is the crazy chef's worldwide cooking game! 🍳 Follow the world chefs to learn cuisines from all over the world, run cooking restaurants in your cooking city and enjoy cooking frenzy in every cooking day! 🍔 🍟 Start your cooking adventure and record your kitchen food truck diary in this crazy cooking madness game! 🤣

Welcome to Tasty Town - Food from dozens of countries, the star chefs👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 and people with cooking fever are waiting for you here. You will learn too much cooking skills in different restaurants, how to cook the most tasty meals and also how to satisfy the needs of every guest. Finally, defeat all challenges and open your own restaurant! 🏠 More and more guests dash into the diner!🏃‍♀️🏃 Let's experience a brand new restaurant story !

Unique boosts make you more addicted to this Time-Management game! No matter how long the food🍕 will not burn! Have you seen any food 🌭 that can be made immediately? The guests are urging you to serve! Don’t worry, "Imagine Boost" will help you solve it easily! You have countless ways to become a top chef! Come and unlock one by one!


🏆 Cook hundreds of special recipes in different restaurants around the world!

🏆 Get keys which lead you to the top-chef! Don't miss any level!

🏆 Unlock more kitchen machines and more ingredients!

🏆 Thousands of levels make you never bored!

🏆 Participate in exciting events and get surprise rewards!

🏆 Create the character with your own fashion style!

🏆Decorate your own special Food Street!

Cook tasty food 🍗 from all over the world, open your own restaurant and decorate the most dreamy food street. Cook these foods as fast as you can and you will find that your cooking skill is better than ever! When others are still immersed in decorating the room🚪, you have owned a food street to manage and decorate! When more and more guests are attracted by your restaurant, you will get closer to the star chef! 🌟

Call your friends to download with you together! Create your personal role and get rewards while sharing happiness! Never thought that cooking games can be so fun! 🤩

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.3.3 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Smart Fun Casual Games

User Reviews


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Pika Chu 2021-02-10

This game starts out fun, but they make it not possible to play. I\'ve beat Diner Dash several times, and I like challenges. They want you to spend money to advance. Example, level said I had to serve 22 people, but it only gives me 17, no matter how fast or if I use cheats. Maybe it is a glitch. Also, the ads are insane, so many! If you hit the little \"x\" it takes you out of the game and to the app store. Messing up your game play.
A Smith 2021-02-15

I liked this one a lot at first. I\'m a sucker for a good cooking game. But to be honest, a lot of it is just regurgitated content from other cooking games. And considering I finished all the available levels in a couple weeks by just playing casually and there\'s no info on when more restaurants/levels will be added, it just feels really incomplete. That said, 3 stars feels pretty generous to me. I\'ll probably just un-install if nothing is added this week.
Nikki Dickson 2021-01-20

Money grab...I did make a purchase but at the end of every restaurant it is impossible to win without buying more...enjoyed playing but uninstalling now, it was fun but more frustrating now. So many games like this are the same now...I\'m not a game developer but surely someone can come up with something even a little unique.
Amanda Nelson 2021-02-03

Certain chicken boards you don\'t have enough time to pass it! 3 chicken baskets and 3 corn dogs at a time just ain\'t enough, so I\'m uninstalling it. Thought might be a good game but not when you can\'t move on to next level.
Ana Yulianty 2021-03-08

Well, this game actually have a nice interface, and fun visualisation after complete the key. But it\'s going bored cause it always play with ads to finish the game except we pay the premium. Maybe u can add more add on games to get more diamond easily
Precious 195 2021-01-03

Constant freezing whenever I press the select ad option to make upgrades quicker. Makes entire phone freeze. This is a fun game, but I won\'t rate it past a 1 star because of the freezing. Also, whenever I run out of boosts, it shouldn\'t be 100 diamonds to get three boosts. Why is it that one boost costs 100 diamonds? Does that make any sense? If you want a better star rate, I advise you to take people\'s advice very seriously.
ravenrose mia 2021-01-20

Another wallet pandering cooking game. No story line for you to build on and personalize like in cafeland. (The only game that got it right) the wallet pandering is highly annoying and all the ads and super ridiculous over the top tapping. Uninstalled.
Eliza Sparkes 2021-03-03

Fun at first but to many cons - upgrade timers and they are long! You can either spend money to skip the time or wait an hour to be able to play again. Not good. - energy timers, again not good - levels are fun but some, especially the thumbs up or timed levels are designed to make you fail. Not enough people come in the allotted time and they try to make you spend money to continue. I have played the same level flawlessly several times to be short 1 thumbs up. Time to Uninstal!
Trooper Williams 2021-01-17

As cooking games go this is the best I\'ve tried. Can get a little frantic, but up grade the kitchen as soon as possible and you won\'t have to much trouble. Graphics good, music is OK. Well done.
Frances Javier 2021-01-09

Super fun! just be mindful of your purchases, it\'s that much fun that you find yourself purchasing even the most minimal of game boosters, even for upgrades, that you are astounded when assess the money you spend, which thankfully, due to how much fun it is is not tremendous, but it can add up. I love this game! Let\'s eat!