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Description of Crazy Pusher

The world-wide popular game coin pusher is now in a crazy version!

Version features:

-Faster coin cooling

-More coin rewards

-More Fun

All these are just to make you play more crazy!

Come try it out! I promise you will have a great time!

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More Information Of Crazy Pusher

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:2.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:Borg Studio

User Reviews


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Joey Orr 2021-01-14

Game is fun and started off well. There\'s $150 minimum to with draw. However as soon as I got to $148, the game started crashing instantly. And no more money drops. It\'s designed to make you watch a video for everything. And has a lot of bugs. Despite the videos I enjoyed the game and would continue playing, but feel like it has a built-in kill switch that makes it crash anytime you are about to win a prize. 2 stars for being fun.
dalton Lambert 2021-02-11

The game is jus a scam. It doesn\'t pay out, you\'ll never get enough to actually claim anything. Hit 147$, it starts giving you fractions of a penny. The dollar rolls disappear when you get 97 of them. The animals and puzzle pieces disappear when you get to the last two pieces needed to claim the prize. They jus bombard you with ads and never pay out. You\'ll never get anything. Jus a complete waste of time, and I\'m reporting them to google play store.
Alejandro Perez 2021-01-27

Game started out good but now after playing for a while I can see how they get their money.. after getting so close to the prices just needing 1 more point for all the prizes they give out I don\'t get none.. I always get the coins instead of prizes. Also I\'m close to getting enought to \"cash out\" but now I don\'t even get the green coins to cash out. THIS GAME IS RIGGED! To keep you on it! It will keep giving you adds even when you put u don\'t want to view the add.. Just waisted hours of my life
Sierra Beasley 2020-11-23

I go and download most of these real money games and they are all the same. Each one gets a lengthy review. So here it goes. 1. The game starts off good, payout great just like any other game you get between 0.01 to 0.05 per green coin. Until you get around $130. Then ads become more and when you hit the jackpots some of the ads will freeze forcing you to restart the game which in turn you loose your jackpot. 2. You won\'t be able to cash out on the game...you will waste time playing.
Billy The kid 2021-02-11

I\'d give this game -5 stars. Total let down and waist of your time. You spend about 99% of the time just watching ads and there\'s absolutely no hope of ever winning anything. I had several points to winning a couple of the gifts and now all of a sudden I\'m at 0 on all gifts. Game is totally rigged. Deleting app.
Robyn Parris 2021-01-09

Just as other reviews have said! The first few days were amazing! Just as you get close to cash out the winnings reduce or change to other prizes. Example is I have been sitting with $148.553 for almost a week now but the first $140 was within days. Of course you need $150.00 to cash out. Then the cash rolls which you need 100 to cash out for $1,000 I am sitting at 97. I was getting cash rolls almost everytime I played and now I haven\'t seen one in days.
Crispin Santillan 2020-11-15

I want to give this game a 4 star. Because really, I\'ve enjoy it a lot. But when my money was already $147 it get stuck. There are so many ads when you get there. I\'m really expecting too much to this game. Cause I badly wanted to help some financially but and then I kinda feel disappointed because I am feeling something that I can\'t cash out in this game;>
Sheila Rapert 2020-11-17

This game is really fun fast going and awards add up quickly. I have 99 of 100 bundles, however I am not getting credit for any additional bundles that I get. This also applies to the other items you can gather in the game. I am very frustrated and will delete this game very soon if it doesn\'t start giving me correct credit. Developer please answer to the issues above or else admit that this game is a scam.
Joseph Scheinberg 2020-12-01

This app does not pay once your reach the goals, it keeps you from achieving or reaching your goal. For example if you collect 100 rolls of money they falsely claim you get pay $1000, but the issue is once you get to 99 rolls it doesn\'t continue the count to get to 100 to avoid paying. The same with other processes. Avoid this app and it should be removed for false advertising. I would post an image to show the scam but I can only post a comment. Avoid it, too many ads, freezes, does not pay.
Nicole Prieto 2021-01-20

Worst game ever! When you first download the game u get a lot of ads and quick money. Once you get to a certain limit the game freezes and you can\'t cash out. It was a waste of time! They give u a chance to win gift cards, phones, computers but u will ever get enough money to cash out. I reached 149.00 for the past 6 days and you need 150.00 to cash out. This game is fraud. Zero stars if i could.