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Description of Crazy Spaceship.io: Alien Wars

Alert! Alert! The alien invasion has begun! Earth is under attack!

Ever wanted to take over planet Earth? Feel what it’s like to be an alien invader? Abduct people for secret experiments or destroy cities to show the world who really rules the universe?

Then welcome to Crazy Spaceship! Destroy buildings, abduct all living beings, and spread chaos in your UFO! The more you abduct, the bigger you grow. And the bigger you are, the bigger the objects you can abduct!

But watch out! Never trust a fellow alien! They also want to rule the earth, and if they get bigger than you, they’ll swallow you whole! Be careful! Don’t get abducted!

Sound easy? Too bad you’re almost out of time! Invasions only last 2 minutes, so hurry! The clock is ticking!

Download Crazy Spaceship.io now absolutely free! Start playing and take over the world today!




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/azur_games

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.19 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:CASUAL AZUR GAMES

User Reviews


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Beef Wellington Ross 2020-03-23

1. Is this game called Spacebump.io, Crazy Spaceship.io: Alien Wars? 2. The controls suck especially when you pick a speed boost. Y\'all need to fix that. 3. Too many ads & before you say the game is free, Im not paying for ad free. If I watch two ads in a row, I shouldnt be forced to watch any more for at least 3-5 matches. Fix those issues snd I\'ll give a higher rating.
Dj Andri 2020-06-16

Thip game is super fun and also when I win and when I lose several times. This game is very fun with all the maps I can play and 1 review said the desert Sucks. Please answer the one I said to you. Thanks for the game. And I love the game and I have another game that can suck up things and the game name is hole io. Well that all the imformation I can get from this game and I will change my review in the future.😀😁😊😍
Relicym R 2020-06-22

Gameplay is good, except the bots can push me while I can\'t push them. It\'s annoying how the bots keep pushing the objects toward the edges of the map. The bigger you get, the slower you go. Needs better optimization, since this app consumes more power than my OS. Not too many ads, which is nice.
From Jolien 2020-08-02

It was an amazing app and still is, but I\'ve been stuck on master 1 for over 5 months and it will not go up. Also since I have every skin I feel like there is no purpose in playing it anymore. To the developers: please make different game modes to keep the app fun, and maybe help with why I can\'t level up anymore. And to everyone who keep on saying \" there\'s too many ads\" just turn of Wi-Fi or mobile data BEFORE opening the app. Thank me later.
Krasimir Georgiev 2020-03-15

The gameplay is awesome. I really like the design and flow of the game. However I reached Master I and the progress bar is fake and not working. It reached the edge of my phone and it will not stop. You will be awesome if you enable P2P option.
Julion Morningstar 2020-10-23

You should add more UFOs, and more ranks, btw, I can\'t open the leader board page, but if you actually sit down and play the game, in a few days, if you get small things first, then you should have every UFO, and rank.
Dottie Shivers 2020-09-03

Love this, great timekiller. Request maybe the laser shoot in the direction I am heading...? And maybe some kind of indicator as to where the other players are located? Maybe other options for play, like free for all, like the game is now. And one where maybe you eat as much as you can in a time limit. And maybe one where you continue playing until only one player left; last man standing kind of thing? Just ideas...
Pinksthetics_Angel 2020-10-12

The game is fun but i already rich the max rank and there nothing to do,but the game is realy fun there \'s some tournament and some task and yeah stuff like that
Arturo Cofresi 2020-06-13

What can I say. Sometimes your ship wont go where you point it at, AI pushes things out of the map before anyone really eats anything. Not very fun. 1 minute of gameplay 30-45 seconds of ads... That open googleplay on their own before you can close them! No thanks.
harshath 2020-06-02

Do you want your game to be played or not? Why do you give unskippable ads after 10-20 games 😒😒 Game is good but due to ads i will never play it again Please don\'t waste your time people! You can\'t become billionaire with a single game with these ads, work for user\'s satisfaction!