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Description of Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game that features the utmost fun of building and firing.

In the mood for a heart-stirring showdown? You will parachute into a vast battlefield where 100-player deathmatch is raging. Outplay your way to be the last one standing.

Build the best, break the rest! Jump straight in this do-or-die battle where you can wield creative weapons, race against snowstorms, and unleash your inner beast.

Varied gameplay modes, weather and time systems bring a new level of hectic fun. Whether you fight like a lone wolf or team up, there are always surprises waiting to be explored!

Come embark on a winner-takes-all slugfest in Creative Destruction today and show’em what you could be.

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More Information Of Creative Destruction

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.0.5761 Publish Date:2022-01-20 Developer:NetEase Games

User Reviews


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Todd Smith 2019-03-30

Well i love playing this game!! If you like fortnite and PUBG then this is the game... As long as your mobile device is up to the task you\'ll love it too. The controls take a minute to get used to but they are fully customizable, And the tutorial is virtually nonexistant, it needs more info on gadgets, I just had to figure it out on my own. Anyway I fully recommend trying it out.
Ryan_The_Unoriginal 1231 2019-04-19

this game says I have poor connection! I have spectrum! I don\'t understand! and the game is so laggy that it won\'t point at my enemies! I lost at the start of the match because of that! Can you fix that? it is way too detailed, even If i put it in low graphics, it still fails to do that job! fix it and I will consider giving it another chance...
Aydenava Pinto 2019-07-07

Creative Destruction is not a bad game. Sure, it may have its flaws, but it is innovative and new. While many compare this game to Fortnite or PUBG (they are similar), this game is just as good. Creative Destruction does manage to implement new features to the battle royal format. However, this game does have some performance issues with fps. You select the best option, and it still runs at ~15 fps. It also takes a lot of ram to maintain, 50 to 170 Mbps. Still, this game is good. I recommend it.
Jax C 2019-09-01

This game is very addictive and is a lot of fun to play. Although the ratio that you get something really cool from a pack is slim. You do need a good amount of free ram to play at a comfortable level and a steady connection. 2gb is a great amount of unused ram. You can play with all your friends in a action packed firefight 5 person team battle. Or play with up to a 100 people on the brand new creative island.
Youngster Official 2020-06-22

Amazing game!!! Really wish you could use a bluetooth controller to play and I hope that gets added, but really good game. Everyone says it\'s a ripoff of Fortnite, but I don\'t think so. Way better gadgets to work with, when you have shield storm takes it away, fall damage too. Take notes Fortnite. Overall, amazing game however the sound isn\'t working for some reason. Its low and I have my volume all the way up.
ΨmarzΨ 2021-01-03

I rate 3 because, 1. aim assist is broken, why is it so strong? 2. Why are the build peices not separated, they should be seperate like on build topia. 3. Why is the pump damage so strong, you can 1 pump with a grey pump, that\'s how powerful they are and it\'s not balanced. 3. Add more editing options with walls and ramps. You can\'t really do much with a door and a window. Also, for for ramps, idk maybe you can be able to flip the ramps like on fortnite. This will be a great addition to the game.
Shantelle Visser 2020-07-09

By far my favourite game!!!! It definitely beats Fortnight. But I think in the next seson there should be a new Island because this one is getting a bit boring. I wish you could also add planes or choppers and also make the insides of the houses a bit more like a house . But anyway seson 11 is awesome!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
PurplePlasma 2020-05-22

Listen, this review is going to be real. In not buttering anything up. It\'s not the best game ever and quite frankly, kind of a rip off. But for android users who don\'t have a new enough phone to play Fortnite, this is a great substitute. It\'s a bit of a meme but it\'s not terribly made. I\'ve played this before on PC and for what it is, it\'s actually pretty fun. Give it a shot, but remember, this isn\'t going to be Fortnite level good. It\'s just a fun clone game to give a similar feel. 4 stars tho
Ave De lavin 2021-01-07

This is an amazing game. I really like it. It is actualy a lot like Fortnite, this is a great alternative for Fortnite in my opinion. The graphics are not bad, I have nothing to complain about the controls and the gameplay is good but not as smooth as I wanted it to be but overall its amzing. I really recomend this game. Probably the best game I have downloaded so far. Keep it up!
MobileGamer 2021-01-25

It\'s not bad but I really want them to allow you to auto build by pressing and holding the build button instead of tapping for every build like walls and ramps plsssssssss fix it