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Cribbage JD

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Play online the classic card game Cribbage also known as Crib, Cribble, and Noddy. A card game traditionally for two players, that involves playing and grouping cards in combinations which gain points. Cribbage has several distinctive features: the cribbage board used for score keeping, the crib, box, or kitty, a separate hand counting for the dealer, two distinct scoring stages (the play and the show), aces low, and a unique scoring system including points for groups of cards that total fifteen (15).

This Cribbage mobile app lets you play the classic card game Cribage anywhere without needing your wooden Cribbage pegging board. You can play online or even offline. The playing cards are large so Grandpa will have no trouble playing his favorite board game. All the scoring is automatic using the built-in calculator including a breakdown of the point details, so no need for Muggins or Shotgun Cribbage.

Are you ready to skunk your family in one of the most popular card games created in the 17th century? The rules of Cribbage are built in making it easy to learn how to play Cribbage / Cribble a become a pro.

This app tracks all your statistic including your hand, crib, pegging average, max, and life time point totals. Never get board with the plethora of achievements to master the perfect hand with a flush, pairs, three of a kind, 15, and super combos. Play at any difficultly: Easy, Medium, Hard, or Crazy Ninja.

This competitive multiplayer online free game classically plays 2 players in a head to head battle like Speed, Nertz, Canasta, Pinochle, Solitaire Showdown, Backgammon, and Gin Rummy, but only Cribbage is played with a cribbage pegboard.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:JD Software LLC

User Reviews


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Mr Bateman 2020-07-08

The game is great. Smooth dealing, simple interface and I think the game score is fair.. you win some you lose some. The adverts are fair having one or two pop up after 2 or 3 games and doesn\'t interfere with the game being played.. my only issue is that there is a glitch in which the game will reset itself halfway through a hand or midway through the game. This is quite frustrating and happens quite frequently, to the point where I\'m considering looking for a different new crib game.
Buck Cheep 2020-05-04

Nice game but doesn\'t leave any time at the end of the game to see what the hands were. That\'s irritating. After playing for several months and having discussions with other people, I\'ve come to learn that your algorithms suck. Absurd winning streaks followed by losing streaks that have no end. Also after having rated the game, I continue to get prompts to rate the game. Once an individual has rated the game, quit showing the prompts.
Greg Sampson 2020-05-27

Good clean interface, fun trophies to collect. Statistic breakdown post-hand to show the best (or worst) cards to throw to the crib. AI players a little too easy to beat, or is give it five stars! Edit... Dropping to 3 stars... Realized that it is possible to quit a game before a loss to falsify track record.. :-|
Ross 2020-05-16

For the most part, a good game. After starting out with a near 70% winning clip (mainly online) in the first 70 or so games, I have only won in the last 10 or 11 (split of online and against puter). My skills haven\'t deteriorated, so it must be my opponents (both online and CPU) getting better cuts than me. Curious to see if this changes with tonight\'s update.
Jim Binns 2020-07-23

Extremely unrealistic. Totally lacks how random cards are dealt in a real game. In a real game, only one quarter of the cards are used. The odds of three and four cards in a hand of the same number is beyond astronomical. How can every hand compliment each other in so many points. The hand being so lobsided for so many games in row is absurd. The cuts are not all random either. There is no enjoyment when it plays this way. It is extremely aggravating!
Aos RenAgAde 2020-07-13

A cheap and easy looking game that focuses on the game play rather than all the bells and whistles. If you have never played cribbage this game gives you little help on what to do. BUT has an EXPLAIN button when scoring. So you can pick it up easy. After all when you play cards all that matters is the game. Love it.
matt dunson 2020-12-01

Nice cribbage game graphics are good. I don\'t really care for all the different board designs. But they are used as a matter of preference when playing online and it becomes difficult to see your count if you come across an unfamiliar board. The game plays pretty fast which I like. I also like the ability to play on or offline.
Tyler Ursu 2020-04-17

Gameplay is fast and fun. The AI is challenging and their level of difficult seems appropriate to their title. The ads are minimal which is fantastic. The coin system is rather silly as there is very little you can actually purchase. I only have two issues with the game. 1. There is no way for you to count your own points 2.The invite system for playing with friends is janky, my friend and I have had to leave game and invite eachother multiple times to land in the same game.
james tinsley 2020-05-27

I was brought up in cribbage and this game is fast and can be quite challenging. If you enjoy cribbage you will definitely like this app. The traffic\'s are not all that but I play for love of the game. Well done programmers.
jim kahn 2021-01-05

Like another cribbage game I tried, this game does not select random cards. It uses selection sets of cards, instead of randomly dealing cards to each player. Keep in mind that I only play myself against the program, so I do not know if it rigs games between online players. What is the point of playing any game where play is fixed unrealistically? There is little here to recommend. Try instead to find a truly random card selection game to test your skill.