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Forget stress and anxiety. Say 'hello' to a cup of fragrant tea and a cozy sofa. Welcome to the Cross Stitch Club, dear stitcher! 😘😘😘

Work on the best designs ever from the hundreds in the app or create your own! 👍📷☺️

Cross Stitch Club — it’s a coloring and meditation app for true cross-stitchers! We have made the stitching process as simple and as exciting as possible — color or sew just by one finger!❤️❤️❤️

Let all your problems go away. Sit back, relax, have fun and enjoy a great stress relief experience. 🛋😃📱

Earn nice souvenirs for your sewing. I wonder — how many of the rewards you can get?! 🏆😉

Share your designs with family and friends - impress them with your beautiful needlework! 😍😍😍


- Hundreds of absolutely unique embroidery designs;

- Create and stitch your own design!

- Simple and meditative gameplay with just one finger;

- New patterns on a regular basis;

- Share your embroidery with your friends.

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.4.55 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Saba Games

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Kim Weathers 2020-06-22

Love this want MOST pictures on my wall or on something. Just one thing, boost need to be more often and LOTS more of them!!!! Your details bout app sas hundreds!!! Where they at???? I\'m in love with this app! ADD MORE DESIGNS TO APP!!!!!!!! 50-60 eould be AWESOME!!!
A Google user 2020-05-11

I like the way it\'s done; I like how I can use one finger to move the pattern around; I like how the wrong squares just fade away after a bit; I like the number system better than the alphabet; it soothes me and I just like it! There\'s only one thing I don\'t like and that\'s after you subscribe to the club and all pictures are done, there are no new ones to chose from, I\'ve just had to undue some to have some to do! Wish there were more patterns.
Fran B 2021-02-07

Revised: In this game there are several unique and fun ways to fill in the squares, unlike other crossstitch games. I feel stupid that it took me so long to figure out how to use the \"lens\" feature but there are no instructions. The pictures are also unique and quite nice, tho the cost to unlock the premium pictures is exorbitant. I\'ve changed my rating to 5!
gladys brown 2019-10-16

This is the best cross stitch app.I love it. So easy to cross stitch on it. Amazing colors. It is an awesome app . Recommend it to all who likes to cross stitch the easy way.
Daleana Taylor 2020-06-06

I wish there was a way that all the ones you have finished are only in my album that way the gallery is only the ones that I still need to do. I don\'t mind watching the ads to get more pictures, but it doesn\'t work very well. Even with a steady internet connection. That sucks. So now I will find another app because I either have to buy the pictures now or watch videos that aren\'t available most of the time. So, I used a free week and bought a week. I have done every picture. On the daily pr
Faye Green 2021-03-15

Once again , my free picture went away a few minutes ago . The blond lady . I didn\'t have time to start coloring. Please help . Thank you .
Maggie Bowen 2020-10-16

The Mona Lisa cross stitch is absolutely stunning, l hope you\'ll be adding more like this. The Egyptian cross stitch patterns were also awesome. I\'ve completed all the patterns. I check in every day to see if you\'ve added any more. Please say you have some. I eagerly await your response. I still check for any more patterns, please can you add some more. I\'ve received your latest patterns and I love them Regards Maggie Bowen
Patricia P 2020-03-20

While I\'m liking this game, I also do not intend to spend money on getting pictures to cross-stitch. So I\'ll abide my time with this game until I get fed up. So I\'ll give it four stars in the mean time.
Cecilia G. Flores 2021-01-19

I only put 4 stars, not that I don\'t like this application/game, because I do. In a little over a year I have done 396 pictures. What irritates me the most is that YOU have NO problem taking $8.00+ from my credit card EVERY week, yet there have been weeks at a time when there are No pictures for me to color but you still take my money. Also from the trophies, I ONLY have 4 more pictures to do and then there will be no more. Can I have the remaining 4 please?
Annette 2020-11-27

I absolutely LOVE this game, but I was ripped off! My grand daughter was here and bought the app, thinking it was free. As soon as I realized what had happened, I tried to reverse the charges,, only to get charged close to $8.00 for one week, when that amount is normally what a full month would cost. I had seriously thought about actually buying the app, but after having my money out right stolen from me, I don\'t think so! There for only the 1 star. It would be less than that if I could!