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Crossword puzzle free has tons of free puzzles to play offline and new puzzles every day!

✰✰✰ 10000+ puzzles ✰✰✰

Join millions of players who exercise their brains every day with the best crossword game for Android.

A crossword is a word puzzle that takes the form of a rectangular grid of white and black shaded squares. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words, by solving clues which lead to the answers.

Brush up your brain with this simple and addictive game and improve your English vocabulary. It's never been so easy to learn a new language.

Crossword puzzle free is a fun educational game for the entire family.


✔ ✰✰✰ NO COINS REQUIRED!!!! ✰✰✰

✔ New English puzzles (american crosswords) every day!

✔ 200+ English crossword (american crosswords) puzzles to play offline

✔ Different levels published every day. From easy to hard.

✔ Daily puzzles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Indonesian

✔ Great to play on tablets

✔ English language

✔ An educational and fun game

✔ An enormous dictionary list of words

✔ Show wrong letters

✔ Reveal letter

✔ Reveal word

✔ Reveal solution

✔ Unlimited help

Download the best crossword app now!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.4.286-gp Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Xpress Mobyte

User Reviews


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Rebel Christian 2019-05-20

This is by far the very best Crossword app going. This is the 17th one I\'ve tryed. Its free, totally, hints and reveals, everything. Its a keeper and I\'m not one to these reviews but after trying to find the best one for so long, I had to share.
Jen 2019-09-26

It was fun to begin with but too many clues are nowhere near related to the answers. I just came back to it after several months and still feel the same and am deleting this game and will find something else. Also when bringing up the menu none of the text line up with their buttons making it hard to read what they say
Shirlee Dunlop 2020-07-03

My experience? Your program stinks. All of a sudden you only give me Indonesian language crosswords. I keep trying every week or so, but the Indonesian does not go away. I have no problem with different races, but, I DO NOT SPEAK OR READ INDONESIAN. I only speak English. If I cannot get English puzzles, I dont want any.
Richard Porrata 2019-11-21

I just downloaded the game and after playing one puzzle and closing the app when I went back and opened it doesn\'t work. It goes through the first few screens and when I touch the one tab I want to solve, it just don\'t opens ; the screen just goes dark and nothing else happens! :(
John Clarke 2019-07-06

Good puzzles but app has problems. Start to enter a letter and a chime sound happens and the app goes back to the screen where you select the puzzle you want to work on. There is a bar at the bottem that will take you back to the puzzle, but you may work for several minutes or only seconds before it happens again. I\'ve turned off notifications and other settings I can think of but this keeps happening. Don\'t know if it is the app or the OS of the Nook. So DL the app for the puzzles but...
Claire Boyd 2019-08-06

I hadn\'t done a crossword for a while and when I saw yours it appealed to me so I have given it a go. i am enjoying playing again and like the different stages of difficulty that you choose for yourself, also the assistance of getting one letter to help. I am looking forward to the one I do on my own.
Ham Elizabeth 2019-03-01

I\'m about to uninstall this application because after an update it was missing a certain feature I liked. It would only move on the next word if you entered that one correctly. Now you have the \"Move to next word\" feature that just moves to the next word even if it\'s wrong. If you turn it off, it won\'t move to the next word even if it\'s right. I have to manually press the arrow. I liked this feature and am sad to see it go.
Brenda Skinner 2019-12-25

I love it. I\'ve always loved crossword puzzles, but before the snart phones, I had to buy the paperback kind, I still have one I never finished. Anyway, thank you for all the hard work! For me the way it\'s set up is wonderful. If you\'re stuck it\'ll show just a letter, the whole word or solve it for you. So, thanks again!
Mark Britton 2020-09-16

Very very good. After months of play i cannot think of any fault with this game. The puzzles are clearly created in a variety of locations, thus a wide variation of clues; however i see this as just more to learn!
Randall Turgeon 2019-11-22

Fun puzzles and great way to build your vocabulary, starting at the level that works for you (easy, medium, or hard levels), so that you can be challenged without feeling hopeless re - gardless of what level you begin at.