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Description of Crossword Explorer

Crossword lovers will agree that it is one of the best ways to keep your brain active and your mind sharp.

With Crossword Explorer, we aim to take the best of crosswords and make them even more fun! With free puzzles of different sizes, there is one for every kind of player - beginner, intermediate, or expert! With this special crossword game, you will get access to thousands of puzzles, covering everything from Movies to Sports, and History to Science!

If you like to challenge your knowledge, our crossword puzzles are guaranteed to make you think while also being a great way to entertain yourself. Those looking for a little pick-me-up that can give your brain a little workout, look no further.

Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge for free through this fun and refreshing crossword app.

Top features:

➤ Fun puzzles for all for free

➤ Explore new puzzles every day

➤ Get rewards as you progress and reach new milestones in your exploration

➤ Hints to get you past those obscure words

➤ Hard enough to keep you interested and easy enough to keep you coming back

➤ Learn about famous personalities, events, discoveries and loads of new words

So what are you waiting for? Download Crossword Explorer today and become a crossword expert!

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More Information Of Crossword Explorer

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.206.0 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:PlaySimple Games

User Reviews


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tracy barber 2021-01-02

I like playing the game, but I don\'t like how little rewards you get for winning the games, and the only way to get points/awards is to watch ads and all you get is five lousy points/awards, and then you have a limited amount of ads to watch and then you have to wait 2 hours to watch more adds to get more points. So it just seems point less to play the game and get nothing for the effort.
Shelly Graham - Maiden Name: Bornschein 2020-08-15

Why did I need to download this in order to continue playing \"Themed Crossword\" I\'m deleting both! I will not pay to play or watch videos up the whazoo! Ridiculous, played 3 games and I suddenly couldn\'t play until I purchased a PKG. Or watched a minimum of 10 vids. Shame on you developers, don\'t say it\'s free if it\'s not!
Donna Rowe 2020-12-23

This is my favorite crossword game right now. I really like the way it mixes it up so you\'re not doing the exact same thing over and over so you don\'t get bored. Also I like the way it challenges me but it doesn\'t just kick my butt till I don\'t want to play anymore. I\'m curious though what is frenzy mode. I see it in settings but I can\'t find an explanation of it. Thank you and thank you for a great game.
Crystal Abbeduto 2020-09-29

I enjoy this game but it takes quite a lot of solving before you get to puzzles that are even slightly difficult (like more than a 5*5 cube). The most frustrating thing is that the option for choosing \"boosters\" such as \"reveal a word\" or \"show wrong letters\" is in exactly the spot you need to hit to exit the app resulting in you constantly spending coins for help you don\'t need or want.
Kyra Lochelle 2020-11-22

Having played over 500 games, to see if the difficulty increases, the puzzles are merely ok for passing the time, but they are often a bit simplistic, without an option to choose your difficulty. Often the clues are a bit too hand-holding. The ads are frequent, but that\'s par for many such games. The biggest issue is that they have started interrupting the game itself, sometimes in the middle of typing in an answer to ask me to watch even more ads to get \"free\" hints i neither want nor need.
Amelia Lafferty 2021-02-26

I only downloaded this to get the reward from the other puzzle game which is better. This one has FAR too many ads. I want to play the game, not spend inordinate amounts of time watching stupid ads after every single puzzle. No thank you uninstalling.
Wa 2020-11-10

I like this game. The puzzles are somewhat challenging, but not to hard to guess. What I don\'t really like, is the fact that they are stingy with the coins. Even if you solve a puzzle quickly, you\'re only awarded maybe 2 coins. You can watch videos and do stuff to earn more. But, I would much rather be rewarded for winning.
Lydia R 2021-02-06

WHY ?? WHY run ads at the top of the game, as a banner, that are ANIMATED ??? Why???? I had to uninstall one game for that, you\'re making it two ! Ads are 1 thing, things jumping around distracting you...well that\'s just plain stupid. As if I\'d bother with w/e that ad is trying to sell !!! Plain stupid.. THANX PLAY SIMPLE ! Just read your response. And it\'s just plain stupid. Your poor, no pitiful ad placement ruins the game. But it, as you put it \"keeps your game free and running\" FREE???
Cara Kinning 2020-08-26

BORING! There are over 218,000 words in the English language but the developer of this game uses the same words and ideas over and over and over and over again. It\'s not fun at all, it\'s just aggravating.
Paul King 2020-11-17

I like the concept of the game and the gameplay, but I have a question for the developers: I am up to level 100 now and the difficulty level is still very easy. Do the levels ever get harder?! Also, the same clues / answers are recycled regularly, which kind of defeats the purpose and eliminates the challenge even further.